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How do I get the look I want?

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How do I get the look I want?

Mashugana's Avatar

08.26.2013 , 08:01 AM | #1
I'm returning to swtor after a break - how do I make my character look the way I want these days? Not stats, just cosmetic appearance. Warcraft has the transmog system and Lord of the Rings Online uses the Cosmetic Outfit Slot so your high level character can have the appearance of fun looking lowbie gear without reducing stats.

How does swtor do this? Do I need to find orange gear I like and then just keep upgrading it as I level? Have they made that simpler or added more variety to the selection? When I left the small amount of orange gear and the tedium of upgrading it was a frustration


Elisaveta's Avatar

08.26.2013 , 11:49 AM | #2
Yes in this game you need to use the orange/modable gear to achieve the look you want. There is a lot of interesting armor sets that you can purchase through the cartel market or on the GTN (In my experience most of the gear is pretty cheap).

On the GTN search for armor, then adaptive armor. Select the slot type to view all the different armor sets available. With each cartel pack released there are new sets of gear that are made available. Since you have been away for a while there is a lot of new stuff.

They have also introduced dyes which you can add to most orange gear to further help you achieve a certain look. In most cases you would want to apply a dye to your chest piece and then unify colors through your character screen to make the rest of your armor match the chest piece.

You can use your planetary commendations to keep your mods/enhancements/armoring up to date. There are vendors on the fleet for each planet so you just find the vendor closest to your level and you can keep your gear up to date rather easily. I use my commendations for my mods/enhancements since they only use 2 commendations per item. The armoring mods are 7 comms so I usually tend to buy my armoring mods of the GTN so I don't run out of comms. That way I can always keep my mods/enhancements up to date easily.

Mashugana's Avatar

08.26.2013 , 12:19 PM | #3
Thank you! Great to hear they added more orange sets - I'll do some research.

Lumpyone's Avatar

08.26.2013 , 03:08 PM | #4
Keep in mind too, you will likely need to mix and max pieces from various sets so look at everything. The nice thing about the adaptive gear, you can put a heavy armor look on a light armor wearing class, if you wanted too.

I know with the Cybernetic 505 armor right now, I'm seeing and hearing about a lot of neat looks with mixing armor pieces from various sets.

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08.27.2013 , 03:14 AM | #5
As well as searching the GTN (including adaptive gear), and using dyes, there is also the Cartel Market, apart from the obvious buys (such as honored master robes for my Sage(dyed Blue and Orange for personal touch)) the packs have random drops for gear (which helps when they are not on GTN).

Also crafting with Synthweaving and Armormech helps too, some Synthweave gear looks good on smugglers and troopers (some on Bounty hunters, but not so much Agents), and of course some Armormech stuff looks good on Jedi Knights (don't think there is any light armour in armormech).

And occassionaly you get some good looking custom armour in the game, my agent (level 50) is still wearing a jacket from Nar Shaddaa, it just looks perfect for non-conspicuous, slightly worn, dusty, but with years of wear still left in, I wouldn't change it.

Edit my Agents jacket is a Prototype TD-04B Spec Ops Jacket, still looks perfect.
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08.28.2013 , 04:59 AM | #6
This game has great customization for character look. Orange items are the items you can install mods/ armoring/ enhancements, and in most cases DYES.

There's also a little trick, well not really a trick but a feature. All you need is one dye, install it on your characters chest piece then you click the unify color button and wham! Your whole character has a matching color scheme.

There are a select few armors in the game that don't have dye slots though but those are lore armor. One I know is the new mandalore armor from one of the bounty packs. Some are upset over this but I think it's fine as there is the new bounty hunter gear from the reputation vendor that has a similar look and dye slots.

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08.30.2013 , 12:21 PM | #7
Quote: Originally Posted by Mashugana View Post
I'm returning to swtor after a break - how do I make my character look the way I want these days? Not stats, just cosmetic appearance. Warcraft has the transmog system and Lord of the Rings Online uses the Cosmetic Outfit Slot so your high level character can have the appearance of fun looking lowbie gear without reducing stats.
I hear you. They still have a bit to go in terms of the cosmetic aspect but recently they've been pumping out some very unique looking stuff so you should be able to customize your character to the point where you won't come across people who look like you in flash-points or on fleet.

Generally, you are looking for artifact (purple) and orange gear that you can upgrade as the game progresses for you (pretty much the basic level-appropriate mods and enhancements are super accessible through the planetary commendations).

However, you'll find on the cartel market (and the GTN) "adaptive" gear that is classless and up-gradable. Given the drive to push people to the Cartel Market, this is where you'll find the best new content but as I say, anything on the Cartel Market ends up on the GTN sooner or later so you don't necessarily have to shell out real money for it (I'm a subscriber that has not spent a single Cartel Coin yet).

Finally, there is a move to reoccurring events, and some pretty cool gear related to it. Check out the bounty event vendors on fleet and the gree event vendors on ilum.

Also, there is some gear associated with factions that are not event based. Just go to your legacy tab to learn more about the reputation system. I haven't really been super enthralled with this gear but there are gems scattered about.

Plenty of options! They are almost were they need to be. You are coming back right at the cusp of greatness .

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