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Unintended Patch Download

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

Airial's Avatar

09.30.2013 , 02:41 PM | #11
Some of us have weeklies and dailies left to complete tonight, your solution is to not play?

That's really unacceptable.

Sam_Skyrunner's Avatar

09.30.2013 , 02:41 PM | #12
Heads up guys. If there are any of you in BW that wonder why people leave this game. *points at latest mistake* This is a good one.

AMightyKnight's Avatar

09.30.2013 , 02:41 PM | #13
Get your act together. I did not download any new patches and the launcher immediately began downloading main asset 1.
Thank you so much.

And while we are at it, we are still waiting for patchnotes and the merc answers

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Rakaloth's Avatar

09.30.2013 , 02:41 PM | #14
I need to waste 7-8h before I have something to do. It is your mistake for releasing the data early. Not ours. I will play. And nothing will prevent me.

ebado's Avatar

09.30.2013 , 02:41 PM | #15
The entire damn client?
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weejohnathon's Avatar

09.30.2013 , 02:42 PM | #16
This is so unreal, so we are not allowed to play the game till after the 5hour maintenance, this isnt even acceptable, I wouldnt mind the re install yet I just had to reinstall the other day because of a dodgy launcher....

carlbaratta's Avatar

09.30.2013 , 02:42 PM | #17
If I dl'd a lil of it, will I have to re-DL the entire game now?

UltimateKrucible's Avatar

09.30.2013 , 02:43 PM | #18
Just came on to say my launcher is downloading 10gig!

Should I shut it down? No SWTOR for me tonight

Seriously think a free day should be awarded for this - its landed slap bang in the middle of Europe's play time.
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Groncho's Avatar

09.30.2013 , 02:43 PM | #19

Free Transfer??=

spectreclees's Avatar

09.30.2013 , 02:43 PM | #20
I started downloading part of it but cancelled when I saw this. Trying to see if I'm okay or not here. May as well get this download out of the way if I am not.