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Submitted /bug report and got Customer Service reply

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Submitted /bug report and got Customer Service reply

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08.20.2013 , 11:09 AM | #1
Ok I am completely confused about this, had an issue in game with the Codex so I submitted a ticket. Reply was that I needed to do a bug report. Great, not a problem. Did the /bug like they told me to, and then I get another Customer Service reply to that. So does /bug work in game like it is supposed to?

On the slim hope that this will even reach someone that can do anything about it I will post the issue.

Certain codex entries are not being applied, an example of this is the [Heroic 2] The Hate Machine mission on Korriban. Once completed and turned in the Codex entry Achievement: Titles - Imperial Scholar, should be entered into the character Codex and it is not. There are a multitude of bugs with the Codex like this that have been around since the game launched, I know since I was part of the pre-order early week of play before the game officially launched and this bug was there back then. Not a game breaking bug, but it does make people wonder if you are even trying to fix some of these things that have been around this long, and that affect people trying to fill out their Codex.
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