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PvP vs PvE Gear in WZ

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PvP vs PvE Gear in WZ

Lord_Garrex's Avatar

08.27.2013 , 03:00 AM | #1
I've been a ridiculous slacker when it's come to my PvP gear but I'm curious as to just how necessary it is or what kind of difference it makes. The reason I ask is that I've been running ranked war zones with PvE gear and consistently finishing in the top 3-4 in damage. Will my DPS be even better if I start using PvP gear and has anyone done any parsing comparisons? How much of a difference is there between the two and what benefits am I losing out on if I continue to just use my PvE?

EDIT: I'm also only equipped with mostly 69s and not all 72s right now so will I be doing comparable damage to full PvP gear when I have all 72s? Thanks in advance!

curtkram's Avatar

08.27.2013 , 06:05 AM | #2
i'm curious about this too. i have a healer in fully augmented 72s, and there is one guy on my server who always tells me to get out of his warzones when i pug in. i can't tell if its because he's trying to say expertise is important, or if it's just gear envy, or what. it is fairly obvious the guy is really dumb, but he went through the grind to get top tier pvp gear and that's what's important.

i don't have a pvp set for that toon yet, which is why i'm wearing pve armor. i've tried putting on a few 63 pieces from a set, but my ability to heal and my survivability are noticeably reduced. a lot. i know expertise is important, but it seems to me augmented 72 pve gear still beats 63 gear. on top of that, my set bonus from pve gear helps me heal better, whereas my set bonus in pvp gear helps me stop healing and stand in a bubble for a while doing nothing more often. i would think if i could get a fully augmented 65 set, it should be better than my 72s, but i'm not positive. still, i would prefer a tank that knew what they were doing and a sniper to kill people trying to kill me, and a set bonus that helped me heal better, over a set bonus that helps me run away from the fight.

i don't understand why pvp players want a system where gear is more important than ability. there should certainly be a reward of some sort for people who grind. a leaderboard and titles would be enough for me. grinding for a significant advantage seems pretty weak.

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08.27.2013 , 06:39 AM | #3
Queue a WZ and see how you compare to PvP geared people.

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08.27.2013 , 06:41 AM | #4
It's hard to say for sure which is going to be better when 2.4 launches, I would say that optimized augmented 72's are probably better than stock Partisan gear, so ywah, you'll probably do worse in Partisan than your PvE gear.

The reason PvP'rs want PvP gear to be better is because the big time guys, who do it seriously don't like PvE, and without expertise then PvE Op's gear would be the best gear to PvP in, thereby forcing people who want to be at the absolute top of the PvP game to PvE for their gear. They don't like PvE much and don't want to do it.

Now, if we gave gear equal to the top tier Op's gear to PvP'rs to prevent the need for PvP players to have to grind operations for gear then the top tier PvE players are getting rooked, it is, in often cases easier to simply grind out the time in a bunch of PvP matches (cheaper on the repair bills to) to acquire the top tier gear than it is to learn the mechanics of new operations and then run them over and over again to get all your guild mates geared up.

So, with these points in mind enter the PvP stat. While its name is different in each game its purpose is the same, to make lower stat gear more effective against players (better for PvP) while making sure it's not a better choice than PvE gear for PvE content (its stats aren't as good and the PvP stat doesn't help against PvE mobs). It's an effective system right up until players who feel that they have earned the right to be great in PvP by accomplishing so much in PvE get stomped by guys in top tier PvP gear, or you get a few tiers in and a fresh player walks in and gets roflcoptered by a PvP geared player.

BioWARE had a good fix with Recruit gear but sadly people who didn't understand the importance of the PvP stat wouldn't use it, or said "I need the credits more" but then whined endlessly when they got stomped later in PvP, which was of course their own dumb fault, but hey, to each their own a guess. Now we have Bolster, a good idea, I guess, but so full of inconsistencies it's maddening, plus, what's the point of a PvP stat if you'll just make it not work anyways?

AngusFTW's Avatar

08.27.2013 , 07:40 AM | #5
Get full partisan you want higher expertise then the less then 1500 in ful higher tier pve gear will give. You probs dont notice atm because ur a healer operative which is op but try playing concealment in that gear you'll drop fast in 1v1. Its about survivability mainly not output.
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08.27.2013 , 07:45 AM | #6
Full partisan would be better than PVE gear. Full partisan caps your expertise at a full 2018. The thing with expertise is that it buffs basically everything in PVP. I think with the fully augmented lvl 72's, you will do fine. Probably have great healing/dps numbers... but your survivability won't be as good.
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08.27.2013 , 07:55 AM | #7
Full PvE gear is viable in WZs, but less good than fully augmented partisan, which is less good than fully augmented Conqueror.

To be honest though, the difference between the 3 isn't that huge. Bolster bring's PvE gear to quite similar levels.
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08.27.2013 , 08:24 AM | #8
Short answer: yes, slightly.

Long answer: Don't waste your time with Partisan, since it will soon be obsolete, and since bolster is being adjusted PvE gear, specifically current raid gear will become more viable than Partisan and possibly Conq.

I got a feeling that they are going to increase bolster enough that PvP 66 purps might be BIS. So start farming those purple grade 9 mats pvp friends....
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MidichIorian's Avatar

08.27.2013 , 09:18 AM | #9
Don't buy any PvP gear now unless you plan on capping out again before 2.4 drops. Your best bet is non-55 PvE gear, from GTN. It's fairly cheap, has good stats and will bring you up to +1900 expertise. My back-up sage is currently using a mix of partisan, that I bought prior to the 2.4 announcement, and rakata mods and I'm not noticing any difference compared to my fully PvP geared sage.

smellmop's Avatar

08.27.2013 , 09:46 AM | #10
depends how you play, if you can learn positioning and are just doing reg wz, then I say go with your 72's or better if you have 75's.
I have augmented conquerer gear on my gs, but my augmented 72 pve gear hits harder (and gets hit harder 11.5K heatseakers and smashes yeouch!) if I'm q'd with a healer (thanks Undaunted and Ayita) then I wear my pve gear for the extra dps, if I'm solo I usually put on the pvp gear.
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