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Sith Assassin tank?

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12.21.2011 , 07:47 PM | #1
Are they just as good as the Sith Juggernaut or the Powertech? And what makes them different from them aswell. I want to make an assassin tank with my friend and I just wanted to know what you guys think

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12.21.2011 , 07:56 PM | #2

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12.21.2011 , 08:12 PM | #3
i haven't used the other two classes to tank, but i have tanked 5-10 flashpoints and heroic missions as a darkness assasin. i'm only 25, so i'm still missing a few abilities, but so far it's just managing force in order to always have enough to use shock and discharge, then using thrash when i get too much force. otherwise fill in with saber strike. single target is a little boring at this point, aoe can be interesting. I really like the first boss in Athiss where you have to save your discharge so that it's available when the adds spawn.

tldr: fun, viable (so far)

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12.21.2011 , 09:30 PM | #4
They're awesome, I'd say different but just as good as a BH and maybe a little better than a Juggy. They have around the same armor level as Juggy, slightly less avoidance, much better block and SHEDLOADS of Selfhealing.

there are two main problems with Assassin, and tbh one of them isn't THAT much of a problem, namely, they're probably the most talent dependant of all the tanks, they're pretty squishy till you get stuff like Dark Ward, Eye of the Storm and Harnessed Darkness. But of course as soon as you hit 50... wadya know, it's no longer a problem

the REAL problem, and one that if anything gets WORSE at 50, is our lack of a real panic button CD. So far we have three main tanking CD's

Deflection 50% defense on a 2min CD

Force Shroud a debuff drop, and 100% tech/force immunity for 5 seconds on a 45 sec CD (talented, 3 sec for 60 base)

Overcharge Saber 300% increase on the frakkin TINY Dark Charge heal for 15seconds every 2min, talented it also heals for 10% of your total health on use

so basically we have an RNG based melee CD, a VERY nice CD for avoiding one spell every 45 seconds, and a large boost to a very very small heal. What we REALLY need is either a flat DR CD, or a +% health CD.
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01.23.2012 , 07:39 PM | #5
well we do always have force cloak in our back pocket. not exactly a tanking CD but, hell, it still helps you survive