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Why if the tank can't hold agro, it is their fault ?

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Why if the tank can't hold agro, it is their fault ?

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11.20.2013 , 07:28 PM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by Zoom_VI View Post
In most cases its the tank's fault.

However if the dps is dropping a flyby into a pack of mobs while popping a attack adrenal and doing 2x scatter bomb rolls plus incendiary grenade and thermal grenade, then it is entirely the DPS's fault for dying.
Then you AOE taunt and say TYVM for all the extra threat they built for you.

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11.21.2013 , 09:32 AM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by steave View Post
Then you AOE taunt and say TYVM for all the extra threat they built for you.
Except they already died cuz they didn't call that they where doing it either, or asked if the tank had AoE taunt up.

If the DPS does something stupid like that its their fault period the tank shouldnt have to put up with it.

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11.21.2013 , 12:35 PM | #63
This is such an open ended answer. It depends on your group. Every tank has the tools to hold threat. Knowing when to do what and when to taunt is key. I run a third party program called PARSEC and have the threat meter always up. It tells me very quickly if I am going to play to the max threat generation style or if I can ease off a little. With either mode I am in, I ALWAYS will use my taunts- it just tells me when the best time would be to pop them.

I can usually get away with a enrage>saber throw>leap>scream>reflect>(poss taunt if I have high dps peeps blowing their wads)>smash>crushing blow>backhand>ravage>(possibly another taunt here if I am not high enough on the threat meter)>or continue with high dmg high threat abilities until taunt is needed or when the dps start creeping.

In PUGs or with new people who are not in your PARSEC, I just assume (by looking at each toons gear) what kind of playstayle I will need to use. Ultimately there is no perfect rotation, you have to be fluid enough to "feel" where you are for threat vs the dps in the OP/FP. I have run many FPs with semi-decent geared players and have rarely ever had to use taunts, then other times I am working my butt off continually fluffing my threat with taunts and those high threat abilities to keep it on me. Don't forget to guard at least one high dps also and take some of their aggro pulling out of the equation or at least make it harder for them to rip off you.