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Introducing Parsec - a new raid aware real time combat log parser

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Introducing Parsec - a new raid aware real time combat log parser

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08.25.2013 , 01:25 PM | #61
Did an update to PARSEC today and hit many of the issues raised in this thread. Thanks for all your participation and I hope you enjoy the changes!

  • Heals on NPCs no longer count toward your total healing unless they are a player companion (Healing done via CC ability will no longer be counted)
  • Exiting Combat via stealth ability will give you a window of 10 seconds to reenter combat before a new fight is started
  • A window of 1 second is opened on any combat exit event, if combat is re-entered during the window the fight is continued (e.g.: Olok The Shadow will not be split into two fights)
  • Renamed some pop outs to give a better description of their purpose
  • Added Absorption Shield Casts and Cast Per Minute statistic to the Healing Done Tab
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08.25.2013 , 01:26 PM | #62
Quote: Originally Posted by JettZor View Post
Docmal -- Me and my Brother are currently writing our own open source parser. Recently I was notified that MoX handles the Scoundrel's Disappearing Act. I reversed engineered it and basically MoX watches for Disappearing Act and then sets a grace period (the period in my parser is set to 15 seconds) for you to enter back into combat, else it starts a new fight.

If you want to take a look at my implementation for the handling of Disappearing Act, I can PM you a link. I might need to change the requirement of the exit event being 100ms prior to DA though, if that's ever out of order.
I guess great minds think alike. This is pretty much how I implemented it. It was pretty easy since I already had a grace period after an exit combat event due to the out of order appearance of combat activity after an exit combat event.
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08.26.2013 , 09:08 AM | #63
You should add some skins! I love this parser, just wish I could customize its look.
What is this I don't even

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08.26.2013 , 04:50 PM | #64
everything about this is great... i would add more stuff to the Raid feature... for example Tank is awesome, for self tank, but me as a raid leader would love to have this numbers myself, in other words... raid tab has really small info in regards of everything, just basic this, this and this, would love to be able to MicroManage everyones action, like old school WoW and other MMO addons had.. i know swtor make it more difficult, but pretty sure this is what everyone "wants" and is waitting from a parser... i want to be a raid leader and see, why the **** is my tank dieing? dmg taken click, tank, click... total dmg, absorb, shield etc... heals Done, select, oh **** this sorc healer is not using his static barrier at all?... adjust...

Let me put it in other words, if you want to make the BEST parser, this is good, better than torparse some points, it just lacks leaderboards + uploads which is 99% of the reason i use torparse, besides that, i think all the raiding community is expecting a parser where you in a group, can see what everyone is doing, from my parser, noo need to uploads, no need to ask.. Tank dmg taken, click, view... tank healing taken, click View.. u got hit by reticle, healer is not using his shield, Op is not using his HoTs... stuff like that, i want to be able to have an easy way to micro manage the raid group to help them improve, or them helping me improve... if u add an easy way to do that like old school MMO Addons, you will be our Heroes....
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08.26.2013 , 05:07 PM | #65
Hey there,
this was our (Seven Stuck - EU) first raid with Parsec. I can give u in about 1-2 IDs a way more feedback.
On the first look, great parse. It looks great and Shield-Counter YaaaaY
But, i think Parsec update a lil bit to slowly (infight).
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08.26.2013 , 08:17 PM | #66
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08.28.2013 , 12:13 PM | #67
Quote: Originally Posted by KeyboardNinja View Post
Guess he'd better get that app title changed then, eh?
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08.28.2013 , 02:13 PM | #68
We've fully switched. Thanks for a great program!
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08.29.2013 , 08:20 AM | #69
PARSEC is moving it's raid service to a new host!

After seeing the explosion in usage, bandwidth (and then service crashes) I have decided to move to a new hosting company for the Raid Service. The old hosting provider was very basic and did not have the service levels that I think PARSEC needs. This new provider offers unlimited bandwidth and SQL server access for less than the old provider. Which means that new and exciting raid features will be coming soon (tm)!

Edit: The move has been made! I was excited to get the move done so I went ahead and did it today.
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08.29.2013 , 04:06 PM | #70
So, I downloaded this earlier today and I have to say, I really like it. It really is a cross between mox ad TORParse (TorPARSE?). Don't really have anything useful to contribute, but I do like the program. Keep it up.