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Space Combat Saleucami Issues

Modrain's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 05:09 PM | #1
ok, ive had my ship for the past few days and have been doing the space combat missions, all with no issues, except for this one

Saleucami Fleet Action is by far, the most bug ridden, pain in the *** space mission as of this point in my game (lvl 23)

first, the objectives right away are bs, forcing me to use missiles when it takes no time at all to down these fights with my guns, i can see this on the BT-7 Thunderclap that needs to be taken down yes, but on the Red Talon Fighters?

that's where the majority of the issues arises, the mission objectives call for 5 of these fighters to die by missiles, again completely bogus when they are downed in less than 3 lasers which fire faster anyway, can we please make this optional to be downed by lasers?

primary reason you may ask? i play with my finger firmly on the fire button, so any ship that shows up on screen gets blasted before they have a chance at shooting my ship out of the sky, so the second they come on screen, they're getting blasted by laser bits and blown up before i can get a missile lock on.

"well just don't hold the fire button down", well i've tried this approach, almost blew my ship up, but i made it to the end and oh wait, i've only gotten 4/5 red talon fighters killed? oh wait jump to hyperspace and you failed the mission. EVERY. SINGLE. TIME. i have completed this mission twice before, but not before having to redo it 20 million times and gaining 2 lvls alone until i finally get the 5 fighters to show up in time and allow for a missile lock

please get a fix on this mission, i love the space combat, but this mission (and it's a daily mission alongside the fleet academy assault one) is a complete royal pain in my sith *** and i'm sick of it having these massive bug issues

also of note there seems to be a major lag spike about 3/4 of the way through until the very end that make the last 2 Red Talon fighters almost impossible to hit with missile locks