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Random Codex Wiped or Reset, Unreliable Codex Entry Logs

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Random Codex Wiped or Reset, Unreliable Codex Entry Logs

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10.13.2013 , 03:38 PM | #1
Have noticed tons of my codex seem to be randomly wiped or reset.

There does not seem to be any rhyme or reason to it either.

Several datacrons codex are missing and I have had to go back and rediscover them. This is not a first time this has happened, this was a reported issue (by several of our guild members and other members I know) as far back 1.3, 1.4, 1.6 - and apparently it is happening again for some of us players.

On at least one of my characters (have only been playing the one recently - have not checked the others yet) I have had to go back to Taris, Balmorra, Tatooine, Hoth, and Nar Shadda to pick up datacrons that I am positive I have already picked up on this particular character. This will be the third and fourth time since launch, I have had to go back and pick up random datacrons that I know I picked up already.

Locations - some of my locations have been marked as undiscovered or blacked (honey comb) out. IE: When I arrived at Balmora to pick up some of my missing datacrons, half of Sobrik was "undiscovered" even though I finished this planet a long time ago and had fully discovered the area - it would not have been possible for this part of the map to be undiscovered, as when you first arrive at a planet, you do not have discovered taxis, so I would have definitely had to travel through that area. Same thing occurred on Hoth, the map showed I had never been to the area near the epic enemies, however I had codex for completing the epic enemies.

Other codex issues - such as Datacrons, Lores, Beasts, etc not being entered into planetary achievements when I know I have completed things. I got both Datacrons on Makeb, and this is obviously still bugged as it still reads 0/2 datacrons for Makeb and I have got both. There are so many codex, a person could lose tons of codex and not even realize it, the tracking and accountability of codex are so unreliable with these types of bugs.

I realize that a lot of these things may not directly effect "game play" aside from Datacrons, however many of us spend or have spent a lot of time (frustrating as it can be to get a datacron at times) researching, traversing and platforming to get these achievements, it is really disappointing to have much time and effort discarded because of game glitches and bugs like this. It is very discouraging to have to obtain achievements such as these, over and over, or even having to repeat it twice is enough to be highly upsetting, especially when something was really challenging the first time, the thought of having to do things over really is displeasing. We all realize (at least those of us that understand what goes into these games as far as programming, scripting, mechanics, etc) that bugs and errors happen, but when the continue to repeat or worsen, it is very frustrating and is obviously terrible for the membership base - we are paying for this, in hopes of improvements. Some of us have invested tons in this game, going back as far as pre-order, CE, multiple paid sub accounts, on going subscriptions, cartel market purchases -- we really would hope that some of these on-going issues would be addressed, and maybe prevent some future issues -- it always seems when there is an update or patch to fix something, it ends up that tons of things end up broken and then eventually, never addressed; even with multiple reports.

This is such a unique game, with so much potential, but it just feels like so much more could be done to make this a truly epic game and unfortunately, it just seems like so much goes unattended and unresolved. The customer service is not that good, there are just way too many bugs/glitches, and as a subscriber, you would just hope that our patronage to this game would be respected a bit more, through dedication to fix things that we have reported over and over. To keep customers, customers have to feel like they are getting what they have paid for and most the time, its just a bunch of empty promises and broken game content.
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