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Sith Juggernaut Changes - Game Update 2.5

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Sith Juggernaut Changes - Game Update 2.5
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12.31.2013 , 01:59 PM | #171
Quote: Originally Posted by Maudril View Post
Juggernauts are in really bad shape still

Mostly DPS needs help. Tank jugs just need help in lower levels, all ya gotta do there is move sweeping slash down a couple of levels for that to work... maybe add a slight threat modifer in Soresu form to let newbie tanks know "This is something you need to spam"

Even with the buff in place, Vengeance consistently shut down by competent players in PVP. In PVE our sustained damage suffers from inconsistent procs, long asymmetrical cooldowns, and wasted stacks of Savagery.

We need to not buff ravage so much as tidy up the rest of the rotation, and focus on the procs and the proc givers more than Ravage. The spec is too reliant on a 30% chance to proc a reset, proc being tied to a power with a 12S cooldown and a 9s cooldown And more use of that force scream proc that seems to be a mere afterthought.

Here is what I propose:

Chage the Rampage so that it instead procs Ravage to channel twice as fast, and the talent (not the proc) cuts the cooldown by 5/10/15s (to give Ravage consistency, while maintaining the proc buff. Except the proc just makes the Ravage harder to avoid in again increases DPS without the spec being as reliant on it proccing)
Veangeance reduces the cooldown of Force Scream by 2/4/6 seconds. (so Jugs can more consistently take advantage of Savagery without wasting stacks)
Shatter has a cooldown of 9s (for a more symmetrical and consistent rotation)
Buff Enraged Defense Somehow! (saw too many good ideas for buffing Enraged defense, couldnt decide which idea I like most XD)

This will make the juggernaut a lot more consistent and symmetrical, and reduce a lot of its pitter putter time which will in turn make its resource management (or lack thereof) a more glaring issue. Might be an excuse to give this spec some more passive defense... say deadly reprisal has better AOE damage reduction than a marauder in addition to rage generation? (seriously, why would a Marauder have that and a Juggernaut not? Arent Jugs supposed to be the more defensive one?). Or if you dont want resouce management to become an issue, make Improved Sundering Assault reduce the cooldown of Sundering Assault by 2/4 seconds

Also, trimming the fat on Vengeance tree would be nice, start condensing the talents please!

I also kind of want Obliterate to become Baseline for Juggernauts with different buffs for the various specs (Rage gets a proc to reset its cooldown, Vengeance gets increased range to deal with kiters, tank gets it unbuffed) but that is a little much, I can do without XD
The thing your not taking into account here with your suggested Ravage Change is the Rage problems. Veng relies just as much on the Proc to get an extra Ravage in as it does the 3 rage the proc gives. No proc and you will still run yourself dry on Rage and go from unreliable dps, to Laughable dps.

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01.01.2014 , 12:38 AM | #172
Resource constraints in the spec are easy to fix. Make a Savagery stacked Force Scream free/generate some resource. Dispatch as a whole in the spec needs to be free. Execute and resource management fixed. Then stabilize the proc chance, ideally with a stable Master Strike/Ravage every 15 seconds, since the best parses right now have a 15 second master strike. There are several solution to the proc issue. Make it like merciless slash, with a stacking ramp up CD (Unreliable in PVP but great in PVE IMHO), or increase the lockout to 12 seconds BUT make Ravage proc off of DOTS. This gives a 3 second wiggle room for that ideal 15 seconds a Ravage. Analyzing parses, dot related Vicious Throw and Ravage Procs are reliable, as evidenced by their nearly seamless timing. My personal parses have a 18 second Vicious Throw, with the 2 seconds short on the ICD explainable by our flimsy execute phase. This shows that DOT procs are VERY reliable. The proc problem is then solved as well. Give some sort of AOE DR to protect against smash, some of survivability solved. Give Enraged Defense NO focus cost, and make the healing a passive HOT instead of a reactive heal. Threat Drop Component can be an instant drop.

Commanding awe (Not sure of the Jugg equivalent >.<) could use a rework, scrap the Scream part and replace with said 30 percent AOE DR + the 4 percent all around DR.

And a 46 point tree? REALLY?! Like *********** REALLY?! Our tree should be a 42 point tree. The amount of bloat is hilarious. It makes all the buffs in the world they give not even matter since we can't even afford them with the non vig talents we need.

As for Juggy tanks, they need a *********** real instant threat opener. A saber throw equivalent to shadow force pull would fix a LOT of threat issues.
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