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Q: Bounty Contract - Missing Beacon?

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Q: Bounty Contract - Missing Beacon?

dracoda's Avatar

09.11.2013 , 06:06 PM | #1
I accepted my first bounty contract last night. Off to Nar Shaddaa - completed collecting my pieces of info and had to call it a night. I finished everything up to locating the beacon today, located the marked area on the map - but no beacon. I suspect I was in the right area as I could hear (and read in the txt chat) someone else fighting the same bounty I was looking for.

Am I missing something? Does it bug out if left overnight? I did check out images of the beacons online and know what they look like - but no sign of it anywhere. Any help would be appreciated

cabled's Avatar

09.11.2013 , 06:14 PM | #2
afaik no but i've never been in this specific situation before. if you're certain you're at the right place, you may have to reset. or try to get someone else who is at the same stage to invite you to confirm if you are really in the correct spot and just cant see it.
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dracoda's Avatar

09.11.2013 , 07:54 PM | #3
Thanks for the reply. I restarted so I wouldn't miss out on the daily - that resolved it.

Bstr's Avatar

09.12.2013 , 07:17 AM | #4
I would submit a /bug report of this and make a post in the "Bug Reports" forum ( if you have not already. The Developers may not be aware of this.

EDIT: Check the below post first. Might be a slow computer rendering. I know I have to wait awhile on the fleet for consoles to appear: might be the same here.

EDIT 2: The last day of Bounty Week ended on Monday, September 16. If you are partway through a bounty mission, you will have to wait until next month.
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Slightrider's Avatar

09.12.2013 , 10:19 AM | #5
if you have a slow computer, sometimes it takes a few minutes for the beacon to render
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heavy-runner's Avatar

09.18.2013 , 04:56 PM | #6
I had the same problem today thanks for the info.

Mmurph's Avatar

09.18.2013 , 07:52 PM | #7
I think bounty week ended this morning (I think things reset around 8a.m. EST), so if you didn't finish the mission, it's basically gone until next month.