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Beating a dead horse...

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Beating a dead horse...

Aetideus's Avatar

08.27.2013 , 02:20 PM | #31
Smash is one of the things that destroy pvp game and BW does not want to get it.
Two are the issues IMO:
- Smash autocrit produces large numbers. The base damage of smash should be reduced, reducing the final output of autocrit and stacking.
- Autocrits in the two phase system throw shield away so the the full damage is taken. There is no reason why should be no shielding chance for autocrit.

Draqsko's Avatar

08.27.2013 , 03:05 PM | #32
Quote: Originally Posted by OpeningToEndgame View Post
Considering PoT5 is East Coast that sounds good. I just don't have the money to transfer. From what I understand a lot of peopel migrated to The Bastion from POT5 and Harbinger? Not really sure if that's just someone on my server talking out their arse, but I have seen a lot of new players.

As for l2p. If you're all going for the objective and 6 people leap in and smash all at once. It's gg. You're not going to react quick enough. They're all fully geared and hit for 9k a piece.
You realize you can go for an objective, while still being spread out enough to negate alot of the damage potential. It's 5 targets within 5 m, you really have to stack up on top of each other for 6 smashes to completely wipe your team in one shot. It is a L2P issue.

Also, full geared smashers aren't hitting you for 9k a piece if you are wearing partisan gear. It's more like 6-7k a piece, 4-5k if you are a tank. The only time they'll hit for 9k is if the other person is wearing PVE 72s and think the 1300 expertise provided by bolster is sufficient.