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Shadow Top Three Answers

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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10.13.2013 , 02:27 PM | #191
Quote: Originally Posted by Berjiz View Post
-Add a talent at the bottom of the tank tree that gives 4 stacks when exiting stealth, the same way as Shadow Respite / Dark Embrace works.
This, a thousand times this. I think it should probably be high in the tree, connected to Harnessed Shadows / Harnessed Darkness, but otherwise… This would be such a fantastic change. This change really solves three purely QoL problems without affecting balance in the slightest.

First, it can be very difficult to fully channel TkT/FL in a PvP setting due to movement and physics effects. Stealth provides a way for shadows to get their stacks up quickly without having to channel on a one-time basis. It also provides a tactical option for combat stealth later in a skirmish. Good shadows would have to choose between refreshing stacks and saving combat stealth, which would be a very neat balance point.

Second, the currently proposed design is a nerf to shadows in the opening twelve seconds of the fight, since we don't have our stacks early on (note: Guardian Slash doesn't have this problem, since you use it almost right away). Giving stacks out of stealth ensures that we can open with four stacks, and so we don't get destroyed by opening burst before our mitigation is fully proc'd.

Finally (and this is my favorite one), this would give shadow tanks a legitimate reason to use stealth beyond cheesing mechanics and mezzing. Stealth is a key component of the shadow AC from a thematic standpoint, and the tank AC is the only one which doesn't get to use it at all. I would love to have to open each pull from stealth. It would add such a fantastic component to the class, and really make me feel like a "shadow". Remember, shadow tanks are currently the only stealth AC with no reason to use stealth.

Please Bioware, consider this suggestion. It's a really, really great concept, and it promises to be a fantastic addition to the class changes you have already proposed.
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10.13.2013 , 03:14 PM | #192
I want Shadow Strike back on the first tier like it always should have been. It would make playing Balance much better in PVP, and even though it still wouldn't be the best spec it would be much more fun and with the dps increase to the move it would give us some nice melee burst which will make us different from a Sage which is already just superior in every way in Balance spec.

And not that it is super important, but it would also help Shadows and Asssassins in the low tier PVP to have a nice melee ability at lvl 10 again instead of SS being useless ability for a long time.

With tanks all you would have to do is make sure it didn't stack with the other SS proc and it would be fine there too.

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10.14.2013 , 12:40 AM | #193
While I am glad to see the issues with spike damage being addressed, as an Assassin tank I feel very sad to learn self healing is going to be removed. I play that class and spec because it is most distinctive among the tanks, self healing is a major part of that distinction. There is already the tanks with passive damage reduction and if I wanted that playstyle I would play them.
A simple way around, the way I see it, is to change the self healing not to arrive at random but rather something like:

"If you're to take an attack that would bring you below --% health, you receive a shield that absorbs --% of the damage and heals you for --% of the absorbed amount"
"If you're to take an attack that would bring you below --% health, you're first healed for --% of the impending damage"

The percentages can be adjusted and coordinated with a passive cooldown, thus when the self heal is not ready you compensate with other abilities. Both the self healing and shielding flavours of the Shadow/Assassin are preserved.

Of course a focused developer attention could bring a more elegant solution. My suggestion is just an example of dealing with the issue without compromising with one of the main attributes of the class. Removing self heals and simply adding passive mitigation feels like a shortcut to me at the expense of the class' uniqueness.

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10.14.2013 , 09:23 AM | #194
Speaking for myself, I could care less about self healing as long as I am not taking the damage in the first place.

Like the idea about building stacks when exiting stealth. Hope BW crunches your numbers and prevents over buffing KBN (or at least finds an error in your numbers that would make us less OP in 2.5).
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10.17.2013 , 04:59 AM | #195
It'd be AWEOME to have a talent that transforms our phase walk in a "ShadowStep" or like TYRAN's teleport if you have done for the boss you can create it for us..

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10.20.2013 , 06:45 AM | #196
Self-Healing is the main reason that Shadow is my main character. As it was mentioned by many others :

-It makes solo playing a tank fun. I play with Nadia as my companion to do my dailies and weeklies. Without self-heal I will have to either use a healer companion or stop to heal between most fights turning those into a massively boring grind.

-it makes the class really stand out compare to the other tank classes

-It is flavorful with the lore

Tanking high end content is currently a pain in the *** on Shadow/Sin if you get a couple of unlucky proc on shield chance against spiked attacks but taking away the self-heals seems like a massive sacrifice to what make the class fun. Count me as disappointed by that choice.

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11.02.2013 , 05:46 AM | #197
I have Mixed feelings about the changes, it sounds like it will improve shadows but also destroys my interest in playing one. As someone who recently started playing a shadow precisely for the self-healing, I can say I'll have little-to-no interest in leveling it, post these changes.

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11.13.2013 , 04:39 PM | #198
Quote: Originally Posted by CourtneyWoods View Post

For Balance/Madness, we also plan to try out a new form of damage over time protection. Through an addition to Psychic Absorption/Devour in the Balance/Madness skill tree, their damage over time abilities will become “uncleansable” – which means that abilities like Triage/Toxin Scan and Field Aid/Cure will no longer be able to remove Balance/Madness damage over time effects. However, certain abilities with long cooldowns like Dodge/Evasion and Resilience/Force Shroud and abilities that grant immunity like Force Barrier will still be able to purge these improved damage over time effects.
I've been unsubscribed and unable to post a comment but I'd just like to highlight the ineptitude of this statement here. I think it stands as testament that Bioware really does not know how their game works.

As of this moment, Triage/Toxin Scan and Field Aid/Cure -CANNOT- remove Shadow/Sage DoTs. A Biodrone might say "yes, but they said abilities like them. That doesn't necessarily mean that those abilities can, but other abilities similar to them might."

Which would be a ******** statement because the only other ability like those two are Restoration/Purge and that is the only dispel mechanic in the game (aside from evasion and force shroud) that can remove a Shadow's DoTs. So, if we were to decipher Bioware's ********, what you are reading is "we are nerfing sorc healers so they can't remove Assassin/Sorc DoTs." It's an extremely tiny buff for shadows seeing as Operatives are the healers that are in demand, and they got an enormous buff to Evasion in 2.0 for no reason, which was an indirect PvP nerf to all DoT classes.

Bioware is not trying to fix Balance for PvP. Or maybe they are, but they are just so damn clueless about their own damn game that they don't know how they are supposed to do it. I'd recommend taking a look at WoW; Warlock's Unstable Affliction and Shadow Priest's Vampiric Touch. A healer might not want to dispel those abilities and rather let the DoTs tick, which is a pretty neat and functioning mechanic.

All DoT classes in this game suffers from this problem.

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11.19.2013 , 11:41 PM | #199
hi all, I've been away for a while but came back 3 weeks ago , and i don't know for how long...
i've played shadow since day one,and have to say we have been nerfed since day one . instead of changing how we are, why not roll all the nerfs back. i think it should fix the problems..

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03.27.2014 , 12:01 PM | #200
I saw devs are going to buff watchmen spec for pve...(pvp side is lecit) lol?