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mother talzan's plans

clonewarsisbest's Avatar

10.15.2013 , 02:03 PM | #1
if you watched TCW season 3-5 you know the nightsisters and mother talzin. once assajj ventress returned to the nightsisters talzin helped ventress try to kill dooku by "creating" savage oppress. once savage betrayed ventress he showed that he was still loyal talzin and she sent him t find maul. after the nightsisters were wiped out except ventress and talzin, talzin told ventress to go out into the galaxy and she rebuilt maul. i am not sure if this is what dave filoni is going with but it seems that talzin also has her agenda to build her own powerbase and to bring back the nightsisters. if she is in classic darkside fashion trying to construct a powerbase and to gain power what is her end goal. what do you guys think about this?