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[Dread Palace] Tyrans' wonky targeting and whatnot,

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[Dread Palace] Tyrans' wonky targeting and whatnot,

Rahizm's Avatar

10.13.2013 , 12:37 AM | #1
Note: I've only seen this in hard mode so far. We did beat it since release, but we went on alts today. This time around, his targeting was so out of control that even taunts did not help.

We're not sure if this fight is working as intended, but in our eyes it can't be completely working as intended.

- Tyrans tends to target any raid member even through taunts and pretty much almost insta-kills him/her from full health (34/35k hp).

Our tanks tried the following:
* Taunting during the simplification cast.
* Taunting after the simplification cast.
* Spam taunting.

Only the taunting during simplification worked. 50% of the time anyway... Our taunts didn't miss as we saw the effect apply on the boss, but Tyrans refused to get back to the tank let alone target our tank again.

- Tyrans tends to cast Thundering Blast(16k - 25k) followed by 3-4 Shocks each for 3-6k damage (1.5/2k glance hit) all in less than 1 second. These attacks are pretty much all cast in 1 second after the TB channel and within the same second as the TB impact. Example of a log on my tank at the bottom of my post.

- Tyrans' also has a teleport bug. When he teleports away due to his wonky targeting/threat table/whatever it is, he sometimes doesn't go back to the tank, even after a taunt. He just stays ranged. The tank has to strafe to a different platform and back to make him appear in front of his face.

Log examples:
22:56:46.704 Dread Master Tyrans's Thundering Blast hits you for 16766 energy damage (16766).
22:56:47.313 Dread Master Tyrans's Shock glances you for 1584 energy damage (1584).
22:56:47.314 Dread Master Tyrans's Shock glances you for 1584 energy damage (1584).
22:56:47.314 Dread Master Tyrans's Shock hits you for 3183 energy damage (3183).
Without TB, Shock is casted 4 times in a single second:
22:56:42.230 Dread Master Tyrans's Shock glances you for 1711 energy damage (1711).
22:56:42.230 You parry Dread Master Tyrans's Shock (1).
22:56:42.230 Dread Master Tyrans's Shock misses you (1).
22:56:42.230 Dread Master Tyrans's Shock glances you for 1711 energy damage (1711).
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11.20.2013 , 03:52 PM | #2

Had exactly this behaviour today in our raid. No matter what we tried, the boss jumped around like crazy after simplification cast and didn't care for any taunts.

ZooMzy's Avatar

11.20.2013 , 06:09 PM | #3
He does have an agro dump after finishing the cast for Simplification, and we had some very close calls in our pulls of him before figuring out that a tank needs to place a taunt on him when he finishes the cast.

Don't know the issue with the agro not being reacquired after taunting though, but I just wanted to confirm that he does agro drop after finishing the Simplification cast.

Jerba's Avatar

11.21.2013 , 04:11 AM | #4
As soon as he casts Simplification, he will ignore the main tank and go to the target that is 2nd highest in threat. You can have your offtank use a taunt during Simplification to make sure he has enough threat, but it is not necessary.
If Tyrans is targeting another player, your DPS/healers have too much threat. Have them use their aggro dumps, and make sure that both tanks are taunting off each other at the beginning a few times to build up threat.

Thundering Blast does a lot of damage, so your healers need to make sure that the tank is topped off and the tanks may need to use their CDs, but this is not a bug.

Regarding his position, there really is some weirdness going on. When you taunt back after the Simplification, sometimes he teleports instantly. sometimes he first does a Thundering Blast or Inferno before teleporting, and sometimes he teleports instantly only to jump back for the Inferno, and then going back to the tank again.