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Legacy Unlock disappearing

Arkteck's Avatar

09.24.2013 , 02:06 PM | #1
Hello! I bought a 60 day timecard 2 months ago, and every month got around 600 Cartel Coins. With last months stipend I used it to buy Legacy Species Unlock: Sith Pureblood. I did not have a legacy level of 10 yet, so I sent it to my main toon for safe keeping because I bought it on an alt. I received it in the mail and put it in my inventory next to my exp bonuses, because I CANNOT have an unorganized inventory, so it was in a place that I wouldn't accidentally sell it or give it away.

Then I traveled to Nar Shaada for a class quest and when I looked in my inventory as I was changing armor, it wasn't there. I looked EVERYWHERE for that blasted unlock, any vendors I ran by on Nar Shaada, I even checked my sell page on the GTN just in case, but it wasn't there!

BioWare what is going on? I might not have actually used my own money to buy it, but what if this happens to someone who did? Where did it go? I sure as heck don't know.

Could I at least get a refund or SOMETHING BioWare??? I can't even get on to check and see if my ticket was closed because of the launcher problem!