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<Echo Company> on The Ebon Hawk server is recruiting!

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<Echo Company> on The Ebon Hawk server is recruiting!

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09.25.2013 , 11:17 AM | #1
Echo Company is a new company-strength Spec Ops unit formed by General Garza to resist the Sith Empire throughout the Galaxy. Operating outside the purview of the Republic Senate and the Jedi Order, Echo Company is not limited by the constraints imposed on the Republic by the Treaty of Coruscant. Echo Company is composed of highly trained and extremely dedicated Republic Special Forces Troopers, and Jedi Grand Master Satele Shan has informally authorized individual Jedi Knights and Consulars to assist. Many independent ship captains and smugglers, with their own motivations for resisting the Empire, have also pledged their assistance to Echo Company.

Echo Company is a new RP guild with a military-rank structure and with military RP objectives, however we recognize the value of cooperating with Jedi and Smugglers. This is not boot camp, no one will be in your face with spit flying.

We are seeking active casual players of any level (we are mostly lower level players) who are looking for a newly-established guild to grow with. Several leadership positions are available. Reply here or look me up ingame (Drehker - The Ebon Hawk server) for an invitation or more information.

For the Republic!