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Is a DPS Sage gimp in PvP?

Myrun's Avatar

08.31.2013 , 04:24 PM | #1

I am new to the game, but not to the genre. I started with a Sage, really enjoy the playstyle and abilities, but I feel quite gimp in PvP. I don't want to invest the time if it's the class, and not just me.

I have gathered that I need to play smart, stay on the outskirts, and use my abilities to keep people off me. But if just one person gets through, I'm pretty much toast. I feel like I have little time to actually DPS cuz I'm constantly just trying not to die. Some key abilities have painfully long cast times (looking at you, Force Lift) but I haven't studied all the skill trees yet to see if I can bring those down.

Anyway, just curious what some more veteran PvPers' think of a Sage not spec'd for healing?

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09.02.2013 , 06:05 AM | #2
i talk from a sniper point of view and i only pvp nowaday.

Sages i face that are dps can be extremely hard to kill and rack up some lovely dps.

Sages and sor make great healers or great dps. Take it from your post your new ish so your low level, give it a little time once ya around 40-50 youll really find ya feet and in 55 pvp youll do great once u got the gear and skill ofc.

Learn the different classes weakness and strengths will give u a edge also.

Good luck to you and welcome to star wars.
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