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[Rep] <Intrepid> Recruiting for HM DF/DP farm + NiM progression

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[Rep] <Intrepid> Recruiting for HM DF/DP farm + NiM progression

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10.11.2013 , 12:22 AM | #1
Who are we?

Intrepid is a 16-player Progression guild on The Harbinger - Republic side.
We are a collective of experienced players who have come together in order to assemble a productive Operations team. We strive to compete with the best guilds from around the world in downing 16-player content. If interested please see below, or check out

Progression and Accomplishments

Terror from Beyond
5/5 NiM TFB 8 - "from Beyond" title run, 1 hour 2 mins elapsed time.
5/5 NiM TFB 16

Scum & Villainy
7/7 NiM S&V 8
7/7 NiM S&V 16 (World 2nd)

Dread Fortress
5/5 HM DF 16

Dread Palace
5/5 HM DP 16

When do we raid?

Tuesday 6:30 PST
Wednesday 6:30 PST
Thursday 6:30 PST

Each night of progression Ops lasts 3-3.5 hours. Additionally, Sunday and Monday Operations will be offered in order to further our strategy development and get additional exposure, gear, observe recruits, etc. (optional days).

What classes/roles are we recruiting?

1 Ranged DPS

All competitive applicants will be considered, regardless of advanced class or role.

What do we expect?

In order to begin a trial process with us, your character will need to be geared appropriately (~72 or better). From there, we would like to see a completed application.

Keep in mind that gear does not make the player. We look for these things in our trials:
Performance (first and foremost)
Class, Advanced Class and strategy knowledge
Reliable attendance (3/3 days available)
Participation in discussions and guild events
Social fit

If you have any additional questions feel free to contact us via our site or whisper/mail in-game to Comeback or Wel'nomi
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10.14.2013 , 10:57 AM | #2
<Intrepid> 16-player Progression Guild | The Harbinger
Wel'nomi Welnemi Welne'mi
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10.28.2013 , 11:13 PM | #3
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