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Good Healers are hard to find

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10.31.2013 , 02:01 AM | #61
Quote: Originally Posted by mikebevo View Post
Funny if healing is so easy in TOR, then why are people making thread about good healers being hard to find?
It's even funnier how people complain about bad dps which is a lot easier to play than healer.

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10.31.2013 , 02:38 AM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by jediharrsion View Post
This seems to be a common problem these days when it comes to operations. Finding good healers is more of a challenge then it should be. I have had to call off countless op's in the past because the healers couldn't do there job well.
It's been said but to be honest healing is not entirely difficult in this game. Healers are typically the first to be blamed for a wipe even though the heals may not be the issue. It is easy to simply derp through a fight and have your healers pay the cost without noticing how much strain you're placing on them, it is more difficult to analyze why you are wiping and what the dps and tanks could be doing wrong.

My suggestion is to parse and see what's going on. It could also be that your healers are simply unaware of how much damage should be going out. Raptus, for instance, in the 3rd phase begins hitting with Driving Thrust which regularly pelts the tanks with 50K unmitigated damage on a regular 8-10 sec timer. Without knowing that your heals may just let a tank die because they felt the tank could take one more hit. Likewise your tanks may not know when and when not to hit their defensive cooldowns and which ones to use.
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10.31.2013 , 11:36 AM | #63
Agreed with the above poster. Healing is pretty easy in this game. That doesn't mean it's not your healers' fault. Make everyone get in Parsec, and check your numbers. TORParse has a pretty good tool for uploading logs after the fact as well.

Our average numbers for Nefra HM:
Tanks damage taken ~250k
Healers EHPS: ~2600-3300
DPS: ~2000-2300
DPS/Healers Damage taken: ~150k (100% from voice of the masters)

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01.12.2014 , 02:21 PM | #64
Glad I found this thread, albeit three months late. I'm a Level 55 Sith sorc/healer, and am tired of getting blamed for DPS/tank stupidity during Flashpoints/Ops. We can only do so much, and can't help them if they don't help themselves.

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01.13.2014 , 09:55 AM | #65
I've recently done Mandalorian Raiders three times, twice as DPS and once as healer. On the DPS runs the heals were somewhat lacking, but since I hadn't done it before, I thought it might just be a hard FP. Then I got it on my healer, and was surprised at how easy it was to heal. Especially the opposing faction strike force - no one thought to mention that the last two guys should be killed together, so we ended up killing them one by one, and yet survived. On a previous run with me as DPS we also did that and it was near-instant wipe as the third enemy fell. The final boss was also a complete wuss. Oh, and I've done relatively little healing in groups - I think less than ten occasions.

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01.13.2014 , 10:51 AM | #66
My first character was a Sorceror healer, following on from a long time healing in That Other Game. I've never really healed much in the way of ops though, not in TOR anyways. I used to heal raids in WoW, and was pretty good at it. Now I'm levelling up my second healer - a Scoundrel - and don't really anticipate many problems healing FPs, heroics, etc.

On the other hand, I do now also have two tanks, which is something I failed badly at while playing WoW. I like to think that I've got the hang of it though, and indeed, have now had compliments on my tanking FPs on my Trooper. My other tank is a Shadow tank, and it was with this character that I first attempted ops. Turns out my tanking is good enough for that, so I'm happy.

I could be up for playing a healer for operations, but the trouble with that is, when you get a reputation for being good at it, you lose the opportunity to take other characters along. One of the reasons I stopped healing in WoW was because I never got the chance to play other characters.

Healing in TOR is easy. Healing well, as with any other game, takes practise.
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01.13.2014 , 11:34 AM | #67
A simple set of rules that apply to most wipes:
  • If the boss squashes the tank in a timely fashion, the tank probably isn't geared properly.
  • If the boss turns around and squashes a DPS, either the tank or the DPS aren't managing their aggro.
  • If the boss turns around and squashes the healer, the tank isn't managing their aggro and your DPS probably aren't pulling their weight.
  • If the boss is hitting half the group with a cleave, someone (likely the tank) is standing in the wrong place.
  • If the tank is slowly worn down but killed before the enrage, the healer isn't pulling their weight or your tank has a small problem.
  • If something wasn't cleansed, it's the healer's fault.
  • If someone dies for no apparent reason, they were probably stood in something and the healer could do nothing about it (being able to pull you out as a sage does not mean I should if you're perfectly capable of getting out yourself).
  • If you see your healer throwing out attacks, ask them whether they think they're DPS. (Seriously, it doesn't matter if you can do it with your top tier raiding group, if the PUG wipes the hammer -should- fall on you first.)
  • If the boss slaughters everyone after a while, your DPS need a stern talking to about enrage times.
  • If someone dies to a boss specific mechanic, was the fight explained if someone asked for it? If not it's your leader's fault, otherwise, it's their fault for not asking/not listening.

Out of this by no means fully comprehensive list, how many are the healer's fault? If they're standing in the right place, cleansing where needed and not DPSing then chances are they aren't the problem. This is, of course, assuming there's no gear problem.
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01.13.2014 , 12:25 PM | #68
Quote: Originally Posted by DataBeaver View Post
On a previous run with me as DPS we also did that and it was near-instant wipe as the third enemy fell. The final boss was also a complete wuss. Oh, and I've done relatively little healing in groups - I think less than ten occasions.
On the strike force, it really depends on which one you kill 3rd. The merc /commando can usually be saved for last as long as people move out of his aoe quickly. But if the operative/scoundrel is left for last, he starts to do massive hits that are nearly one-shot kills. Of course the easiest is to kill them together.

For the last boss, it really depends on the tank. If the tank gets and keeps aggro on the turrets, the healing is trivial. If he lets them wail on the DPS or healer, it becomes interesting, especially due to healing pushback.

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01.13.2014 , 01:00 PM | #69
Just saying that Brontes pre-fix/nerf on 6 finger phase (8 man hm) divided the healer pool to those who could and to those who couldn't.
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01.13.2014 , 01:02 PM | #70
It's not that it's hard to find good healers, it's that it's hard to find good players. Most players just plain suck.
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