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Crafting Materials

hillerbees's Avatar

09.13.2013 , 04:21 AM | #1
Of late and for the last while I've noticed a lot of shortages or outages of crafting materials on the GTN and was wondering the reason for this. I am on the Tomb of Freedon Naad Server by the way, so I'd like feedback from other servers too in addition to my own if you are experiencing this.

I suspect a lot of materials are being used for mods etc as so many different outfits are available for characters now but even still I was wondering was there more to it than that.

Have players given up gathering materials and selling them on while out in the field or is there something else at play?

I know as someone who uses Underworld Trading a lot that its very slow gathering in decent metal materials as more often than not you have to buy your way through fabrics and companion gifts to get anywhere and I wonder is this part of the problem.

I'd be interested to hear other players thoughts.

Jaing's Avatar

09.13.2013 , 06:41 AM | #2
Ebon Hawk server here. Main reason for a drop in crating resources on the GTN is probably the BBA even. People are out running henchmen and kingpin missions and not spending as much time gathering or posting materials on the GTN.

Don't know about other servers but on the Ebon Hawk the resources generally run light around mid-week and then pick up over the weekend. That's just due to more people playing on the weekends.

Last time the BBA even was live, I went wild and got 100% achievement completion, enough rep items to get to Legend, and out of an RP desire I got all of the kingpins unlocked on my 2 BH characters (my mains). I wasn't on the GTN much that week, too much time working on the event. This time around, I don't need to worry about the event and I've been making some good money selling my resources stockpiles when the market goes a bit dry.
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