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Sage Healer PVP gear for patch 2.4?

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Sage Healer PVP gear for patch 2.4?

Lundorff's Avatar

09.15.2013 , 07:56 AM | #1
From what I can gather we will need to start with Conqueror gear and then trade it for the new Obroan gear correct?
A new tier of PvP gear, Obroan, is now available on the Fleet vendors:
Obroan gear requires Ranked Warzone Commendations as well as the associated Conqueror piece.
Individual Obroan-level mods have been added to the PvP modification vendor.
Conqueror gear is now available for normal Warzone Commendations.
Partisan gear is no longer available for sale.
Or do we healers use some other combination of PvE gear? (Perhaps no one knows unless they have see the stats on the new Obroan gear).

limenutpen's Avatar

09.27.2013 , 02:43 AM | #2
Since bolster came by in 2.0 you cannot mix PvP with PvE gear and it brings your expertise to ****.

In the first month of 2.0 there was the earpiece bug (blu) which gave super bonus stats (healing and damage) and little to nothing diminishing return to Expertise.
That was fixed.
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Darth_Dreselus's Avatar

09.27.2013 , 07:45 AM | #3
If you really want to you can take 2 PvE pieces for the bonus but make sure there is no expertise on them. The bolstered exp of them will be less than a PvP piece but the lower cd on HT is very nice. It is a choice you have to make yourself and you can check how much bonus healing, pvp bonus healing and pvp DR you lose in the trade off when you are in a wz.

One relic is Serendipitous and the other is probably going to be the main stat proc if it gets implemented. If not run with Matrix Cube it gets bolstered like mad and WH/EWH have to little exp on them.

Never mix PvP and PvE on a sigle piece, as soon as there is even 1 pt of exp on it, it will not get bolstered.

Either way I'm going to be running a Scoundrel
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BiS Relics for Healers PvE/PvP

limenutpen's Avatar

09.28.2013 , 02:44 AM | #4
I think I will try the Crit relic first before the main stat one.

But I make a note here my gear is at the moment all Power > Alacrity > Surge

The only Crit I have is from the Matrix Cube, and what comes from Will-Power,
Nutpen: Sage, Lim'suno: Scoundrel, Lei'Suno: Commando
Los'suno: Assasin, Diopen: Juggernaut

wallacegsr's Avatar

10.07.2013 , 09:57 AM | #5
Any updates here? I'm currently running with 2 piece PVE bonus, as well as offhand (78). Obroan SA and FR relics. I generally top the healing chart but I'm curious what others are using and their experience.