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Thoughts on Dread Palace op

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10.28.2013 , 01:38 PM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_Noch View Post
Actually, I was not complaining about the drops
This lead me to believe otherwise.

Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_Noch View Post
It really does not make much sense for story mode to only drop 69's and hard mode drop 78's. Not only is it a huge gap in gear difference between the two, but people that attempt story mode are already in AT LEAST 69's if not 72's by the time they are running it, so the 69 loot is essentially vendor trash.
Nevertheless, sounds like your follow-up is indicating you're most frustrated with being unable to complete the op in general on SM. I realize people may not be able to commit to a raiding guild due to scheduling conflicts, etc., and while there are lots of fail pugs out there, there are also pugs clearing the content.

I would suggest waiting for that guild run LF1M dps so you know the players are at least going to hold together through a few wipes. Otherwise, put together your own pug. Be explicit about a full clear and tell people you'll be checking achievements. Try to get at least 1 tank, 1 healer, and 2 dps who have fully cleared and know what they're doing.

Ironically I have cleared both 8m HM DF/DP, but don't have the DP SM achievement because our guild only farms HM and pugs have been bad so far. I'd like to see Bioware make the achievements cascade down in difficulties. Do I really have to prove I can beat 8m SM S&V if I'm clearing NiM? This seems to work for some older ops (e.g., EV) but not for the newer ones.
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11.11.2013 , 06:09 PM | #22
*Nothing to see here, carry on!*

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11.11.2013 , 06:42 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Lord_Noch View Post
Perhaps the fact I prefer a more laid-back gameplay style is my undoing. My favorite two classes are Jedi shadow and Sith assassin, and those are my best geared characters as a result. I enjoy being able to complete quests faster by being able to stealth past MOBs rather than fighting every single one, and when I run ops, I usually pug them, some will be mostly from one guild (there are four guilds I frequently run with), but sometimes they will be true pugs that truly are random. Honestly, I prefer not to commit to a certain time every week and obligate myself to that specific day and time every week, and even if I did, the top raiding guilds avoid having DPS shadows and assassins in their core group anyway in lieu of sentinels or ranged DPS classes. I have still not completed that final quest in the Oricon quest chain that requires you to kill the last boss of Dread Palace. Every week, we've only gotten to Raptus. Personally, I would like to continue as long as it takes since I would like to complete the quest, but the other people do not possess the fortitude that I do. They either opt out and not attempting at all by saying "it's too difficult" and "it's not worth 4 ultimate comms", or if we do attempt it,, most people are willing to throw in the towel after the second or third wipe, and some after only one!

And no, I do not think that the mainhand should only be obtainable from being lucky enough to win the dice roll when it's looted. Tier bonus pieces yes, but not mainhands.

The problem is not the difficultly of the fights on any mode. The real problem is what I've highlighted in red above. Successful groups that kill bosses are the ones who play together on a regular basis and by what you said, you don't want to make the effort. While there is discrimination against dps shadows and assassins, the class changes for 2.5 will help remove the incentive to stack sentinels and marauders. You don't need to be in a top end raiding guild to clear operations. There are plenty of semi-casual to semi-hardcore guilds in the middle. You just won't clear them as quickly. Your attitude of no commitment, skip as much stuff as possible as quickly as possible that you give off in your posts is the only thing standing in your way.

Edit: My guild's raid groups have alternates assigned to each group. They simply fill in if someone is gone and if they are online. We don't obligate them to be on for every raid because they are alternates. Of course if an alt ever wants to become a part of the main group then they have to prove their loyalty and reliability. Perhaps to meet the playstyle you seem to want, you need to find a guild on your server that will accept you being a causal alternate for one of their groups.

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