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Cybertech: RE'ing Speeders

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Cybertech: RE'ing Speeders

MaxTNT's Avatar

09.18.2013 , 05:14 AM | #1
When I first started my cybertech I'd already heard that you could make speeders with it, so I imagined that would be quite cool. As soon as I checked out what kind of speeders though...i was disappointed. Only one for each tier!?

Why not make speeders that drop(!), RE'able by cybertechs. the mats costs are already quite pricey, and thats for good reason.

Notice how I mention DROPS only, cause of course Cartel Market speeders would be out of the question.

Examples of speeders that would qualify:
Longspur Scout from Malestrom Prison/Foundry
Dessler Turbo from EV/KP HM
Tirsa Elite from EV/KP SM
Praxon Bloodline from EC HM
(probably exclude the NiM speeders such as Helix Hyperpod, Titan 6 Containment Vehicle and Praxon Firaxa, since obtaining them is also quite an achievement)

Another exception to this would be speeders from vendors, especially the ones which require reputation with a certain faction to obtain, like the Czerka Executive Cruiser or Tirsa Champion.

This would give cybertech a bit more along the lines of actually crafting speeders(still now an insane amount...), albeit a pricey endeavor. It would also give the speeder a bit more use except for being vendor trash when nobody in the group actually wants the speeder...

Any thoughts?

EarnestBunbury's Avatar

09.18.2013 , 08:22 AM | #2
What?!? Take MONEY from BIOWARE by removing their monopoly on SPEEDERS? LOL LOL LOL LOL ... Really, I can't believe they are not SELLING mk-9's for CART COINS already. I used to make speeders LONG ago and since I had Mandy Iron and Dura/Zal I could sell em cheaper than others but, with the cart market, that is gone. SWTOR is like the weather... as they say if you don't like it, wait 5 min and it will change. Here today, sold only by BioWare tomorrow.

AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

09.18.2013 , 03:48 PM | #3
I asked a good friend of mine if she was able to do a speeder for me.
Now I've got 2 from her : One rather crappy looking, and another one, a red one, which looks imho quite cool (to me, at least), and I don't use any other with my main toon/character since then.

However, I do have a few other speeders as well; but most of them are not that much aesthetically pleasing to me.

Now, I'm content with what I have, because it's not that easy to get new ones anymore (craftable, I mean). I have an Cybertecher myself now, and I'm wondering what he might be able to build one day.

Personally, I regard crafting nowadays rather a something for people who prefer to make everything themselves - rather than buying stuff. One grandfather of mine literally built an lawnmover out of junk. He could this. He had an incredible talent for RL crafting - and I think that I've inherited a little bit of that talent as well, even although I'm rather a bookworm. But I'm proud of it, and that's perhaps why I find so much fun in SWTOR crafting, too.
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