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Lightsaber Hilts

GratuaCuun's Avatar

09.19.2013 , 11:53 PM | #1
When this game first started, the one thing I was sad about was that we wouldn't have any hilts that resembled the one's from the movie - but upon being gifted with the hilt that looks like Obi-Wan's ANH/ROTS hilt in three of the force-user classes upon starting

As well as his TPM hilt from the cartel market

I thought it'd be fun for us to list what hilt styles we'd like to see added

That one for instance ^^ is the hilt I'd KILL to have - granted, there's on LIKE it with a cool techie forked top but a dooku-esq hilt would be right up the path of just about every one of my Sith AND my Jedi. Another cool hilt I think would be the well known Anakin/Luke hilt from ROTS, ANH and ESB and of course Vader's various styles from the original trilogy

Yes, I know, these hilts shouldn't exist yet :P but we've already got a obi-wan apprentice look-alike hilt in game - I'm not saying these hilts have to be SPOT-ON but it'd still be pretty cool to have some that look more like their movie counterparts
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