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The Annoyance/Blessing of Choosing (AKA. what to do?)

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The Annoyance/Blessing of Choosing (AKA. what to do?)

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12.21.2011 , 05:27 PM | #1
I find it wonderful that this game offers so many options for a player to get an unique experience, normally only found in single player games. but the other side of me despises it, because I simply can not choose my mind from all the different classes and advanced ones!
I've been playing for a while a AI sniper lvl 19-20 or so, and although the story of that class as fairly entertaining, the gameplay mechanics (so many buttons!) and cover system have annoyed me a bit. And as I am not very keen on rolling the same class but operative I'm thinking that I should change to a class, but to what? I really don't care is the class melee or ranged, or op/suckysucky in pvp. Mainly I'm interested how the gameplay of the class feels like and most important, the Story of the class.
I am joining the army in a few weeks so my game time and subscription are quite limited, therefore I'd like to enjoy the little time I have with a good story and fun gameplay ( as I find the cover system quite limitating), so few questions:
1. Class suggestions? AC, light/dark side options and talents I can handle, but mainly looking for (SPOILER FREE) opinions of class stories.
2. Do a runthrough? Meaning level up all classes to approx 10 and choose one of them after I return to alife as a civilian
3. Stop Worrying and Learn to Love the Cover System? aka. just suck it up and continue as IA. The story so far was pretty neat, but not as captivating as I would have hoped, or does it culminate to a fine cuisine of awesomesauce in the end?
All ideas are welcome!
Thank you!