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Zash "My Ascent to the Dark Council ! Finally complete ! "

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Zash "My Ascent to the Dark Council ! Finally complete ! "


10.13.2013 , 08:19 PM | #1
At long last, the first epic saga of Zash is complete. Thanks heaps to swtor, her fans, and bandicam
Really sure you want to mess with me and my "friends"
It's time you learnt your place, at my feet, then dead !
It is done, I prepare to take my seat ! That wind bag Thanaton is finally dead !
My Destiny !
This is what I am all about, it has been said all along since the beginning
Savoring the moment, meditating on my power and mastery of the Dark Side !
all good that ends good
lol, "back up copy" me / Zash, are you blind ? or just having a blonde moment
My powerbase
The orders for my power base
Told you I would be back Watch out Apprentices !
mwwhahahahaha, as it should be !
The Return of Darth Zash is at hand !
Be sure to check out her reincarnations! Lord Zash Necromonger Program
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