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Bioware, do you even give a ****?

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Bioware, do you even give a ****?

PadawanDavid's Avatar

09.25.2013 , 02:33 PM | #11
Does this discussion have something to do with the fact that on the 22nd of September I waited for 4 hrs to play the game while after the reorganization, download, verification, and patch download appeared to crawl along for that time because of the Taspan Assault patch to remove the asteroid in space that was causing the ship to crash?

I discovered the download they sent used up 12 GB of Data shares and it is finishing up using the other half ot 12 GB again today.

12 GB of Data Share cost $10.00 US for standard use and every 1 GB (after the purchased amount runs out) they up the cost to $15.00 for all the 1 GB over the purchased amounts.

I read the notes on the patch update and see a small change to the game so the Germans don't get both french and english download stuff in them.
So why as of September 24, 2013 is the update costing another 12 GB of Data to add another patch which doesn't have anything to do with my US-English version of the games software after reading the software on my computer, verifying it, and then patching?

x-Resurgence-x's Avatar

09.25.2013 , 06:46 PM | #12
No this thread is to try and get the attention of BioWare/ Electronic Arts. Maybe they just need to have customer service explained to them, but you give more than one ****** update with problems this big, when people subscribe. they won't even reimburse the people who lost game time, who SUBSCRIBE to this game.

LordBlackrain's Avatar

09.25.2013 , 07:23 PM | #13
Quote: Originally Posted by Labrant View Post

See? I didnt even have to try and found one where they replied. You expect them to do that for the hundreds of threads on the same subject too?
before you start calling people morons for not all posting in the one topic area if bioware or EA had paid attention in the first place people wouldn't be making up 50 threads about the same topic, people make new threads because they feel they are not being heard in others!

So keep your *********** abuse to yourself or you'll start trolls like me up!

Akrokyl's Avatar

09.25.2013 , 08:20 PM | #14
Quote: Originally Posted by Labrant View Post
Though I agree to an extent and also had no issues with launcher... i have to ask. have you read ALL of the threads posted? the fact these people cant focus their **** on just one thread would make it impossible to keep EVERYONE up to date cause clearly no one is doing that.
Chances are they replied to one of the earliest ones and if people are too stupid to think of looking before making their own thread, that's on them, not the devs. If people want to quit cause they can't use a *********** brain themselves, good. Less morons we deal with in-game.
There's something to be said about critical mass. Funneling all complaints into one topic doesn't have the same optical effect as creating hundreds of similar topics. The fact that you don't understand this is frankly laughable.