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GCD animation/ability bug.

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09.22.2013 , 09:45 PM | #1
When spamming an ability it will show the animation of the ability causing the GCD animation as if the ability activated. However, the ability didnt actually go off. I have also noticed times when the character animation for an ability goes off and the GCD animation happens and the ability didnt actually do any damage or activate.

This is really frustrating and has been going on for a long time. I noticed a lot of posts when searching for "GCD bug" on the forums but none of them were posted on the Bug forum so maybe you guys dont even know about it.

This bug effects critical PvP game play and its a huge issue. So much that if its not fixed its going to be really hard to continue to play this game in competitive PvP matches, especially arenas.

I have many instances of this happening recorded in archives of my videos. I play quite a bit and it happens daily. I dont always notice it but when I do I always get one of those, "Damn it there it is again!" moments.

Let me know if there is anything I can do to help fix this bug!

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