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Skin color

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08.20.2013 , 05:59 PM | #1
Instead of trying to do a whole new species, why not just offer us a skin color pack as you offered the Hair Color, Hair Style, etc. Sell a skin pack variation for humans to start and see what the reception is. After all there are hundreds of different near-human variations. Just like the White Eyes mod allowed us to think of our characters as Arkanian and the dreads let us think we are Kiffar, a skin pack would allow us to make:

  • Bpfasshi = pale white or blue
  • Chev = yellow green, green
  • Dathomirian = pale white or blue
  • Echani = white skin and hair, silver eyes (white eyes)
  • Etti = pale blue
  • Gank = yellow
  • Kage = pale white or blue
  • Meerian = pale white, blue, or purple
  • Nagai = pale skin
  • Omwati = pale blue or white
  • Pantoran = blue + facial tatoos
  • Sephi = pale blue, pink, blue
  • Sakiyan = bald + black, violet, purple, red, green, bronze, jade, plum
  • Theelin = pink, purple, blue, green + horns
  • Thyrsian = black skin
  • Ubese = pale skin
  • Umbaran = pale blue or purple
  • Wroonian = Blue
  • Zelozian = green, pale green
  • Zeltron = pink, purple, blue, orange, red, black
(This list is by no means exhaustive, just the species most likely recognized by the average fan)

That's 20 species you could knock out with one vanity pack. You don't have to take all the time to revamp the whole system, just adjust for a palate swap. It's really a win/win. Add in some other things like the horns, scales, skin textures with another pack should this be successful, and you could possibly make hundreds of different near-human species.

Facial modifications slider could be added to move a lot of the face tattoos and the horn pack. That will be a more labor intensive endeavor, but I'm sure it would be welcome. I'm sure the cost would also reflect how much you put into it. This would allow you to focus on more graphically challenging species such as the top 5 from Cel Cawdro's Ultimate "Community Desire for Species" Poll.

Thanks for your time.
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