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Oricon loot tables - problems and suggestion

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10.04.2013 , 04:17 AM | #21
Quote: Originally Posted by e_nk_ay View Post
If memory serves, Kephess in EC dropped two helms. Should go back to that, or keep the current boss at 50/50 and guarantee the implant on the last boss for at least 1 a week, shot at 2.
I like this idea.

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10.04.2013 , 11:38 AM | #22
The simple fact that it can take 20 - 30 weeks for an ops group to achieve BiS is ridiculous. The drop rate of implants has to be increased pronto. The new gear tier with 2 less bosses is the problem. If Bioware can't give us the required content to fit the previous 2.0 Op loot tables, then the loot tables MUST change.
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10.05.2013 , 01:17 AM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by Panzerfire View Post
Nope, please leave belt\bracers as to let tanks get unlettered mods since our comm items suck.
Or they could just give you non-crappy comm belt/bracers and this way you can get decent implants since those are even worse for tanks.
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10.06.2013 , 08:22 PM | #24
That there are yellow posts in this forum is as good a reason as any to bump.

This needs to be addressed, preferably sooner rather than later.
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10.08.2013 , 09:25 AM | #25
Bumping, for justice

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10.08.2013 , 09:42 AM | #26
After getting a chance to try the new ops out, BW needs to do something to fix the loot table and remove all the RNG from the loot drops.

It seems like a waste when no one in the raid group even wants the belt or bracers because they already bought them with comms before going into the raid for the 1st time.

Either remove the belt/bracer altogether from the loot table, and just make the Dread Forged versions purchasable with comms (like the Oriconian ones are). Or re-arrange the drop table, so that the last boss in each raid drops 2 pieces of Dread Forged gear.

The poor itemization is bad enough on the gear, there is no reason for RNG loot drops on top of that.

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10.08.2013 , 03:58 PM | #27
On one hand, I agree. Belt/Bracers appear worthless to a majority of classes as a boss drop, and we could certainly benefit more from implant/relic drops.

But, I also see that belt/bracers are a good way to get unlettered mods for tanks. (But, please enlighten me as to why lettered mods are good for tanks? I don't know, and would like to understand why.)

I think the comm grind would be a great idea. Maybe even put into play a multi-comm item (140 Elites + 140 Ultimate's for a relic, etc) since, if you are focusing on a toon who has 72/75's, you have extra Elite comms hanging around anyway. (unless you gear up alts/companions, but even then...)

Also, putting into flashpoints would be amazing. Unless you go with a pre-determined group, your chances of getting in, let alone completing are drastically lowered. (But still completeable.)

I say make a NiM level flashpoint, and have it drops those.
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10.08.2013 , 04:12 PM | #28
/signed Mandatory Implant on 1st Boss(es) for both DP / DF.

Both 1st BOSSES should drop IMPLANT and a chance to get Belt/Bracers should be moved to 2nd Boss of each fight. Bracers on DF and Belt on DP for example.

WHY Drop Implant on both First Boss? Simple. Most groups will run both OPS and maybe get 3-4 bosses into each and maybe stuck on the Last Boss. Same for RELIC's as lessons learned from that one is many people just went and BOUGHT the 2nd relic because lets face it you only get ONE HM TFB or NiM TFB a week.
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10.08.2013 , 05:50 PM | #29
what about maintaining their presence on the first boss, probably as a guaranteed drop because as said earlier, that's a lot of implants needed to min/max out a consistent raid group, and then as a bonus either put an implant on bestia or the implant/bracer/belt RNGfest on bestia. Rewards those team when they farm and helps them min/max in preparation for nightmare modes with either more good mods for min maxing (at least for the poor despised tanks) or implants. But to have it on farm status and still struggle so much to min/max because you might not even get the implant to drop? Methinks it's goofy. What's the alternative? Use alts and split your starters up for first fight?
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10.08.2013 , 08:09 PM | #30
This is really good to keep being bumped. Bioware needs to be made aware of this issue and correct it as soon as possible. The dual random loot drops is not acceptable in any manner at all.

First - Even with a single guaranteed implant drop, IE... Titan 6 in S&V, it takes 16 kills to outfit your entire raid with token gear. This is entirely too long to actually farm content. The problem would be a little less exasperated if Hard Mode and Nightmare modes shared separate lockout timers. While I know these are coming they are not coming any time soon and due to this, loot distribution in current content should be based on the current lockout mechanics. This is game design 101.

To me they have two major glaring issues. While implants are the greatest problem the gloves/legs from Grob'thok is just as much an issue because this is a token set piece. In my opinion, make the Dread Forge Belt/Bracer purchasable by comms, have Nefra drop two implants in 8m and 4 implants in 16m. Grob'thok should drop just one token piece, gloves or legs. Bestia needs to drop just the earpiece. So we still have one missing loot piece! That's the gloves or legs, depending upon which Grob'thok actually drops. The simple solution would be to add an instanced world boss on Oriconian that offers the final set piece. Do not randomize this like Toborro's Courtyard. Loot wasn't an issue with 2.0 and TFB and S&V due to the amount of raid bosses. This is not okay in the current content. Without doing dual drops for Implants and relics we will still have to farm for 16 weeks just to try and get both relics and Implants. Quite honestly I know both tanks in my progression team, I'm one of them, gave up on getting underworld relics and we prioritized giving them the Underworld Implants because the comms gear was just that bad.

The second alternative would be to improve the comms gear on non-set token pieces. IE, Implants and Earpieces. Don't give worthless stats like high endurance. Maybe they are not on par with the token pieces but at least make them close enough that progression is possible without min/maxing.

Lets keep this thread moving for the sake of the quality of life in the game!
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