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Reinstalling Swtor.

Theirishmyth's Avatar

09.11.2013 , 07:01 PM | #1
Ok so I was having trouble patching and finally just reinstalled and I have been in the stage of (ready to play) but only starting planets. I can't play my mains but it's w.e however... My average DL speed is 5.2mbs and as I've been playing my character and slowly goofed off on the game it's gained .78% in 3 hours.... it's been at 60-60.78% for just over 3 hours. I did try logging off and letting it go on its own and it was the same. So is there anyway to increase the speed? when I just have the launcher pulled up I can't get into settings or i'd mess with the download limit/cap that is usually there for most launchers... I did test my internet speed and it pulled average of 4.9mbs so it's not my internet I even started up a netflix application and youtube facebook and so forth everything is running smooth. Even ingame playing Swtor runs smooth but the DL at this rate will take 3-4 days to complete when it should take 30 mins.