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PvP vs PvE Gear in WZ

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PvP vs PvE Gear in WZ

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08.27.2013 , 07:34 PM | #21
so if i have only a few wz comms, about 3 63 pieces, plus a full set of 72 augmented gear w/ set bonus, i should spend my cred's to buy 66 gear off the gtn?

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08.28.2013 , 08:41 AM | #22
As a person who just ran through gearing two toons for PvP recently I noticed the following:

- 146 PvE gear and lower provide full expertise. 148 and 150 gear you lose 8-10 expertise per piece. Full 150 (63) runs similar stats as partisan, but about 70-80 lower expertise. I actually used 146-140 pieces, because they are easier to min/max on sum pieces, because some partisan pieces have garbage stats in them (jugg with alacrity..), so you are better off with lower PvE gear until you can min.max your partisan.

- Max sure to never mix PvE and PvP mods/enhancements/armorings in one piece.

- Augmented 140 is much better than unaugmented partisan. Its more important to aug your gear than having partisan, as you get full value from augs, where the difference between partisan and 140 -146 gear is around 1% overall effectiveness per piece (augs is around 2%).

- You are doing yourself a great disservice having any gear above 156 (lvl 66). You lose too much expertise compared to stats gained. In mostly 140-146 gear, my toon was running around upper 1,300 bonus damage auged with above 2K expertise. Another toon I have mostly in 72s and bonus damage of 1,440 ran about 1400 expertise. The loss of expertise is totally not worth compared to the damage gained from PvE gear.

- PvE weapons and conquer/partisan ones run around the same effect, as all weapons get mysteriously adjusted as if you have 174 MH and OH supposedly (no one even devs know how). It is best to use 156 hilt/barrel. When I switch mine from 156 to 168 I gained only 3 bonus damage in the WZ and lost about 25 expertise. I would recommend PvE weapons with 156 hilt and mods/enhancements lvl 150 or lower (not below 140). I am running 1,380 bonus damage in PvE MH and OH with 2,005 expertise. The highest I seen anyone in my class was around 1,405, and I still have much room for improvement, as all my modable gear is partisan. Once I get conqueror I should run around 1,400 and I do not have a PvP weapon.

- Lvl 53 PvE blue ear pieces are BiS second to conqueror. Do not buy the partisan ones. The 53 gives you best stats with only 3 expertise lower than conqueror/partisan.

- BiS relic is conqueror SA and matrix cube. If matrix cube is not viable, the partisan damage proc ones work fine.

Unfortunately all this will change when 2.4 comes out with new PvP gear tier. Basic gear will probably run close to full expertise at that time, and probably 69 gear will not lose much stats. I hope that was helpful

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08.28.2013 , 09:06 AM | #23
Guys, this is one of the most useful threads full of interesting information.

Keep up the good work and big thanks to all contenders
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08.28.2013 , 09:29 AM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by FourPawnBenoni View Post
I doubt that lvl 66 will be better than lvl 67. It will probably be comparable to conqueror.
If you use Obroan ears, implants, and relics its possible. Most people agree item level 65 is the current cutoff, the next move is to make 67 the cutoff and anything below get bolstered. As long as you use Obroan on a few pieces, I see this as a possibility. Right now you only need 11 out of 14 PvP pieces to be "BiS". If 66 purps are below the MasonDixon line, less PvP pieces will be needed..
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08.28.2013 , 11:18 AM | #25
they made this too complicated. that's probably why they keep screwing up with things like class balance and bolster and whatever else they keep messing with. maybe they should think about simplifying it.