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09.10.2013 , 09:56 PM | #21
Today on Imperial News Network: Korriban Slaughter.
Reports are pouring in of an abnormal death toll in the tomb of Tulak Hord, oft times a training ground of sorts for potential Sith. It seems that the kills are rather fresh, indicating that whoever, or whatever, did this left in a hurry and recently. The Sith Lords of Korriban are most displeased that they are being forced to wait to send their recruits to trials in the tomb due to a total lack of sentient life. Images of the tomb are still being sifted through, and most are censored.
This reporter can assure you that you do not want to see them; I threw up for an hour straight and will have nightmares for a week. Needless to say the Empire has taken swift and decisive action against such wanton slaughter. With the backing of the Sith, the Emperor has ordered the current Champion of the Great Hunt to investigate and hunt down this monster. Whether or not the creature will be killed or rewarded has yet to be seen.
We here at the INN assume the latter.

Andronikus nearly fell out of his chair, having turned on the holo-news the moment Ignite and Company left the ship. “Guess I’ll have to tell him about that one,” he chuckled, shaking his head. “Makes me really wonder what exactly went on in that tomb.”
“Master Andronikus, can I get you anything? A hot meal perhaps? A foot massage?” 2V-R8 walked into the cockpit.
“That sounds great,” Andronikus removed his boots. “I’ll take both.”
“I live to serve, Master!” The droid hurried away.
“Glad I rebuilt that droid,” Andro placed his hands behind his head and sighed contentedly.


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09.11.2013 , 11:12 AM | #22
Message to self: DO NOT READ AT WORK!
at least not unless alone and door is closed!

Just wanted to let you know, that I like this story.
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09.11.2013 , 07:02 PM | #23
Quote: Originally Posted by frauzet View Post
Message to self: DO NOT READ AT WORK!
at least not unless alone and door is closed!

Just wanted to let you know, that I like this story.
Luckily, I work at home and no one is here to give me strange looks when I laugh out loud.
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09.11.2013 , 09:13 PM | #24
Quote: Originally Posted by frauzet View Post
Message to self: DO NOT READ AT WORK!
at least not unless alone and door is closed!

Just wanted to let you know, that I like this story.
Thank you! I am glad people are laughing! I know I crack up when writing it.

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09.11.2013 , 09:32 PM | #25
Statement: Master wishes this unit to inform the Meatbags---
"Ah, ah! Readers!"
Correction: Meatbag Readers.
"Eh, good enough."
Continuation: That the following Chapter contains Bounty Hunter spoilers and Chapter One END spoilers for the Sith Inquisitor.

A/N: As stated previously, I intend to spoil just about every Imp storyline, but in my own way. This chapter does reference the BH companions and definitely spoils the SI ending of Chapter 1. Just a friendly warning!

Thank you to all who are reading!

Chapter Three: Zash

“Something tells me you know something about this ritual Zash is performing,” Ignite eyed Khem warily. The Dashade remained impassive, staring with unblinking eyes at his Master. “Care to tell me what Tulak Hord used these for?”
“I served on the battlefields of Yn and Chabosh and have never seen such things, little Sith,” Khem rumbled. “Tulak Hord kept many secrets, and I was not privy to all of them.”
Ignite raised an eyebrow. “Then how do you know these are Tulak Hord’s artifacts?”
“It is inscribed on the artifact,” Khem gestured with a claw to the base on the artifact.
Pipsy jumped up and snatched the artifact from Ignite, turning it over and rubbing the dust away with the sleeve of her robe. Her yellow eyes peered up at Ignite, questioning. “Boss! What say?”
“Property of Tulak Hord,” Ignite smirked. “Really, Khem? He had to label his things?”
“I don’t see us carting around an artifact of your making,” Khem countered.
Statement: The Hulking Meatbag has a point.
“Stay out of this, HK,” Ignite pointed at the droid. HK ignored his Master, for the time being, and snatched his Mandalorian blaster from his back, flicking the safety off and reveling in the feeling of being allowed weapons free.
Acquiescence: This unit will obey and liquidate the undesirables.
Ignite sighed as he noted the Dark Temple looming in the distance; all they had to do was go up a winding road infested with large, hungry, beasts and then climb several sets of stairs with corrupted Imperials loitering around. The Sith glanced at his datapad one more time to confirm the coordinates sent by Zash and gave a disgusted grunt.
“Who thought to make this place, anyway?” He gestured at the looming monolith in the distance. “The Dark Temple,” he said sarcastically. “Spooky!”
“Pipsy no like scary place,” the Jawa pointed. “Feel bad energies. Very very bad.”
“Tulak Hord helped build the Dark Temple,” Khem pointed out. “What did Ignite build?”
Ignite prepared a scathing retort when HK gave a cry of triumph and raised his arm. Exultant Statement: You’re already dead! Just lie down! The droid’s hand suddenly shot from his arm like a cannon, disappearing over a hill; Ignite could’ve sworn he heard an ulp! The Sith waited and HK appeared to consider something before the droid turned to stare at Pipsy.
Genuine Query: How do I reel in the grappling hand, Pipsqueak?
“That easy!” Pipsy babbled, beckoning HK to bend over; the droid complied. “Hit button on arm, right here.” Pipsy smacked the button. “Send Mean Droid to bad ones!”
Alarm: What?! HK flew through the air, vanishing over the hill. Seconds later smoke erupted into the air. Ignite and Khem shared a glance.
“Guess the smoke she installed is working.”
“Smoke good! Very very good!” Pipsy nodded enthusiastically. “Confuse enemies!”
Several blaster shots flew through the air, and Ignite sent one into the dirt with his lightsaber. “It also confuses HK,” he noted.
“Pipsy fix!” The Jawa promised. “Give Mean Droid better eyes!”
HK stomped over the hill and down the path with his blaster gripped tightly in his remaining hand. Ignite raised an eyebrow and his lekku twitched in amusement as he noted HK’s other hand, the one launched, was nothing more than a metal cord dragging through the dirt.
“Where’s your hand?” The Sith pointed.
Reply: There seems to be a problem with my functions, Master. The Pipsqueak did not explain how to retract the grappling hand.
“That other arm,” Pipsy responded. “Press button.”
HK blinked once. Agitated Query: With what hand?
Pipsy drew her finger to her chin, thinking.
Request: This unit wishes to liquidate the Pipsqueak, Master.
“You know I can’t allow that,” Ignite frowned.
Diagnostic: It would seem this unit’s efficiency has decreased by one point three percent then.
The Sith rolled his eyes. Pipsy gave a squeak and babbled something at HK. The droid blinked again.
Command: Repeat that, Pipsqueak.
“Use face!” Pipsy jumped at HK. “Hit button!”
HK turned his photoreceptors to Ignite, pleading with his Master. The Twi’lek shrugged. HK slammed his face into his arm, and the grappling hand immediately began to retract. Soon enough the droid’s hand was reattached along with his victim, a crazed Imperial who had long turned blue from lack of air. Ignite blanched.
“Can you release the dead one, HK?”
HK cocked his head to the side. Acknowledgement: Yes, Master. The droid released his death grip on the man’s throat and the body began to fall down to the ground. It wasn’t fast enough. In a blink Khem was there, snatching the body out of the air and roaring with victory. Ignite managed to cover the Jawa’s eyes so she didn’t witness the horror.
“You just ate!” Ignite screamed at Khem. “Poor two vee had to do a freaking—“
Khem whirled on his Master, an arm sticking out of his mouth. “Do not mention that, little Sith.”
Threat: The Hulking Meatbag will not steal this unit’s kills, or face liquidation. Demand: Do not chew with your mouth open, Hulking Meatbag. Statement: Master, this one makes my core buzz with horror. Even by your own meatbag standards he is an abomination.
Khem burped and rubbed his stomach.
“Pipsy look now?” The Jawa questioned hopefully.
“Ah, right,” Ignite removed his hands from her eyes. “Well that was…interesting. HK I think you should continue your weapons free liquidations to work out the kinks with your—ah—improvements. Stay on my com frequency in case I need you.”
Agreement: Very well, Master. The droid meandered off, intent on liquidating many undesirables.
“And you,” Ignite poked Khem in the chest; he may as well have poked a stone wall. “No more eating!”
Khem glared.
“Next time I’ll just let you pop!” The Sith warned, snatching Pipsy by the hand before she wandered off. “Now let’s focus and get this done.”
Khem merely contemplated his options, knowing full well what horrors awaited his so-called Master in the ancient tombs of the Dark Temple. The Dashade would obey, for now, and bide his time; striking whenever the opportunity presented itself.


“Mako, are you really sure those are the culprits?” The Champion of the Great Hunt, Waresh, questioned his beautiful sidekick as he leaned against a rocky outcropping overshadowing the steps leading up the Dark Temple. “I’ve seen better circus acts!”
“According to the holofeeds and cameras I’ve managed to slice, it’s definitely the red Twi’lek.”
“Sith,” Waresh nodded. “Powerful one too, if rumors are to be believed.”
“With him, no doubt,” Mako agreed. “Remember we’re only supposed to detain him, not kill him.”
“No promises,” Waresh quipped.
“Tell me again,” Gault interjected, his voice grating on both Waresh and Mako. The pair still questioned their lunacy in letting the despicable, wily, creature live. “Why we’re hunting down one of the most powerful Sith Apprentices in the galaxy?”
“Because the pay is good?” Mako retaliated.
“I’ve killed stronger Jedi,” Waresh shrugged.
“You’re both suicidal, I’ll give you that,” Gault rubbed his chin. “But there’s money in it, so I’m in.”
Waresh shook his head and continued to monitor the progress of the odd group. He noted the droid break away and glanced at Mako curiously; the young woman shrugged. “No idea,” she whispered.
“Let me at him,” Gault removed his rifle. “One shot. One kill.”
Waresh halted the Devaronian when he witnessed HK explode into action, single-handedly wiping out an entire group of crazed Imperials with practiced ease. Both Gault and Mako paled.
“We’ll leave that one alone,” Waresh informed the two. “Focus on the target. The droid will fall in line once the Sith is contained.”
“I hope you’re right, Hunter,” Gault whispered. “Because if you’re not, we’re all dead.”
“Don’t worry, I’ll protect you,” Waresh assured.
“That’s comforting,” Gault rolled his eyes.
“I wasn’t talking to you,” Waresh replied, gently pulling Mako into a small embrace.
“That really warms my heart,” Gault leaned against the rocky outcropping with a heartfelt sigh. “Sadly, it does nothing to fill my pockets.”


“Just remember, Pipsy,” Ignite knelt down. “Stay behind Khem so the Scary Lady doesn’t see you.”
“Pipsy be good! Make boss happy!” Pipsy gave a thumbs up, clinging to Khem’s leg.
Ignite nodded and entered the tomb dictated by Zash, surprised when the narrow corridor opened up into a vast room with several pillars and a giant stairway leading up to a tomb, opened, where the four pedestals stood; two containing artifacts. Ignite shrugged and placed the remaining two in their places and cleared his throat. Khem took a position further away from the Sith, his eyes watching intently.
Zash lifted her head but did not turn around. “Ah, Apprentice, excellent! You are right on time.” The Sith Lord turned and Ignite blanched.
“Even on the battlefields of Yn and Chabosh I never witnessed such horror,” Khem admitted solemnly.
“Quiet!” Zash shrieked at the Dashade. “Soon you will serve me!”
Khem’s eyes narrowed in agitation.
“You look hideous,” Ignite spat in disgust. “What happened?”
“I’m old, Apprentice,” Zash winked; the action was sickening.
“Scary Lady very old! Very very old!” Pipsy pointed.
“You brought that?!” Zash pointed incredulously.
Ignite smirked. “Problem?”
“Not at all, Apprentice,” Zash hissed out the title. “I’m promoting you to Sith Lord, effective immediately.”
“Finally!” Ignite laughed.
“Too bad you won’t be able to enjoy it, seeing as how I’m going to take your body.”
The Twi’lek paused. “What?”
Zash called upon the Force, sending it crashing into the newly appointed Sith Lord, who staggered under its weight and grit his teeth. He could feel Zash’s will imposing on him, threatening to steal his mind, body, and soul. He fought back, but the effort was in vain; aided by the power of Tulak Hord, Zash was unbeatable.
Khem watched, knowing full well what was happening, and rolled his eyes. The Dashade had been a slave to Tulak Hord in his earlier days and, although he’d lived well in the full glory of the great Sith and feasted much, he was forced to admit to himself that Ignite wasn’t that bad of a Master. He looked at the cackling hag and felt an involuntary shiver run up his spine. Nothing would be as bad as that. Sad thing was, however, Khem knew that if jumped into the fray he’d have to share his own body with the hag. Not that that bothered the Dashade entirely; he loved a good challenge and the chance to impose his will on something for once. A shivering at his leg caused him to look down and a grin split his face.
Pipsy squeaked when she felt the Dashade grab her by the robes and toss her between the two Sith. Pipsy landed and there was a flash of light. Khem removed his vibrosword and cut the defenseless body of Zash in half, watching as it fell to the floor and turned to ash. Ignite blinked several times and felt his body, realizing he was still in full control.
“Thanks,” he breathed at Khem.
The Dashade nodded.
“You knew, eh?” Ignite chuckled.
Again the Dashade nodded.
“Guess I’m not as bad as the hag?”
“No,” Khem shook his head.
“You’re free, buddy,” Ignite gave the Dashade a pat on his shoulder. “You’ve earned it.”
“I will follow you, little Sith. Your mannerisms remind me of Tulak Hord. For now, I am still your slave.”
Ignite paused and eyed the Dashade for signs of deception. After a minute of silence he was satisfied. “No. You’re my friend.”
Pipsy whirled on the two and stamped her foot, babbling in something Ignite didn’t understand. She threw her head back and let loose what sounded like a Jawa’s evil cackle.
“The witch has realized the Pipsqueak is connected to the Force,” Khem gestured.
Ignite blinked. “She’s in my Jawa?”
“Can we get her out?”
“I am not sure, Master.”
Ignite frowned when he noted Pipsy, or Zash, raise her hands. The Sith Lord felt the Force ruffle around him and his robes moved slightly by a passing gust of wind.
“Yeah…” Ignite trailed off. “I haven’t taught Pipsy how to control the Force quite yet, Zash.”
Pipsy stomped her foot.
“Okay, time for time-out,” Ignite muttered, snapping his fingers. Khem hefted the possessed Jawa by the collar and followed his Master out of the tomb. “HK is going to have a field day with this,” Ignite muttered, reaching up to his ear to contact the droid. There was static on the line for a brief second. “HK.” Ignite winced when he heard the dying scream of a man blaring in his ear.
Query: Yes, Master?
“Having fun?”
Amused Acknowledgement: Yes, Master.
“We have a—complication.”
Intrigued Inquiry: Can you elaborate, Master?
“The Pipsqueak is possessed.”
There was silence on the other end of the com. Finally, HK spoke. Remorseful Realization: This unit cannot laugh because I have no programming to assist me.
“Pipsy can install that, you know,” Ignite informed hopefully.
Emphatic Statement: We must repair the Pipsqueak at once.
“He’s really easy to manipulate,” Ignite whispered to Khem.
Agitated Retort: I heard that, Master.
Ignite winced.
Assurance: But this unit still wishes to fix the Pipsqueak.
“Well that’s awfully nice of you—“ Ignite was cut off.
Interruption: So I can liquidate her.
Ignite smacked his forehead. “Always a catch…”

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09.12.2013 , 04:33 AM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by Naweth View Post
Correction: Meatbag Readers.


Waresh halted the Devaronian when he witnessed HK explode into action, single-handedly wiping out an entire group of crazed Imperials with practiced ease. Both Gault and Mako paled.
“We’ll leave that one alone,” Waresh informed the two. “Focus on the target. The droid will fall in line once the Sith is contained.”


“That really warms my heart,” Gault leaned against the rocky outcropping with a heartfelt sigh. “Sadly, it does nothing to fill my pockets.”


Pipsy whirled on the two and stamped her foot, babbling in something Ignite didn’t understand. She threw her head back and let loose what sounded like a Jawa’s evil cackle.
“The witch has realized the Pipsqueak is connected to the Force,” Khem gestured.
Ignite blinked. “She’s in my Jawa?”
“Can we get her out?”
“I am not sure, Master.”
Ignite frowned when he noted Pipsy, or Zash, raise her hands. The Sith Lord felt the Force ruffle around him and his robes moved slightly by a passing gust of wind.
“Yeah…” Ignite trailed off. “I haven’t taught Pipsy how to control the Force quite yet, Zash.”
Pipsy stomped her foot.
“Okay, time for time-out,” Ignite muttered, snapping his fingers. Khem hefted the possessed Jawa by the collar and followed his Master out of the tomb. “HK is going to have a field day with this,” Ignite muttered, reaching up to his ear to contact the droid. There was static on the line for a brief second. “HK.” Ignite winced when he heard the dying scream of a man blaring in his ear.
Query: Yes, Master?
“Having fun?”
Amused Acknowledgement: Yes, Master.
“We have a—complication.”
Intrigued Inquiry: Can you elaborate, Master?
“The Pipsqueak is possessed.”
There was silence on the other end of the com. Finally, HK spoke. Remorseful Realization: This unit cannot laugh because I have no programming to assist me.
“Pipsy can install that, you know,” Ignite informed hopefully.
Emphatic Statement: We must repair the Pipsqueak at once.
“He’s really easy to manipulate,” Ignite whispered to Khem.
Agitated Retort: I heard that, Master.
Ignite winced.
Assurance: But this unit still wishes to fix the Pipsqueak.
“Well that’s awfully nice of you—“ Ignite was cut off.
Interruption: So I can liquidate her.
Ignite smacked his forehead. “Always a catch…”

Two things:

1) I just spit coffee all over my laptop LMAO.
2) How do they get Zash out of Pipsy?

Also... the fact that the crew of the greatest Hunter in the galaxy basically shat themselves when they saw HK in action is freaking hilarious.
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12.11.2013 , 01:34 AM | #27
Statement: This unit is most baffled by the Master’s lack of writing of my most excellent accomplishments and adventures. Solution: This unit has decided that he shall detail events in the Master’s stead. Warning: There will be multiple spoilers ahead, Meatbags. You have been warned!
Continuation: Chapter Four: HK Saves the Day…
“Hey, hey! What are you doing, HK?!”
Indignant Response: Completing your unfinished work, Master!
“I told you I was doing research to make the plot even more epic!”
Retort: Master, this unit has watched you play this SWTOR for far too long! You have become far too engrossed!
“Says the droid who can’t stop assassinating people.”
Proud Acknowledgement: This unit has been programmed to—
“I’m aware. You’re not taking my story, HK! If you want me to keep writing all you have to do is ask!”

“You’re not gonna ask, are you?”
Reply: No.
“Hmph. Fine.”
Query: Shall I inform the Meatbags of your return?
“Readers, HK. They are Readers.”
Clarification: Meatbag Readers

Sorry folks. I’ve been playing other alts in TOR, had to move, blah blah; boring stuff no one cares about. At any rate I’ve completed the JC and am almost done with the JK stories and I’ve figured some interesting ways to bring em in on the action!

With that being said I shall still attempt to warn you of potential spoilers; but know that nearly everything is going to be twisted and spoiled now. In honor of that claim know that there are potential Consular / Bounty Hunter spoilers and, as always, Sith Inquisitor spoilers in the upcoming chapter.

As a final note please understand that, having been away for a while, the author’s tone/voice may change slightly. For that I greatly apologize, as it is something that bothers me when I read. I’ll try and take care of it as swiftly as possible!

Again, thank you for reading and for being patient. Now back to the action!
“HK, you want to do the honors?”
Admission: Yes, Master. Statement: Chapter Four: HK Saves the Day

“That’s the title you want?”
Stiff Retort: Yes.
“Okay, okay. We’ll go with it.”

Chapter Four: HK Saves the Day

Pipsy-Zash squealed and scrambled to get out of Khem’s all-mighty grasp resulting in the Dashade rapidly losing patience and Ignite’s paramount frustrations tripling.
“For the love of the Emperor be quiet, Zash!” Ignite barked over his shoulder, feeling his heart pang when he saw his precious Jawa still possessed. “I don’t like it any more than you do!”
Pipsy cackled.
“Just a little further…” Ignite muttered, eager to see his droid once more. They exited the Temple to find HK standing at attention, countless bodies littered the courtyard and hillsides.
“A tad excessive, eh HK?” Ignite gestured to the carnage.
Proud Statement: Master I have vastly exceeded your kill count.
“I never told you about Korriban, HK.” Ignite chuckled.
Confused Query: Korriban? HK stiffened and snatched his blaster, whirling and firing three warning shots. Threat: Halt, Meatbags! This unit senses your approach!
Ignite flexed his fingers, eager to unleash some pent up rage. HK stood at the ready, blaster poised, with Khem at his side, the Dashade and Jawa both were staring in the direction HK looked. It didn’t take long for three figures to emerge.
Waresh the Bounty Hunter approached with his hands in clear view, his blasters holstered. Mako walked behind him, trying to keep his body between the dangerous Sith and herself. Gault walked forward with his hands held way in the air, greatly exaggerating his movements so to avoid being fried.
“This was your great plan, Waresh?” Gault hissed under his breath. “Walk in unarmed at their mercy?”
“There’s no way we’d beat him in a fair fight,” Mako insisted with a quaver in her voice. “Can’t you feel the power emanating from him?”
“He’s mad,” Waresh noted, his voice obscured by the Mandalorian helm he wore. “Don’t make any sudden moves.”
“I could’ve ended this earlier!” Gault persisted. “One shot!”
“Not the best time to be talking about that,” Mako sighed.
“The droid would have detected you,” Waresh agreed.
Boast: This unit has been observing you Meatbags upon my Master’s arrival at this location. Genuine Query: Were you impressed by this unit’s assassination protocols?
Gault fell on his knees and slammed his face to the ground. “Oh, yes! Master Droid! Please do not kill us!”
HK turned to regard Ignite. Statement: I like this Meatbag, Master.
Ignite rolled his eyes. “Look, I really don’t have the patience for this right now,” he growled. Gault was on his feet in an instant.
“Sorry, My Lord, or whatever it is I call you. All-powerful Sith. Most grac—“ Mako clamped a hand over Gault’s mouth.
“Would you shut up?!” She shrieked.
“Took the words right out of my mouth,” Ignite smirked slightly.
“Waresh, Champion of the Great Hunt,” the Bounty Hunter inclined his head in respect. Ignite nodded as well, folding his arms. “We came to deliver a message.”
“Oh?” Ignite raised an eyebrow.
Waresh whipped out his blasters faster than Mako thought possible, aiming one at the Sith and one at Pipsy. Surprisingly HK did not fire. Ignite turned to his droid, thoroughly puzzled.
Assurance: This unit detected no ill intent, Master. There was no need to liquidate the Meatbag.
“He’s holding a blaster at me,” Ignite gestured to Waresh.
Correction: He is holding a blaster at the Pipsqueak, Master.
“Oh for the love of!” Ignite threw his hands in the air. “I don’t have time for this!” The Twi’lek jammed his finger at Waresh. “My Jawa is possessed. My droid is mutinous. I can hear the Dashade’s stomach growling after he had a freaking col—“
“DO NOT mention that, Little Sith!” Khem growled.
“And my Pirate is Emperor knows where!” Ignite roared. “I’ve had it! Everything within a one mile radius is about to die!”
“I wouldn’t recommend that,” Waresh remained impassive. “I know that Jawa is important to you. You may fry me and my companions, but I’ll make sure she dies.”
Ignite twitched. HK lowered his blaster.
“What are you doing, HK?”
Reply: This Meatbag wishes to liquidate the Pipsqueak.
“Yeah, and you’re not going to let him do that, HK.”
Query: Why not, Master?
“Because YOU want to liquidate the Pipsqueak.”
HK’s blaster was at the ready in a heartbeat. Statement: As always you are quite correct, Master. This unit is greatly pleased you reminded him of such an important fact!
“What do you want, Hunter?” Ignite spat.
“I was given a job to track you down and deliver you to the Emperor,” Waresh informed. “Come peacefully, and we’ll get this over with. Resist and things won’t end well.”
“For you,” Ignite assured.
Waresh shrugged. “I’ve faced worse odds.”
“Well I certainly haven’t,” Gault informed.
“I’m not overtly fond of this plan,” Mako piped up.
Waresh didn’t flinch. “Trust me.”
“If I agree to this,” Ignite couldn’t believe he was even contemplating it. “Then I demand I be allowed to take my ship.”
“Only if we’re on it,” Waresh nodded.
“Yeah,” Ignite sighed. “No. HK! Weapons free!”
Statement: Prepare for liquidation, Meatbags! The Droid prepared to fire when all hell broke loose. Pipsy-Zash broke free of Khem’s grasp and bumped into HK, hitting a panel on his shin which caused his arm (gun attached) to go sailing at Waresh and company.
Mako squeaked and ducked; Gault caught the gun with his face. Waresh fired both blasters. The first bolt hit Khem in the chest, sending the Dashade into a rage; Khem howled and charged, intent on feasting well. The second bolt was deflected by Ignite who had long ignited his lightsaber, prepared to slice the Hunter in half. Waresh continued to fire while backing up. He tripped over Gault who grabbed HK’s hand and aimed it at the Sith.
“Halt! I’ve got a weapon!”
HK glared. Threat: Return my weapon and hand, Meatbag, or face liquidation!
Gault paused. “That’s got to be the most ridiculous request I’ve ever heard.”
Ignite snarled and slashed his lightsaber at the Devaronian. It was parried by a vibro-sword Waresh extended in the nick of time.
“Move,” he grunted against the Sith’s strength.
“On it,” Gault relinquished his weapon and grabbed Mako. “Let’s go, Princess!”
“I’m not a Prin—“
Disgusted Observation: Master, the Meatbags are escaping!
“I’m aware!” Ignite roared, falling into a Soresu stance to counter the Hunter’s vicious offensive. The Sith found himself impressed at Waresh’s prowess with a blade. “Khem! After them!”
The Dashade roared and gave chase. HK watched him go before slamming his face into his other arm, retracting his hand.
Self Notation: Liquidate the Pipsqueak immediately. HK cocked his head to the side. Query: Master, where is the Pipsqueak.
“I can tell you where she BETTER be!” Ignite snarled.
Acknowledgement: Noted, Master. The droid took a step forward to begin his search before smoke erupted throughout the entire area. Assurance: I will liquidate that Pipsqueak.
Ignite coughed and continued to fight; easily seeing through the smoke with the Force. His advantage now gone, Waresh ignited his jetpack and fled the area, easily catching up to his two companions and leading the way to safety.
Ignite emerged from the smoke with HK seconds later, noting the absence of the Hunter. He saw Khem walking back with Pipsy tucked under his arm.
“Thanks,” the Sith nodded at his friend. Khem grunted.
“They escaped, Master. Even on the battlefields of Yn and Chabosh I have never seen such chaos.”
“Certainly wasn’t our most glorious moment,” Ignite admitted. “We’ll keep this one to ourselves; no need for Andro to hear about it.”
“Agreed,” Khem intoned.
Both looked to HK.
Statement: Agreed.
“Now let’s get back to the ship and figure out this Zash issue,” Ignite took one step before noticing a figure approaching. “Not another one,” he sighed.
Warning: Master, the approaching Meatbag is very powerful.
“They would make a fine meal,” Khem noted.
“Not good,” Ignite felt a tremor in the force. “Thanaton.”
Ignite grabbed at the comlink in his ear. “Andro,” he called.
“Yep?” The Pirate responded immediately.
“We need evac. Stat.” Ignite said. “No questions. All haste.”
“On it,” Andro cut the connection.
“Stall,” Ignite held out his hands to both of his companions. He looked over to see Pipsy subdued and scrambling to hide behind the Dashade. “Definitely stall.”
Query: Shall I restrain from threats, Master?
“Do you value your core?”
HK stiffened. Indignant Retort: How can you threaten this superior mod—
“I wasn’t speaking of me, HK.”
Relieved Reply: Understood, Master.
There was another tremor in the Force and Lord Kallig stood before the Sith and his companions.
“Flesh of my flesh,” Kallig began. “There is little time. The approaching Sith wishes you harm.”
“No sh—“ Ignite’s reply was cut off by his ship roaring overhead. Andro skillfully placed it down; Khem and Pipsy-Zash were first on the ramp followed by HK. Ignite went last, Kallig following. The Sith turned to regard Thanatos whom had paused, his hands behind his back.
“Lets go, Andro,” Ignite called into his comlink. The ship immediately took off, halting a few feet from the ground. Ignite grasped the railing, nearly falling to the ground.
“Something’s holding us!” Andro called to Ignite.
Ignite growled and looked at Kallig. “A little help?!”
“You disappoint me, flesh of my flesh.”
“If you’re not going to say or do anything worthwhile, please, by all means, go away,” Ignite shooed the ghost off before closing his eyes and drawing on his own well of power. “The moment the ship is free, punch it,” Ignite called to Andronikus through the comlink.
The newly crowned Sith Lord drew deeply upon the Force before unleashing it in a great torrent of lightning. Thanatos was forced to counter, breaking his hold on the ship which lurched free. Ignite kept the stream up until they were a sufficient distance away. The Sith entered his ship to see everyone looking at him questioningly, even two-vee was silent.
Ignite turned to the ghost of Kallig. “I take it you’re going to give me some information?”
“Why, flesh of my flesh,” Kallig placed his arms behind his back. “I thought you’d never ask.”


“What exactly happened back there?” Mako demanded of Waresh now that they were safe on their own ship in orbit around Dromund Kaas.
“We missed our mark,” Waresh remained impassive.
“You threatened to sacrifice our lives!” Mako pointed. “I didn’t sign on for that!”
“Nor did I,” Gault quipped.
“Shut up,” Mako commanded. “You don’t get to make decisions that violate my safety!”
“You wanted to come, Mako,” Waresh’s eyes flashed dangerously. “I handled that situation to the best of my ability. The droid knew we were there; I could sense it in my gut. We’re alive. Getting mad does nothing about the fact that we missed our mark.”
Those words struck a chord in the girl and she paused her berating momentarily. He was right, after all, she had to admit. They were alive and they’d failed a direct order from the most powerful being in the galaxy.
“Sorry,” she muttered.
“It’s fine,” Waresh shrugged. “Now what are we going to do?”
Mako shook her head. “I don’t know. Tracking him down again will be troublesome; especially now that he knows we’re after him.”
“If only we had some friends,” Gault sighed. “I thought we were in this for the money, not how many ways can one die!”
“We’ll get the money,” Waresh assured.
“Friends!” Mako cried in joy. “That’s it!” She bolted to the holoterminal and began rapidly typing.
“You guys don’t have friends,” Gault reminded the pair. “Well, apart from myself.”
The holoterminal flickered and a Trandoshian appeared. “Hiya, Qyzen. How are you doing?”
“Soft thing calls. Why? Debt has been repaid.”
“You’re calling a guy with one eye?” Gault gestured in disbelief.
Waresh held his hand out for silence.
“Shutting up,” Gault leaned back against the wall.
“You remember when you introduced that Herald of the Scorekeeper to me?” She questioned sweetly.
“Yes, Herald is with Qyzen at the moment,” the Trandoshian nodded. “Why does soft thing ask?”
“Don’t suppose we could talk to him?”

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Warning: Spoilers across the board!

Cipher Agent Nine, Sneaks, surveyed the carnage that was House Cortess on Alderaan with a mixture of disgust and admiration. Clearly it was an army that marched through here, laying waste to all that once stood tall and proud. At least that’s what one would think, Sneaks reasoned inwardly, upon observation of the destruction; however Vector had arrived and informed the Agent otherwise.
“I preferred it my way,” Sneaks muttered after hearing Vector recount his story a third time. The Rattataki shook his head in disbelief and walked through the mass of Killiks rapidly building a new nest in the ruins.
“Hey,” a feminine voice called from behind the Agent. “What does a gal do for fun around here?”
“She shuts up,” Sneaks called over his shoulder as he removed his portable holo from an inner coat pocket.
Kaliyo shrugged. “Bad day, Agent?”
“Our only outlet to finding the Eagle’s cell on Alderaan is in a smoking heap. I’m a tad agitated at the moment.”
“There are ways to relieve that, you know,” Kaliyo nudged the Agent with her elbow.
Sneaks rolled his eyes. “We’re not murdering anyone right now.”
“Suit yourself,” she folded her arms and watched Sneaks call Watcher One.
“Cipher Nine,” Watcher One flickered into view. Kaliyo wondered why Sneaks even bothered listening to the decrepit old man. “Report.”
“You won’t believe this…” Sneaks sighed.
When the Agent was done Watcher One found himself quite baffled. “That is a most interesting tale. You are sure Vector is not deceiving you?”
Sneaks looked around once more. “I don’t think a nest of Killiks could make this up, Watcher.”
“Very well. Then we must explore more avenues. I shall brief you shortly; stand by for further orders.”
“Roger,” Sneaks turned off the holo.
“Well that was interesting,” Kaliyo raised an eyebrow. “What do you make of that?”
Sneaks shrugged.


“I CANNOT BREAK HIM!” Darth Baras roared, shoveling another donut into his mouth as he eyed the Republic spy his apprentice had captured. The hulking man before the Darth, Naweth, raised an eyebrow in confusion.
“Perhaps if you shot lightning at him instead of eating…” Vette piped up from behind Naweth.
“What was that?” Barus turned his attention to the Twi’lek.
“Nothing,” Naweth calmly intoned, skillfully blocking Baras’s view of Vette. “I have told you, Master, that I have felt a disturbance in the Force on Tatooine that must be dealt with.”
Barus ate shoveled another donut into his mouth. “My network of spies, carefully planted, is under siege, Apprentice! I have no time for your feelings!”
“And if it has something to do with the reason your network is failing?”
Baras prepared a scathing retort when the holoterminal behind Naweth flickered to life. The Darth stood and brushed the crumbs from his robes, replacing his mask before heading over to the terminal where Watcher One waited.
“Oh,” Baras folded his arms behind his back. “What can I do for Imperial Intelligence, Watcher?”
“There has been a complication on Alderaan,” the Watcher spoke. “We are unable to stop the terror cell from reaching its goals.”
“You are quite aware that everything will go as Jadus planned, then?” Baras questioned.
“Unless we do something drastic, yes,” Watcher One replied. “Which is why I’ve called you. This Sith who caused all of this chaos must pay.”
“Zash’s Apprentice,” Baras nodded. “My spies tell me she is no more. Thanaton has a bounty on the Sith’s head. Why bother me about him?”
“Because we need him to stop Jadus.”
“Ah,” Baras nodded sagely. “You have not forgotten our deal?”
“Very well. I shall acquire him then.” Baras waved his hand and the transmission cut. He turned to his Apprentice and his Twi’lek slave, strangely free of her shock collar. “There will be time for questions later,” Baras informed. “A favor has been called in and I intend to deliver.”
Naweth raised an eyebrow.
“You will capture this Sith Lord, Ignite, and bring him to me for questioning. Should you find the time feel free to investigate your feelings on Tatooine. Go.”
Naweth nodded. “As you command.”
“Now where were we?” Baras turned to the spy. “Oh, yes!” Lightning forked from his hands into the man who screamed in agony.
“I think I’m gonna be sick,” Vette whispered.
“Don’t look,” Naweth guided her away. “And try to not antagonize the boss next time.”
Once they were clear of Baras’s quarters Vette lightened significantly. She whirled on Naweth and held her hands up like they were claws. “Alright! Back to Sith business! Grrrr!”


“What’s going on, Mako?” Waresh questioned the girl while they waited for Qyzen to acquire the Herald of the Scorekeeper.
“That Herald he keeps going on about is actually the Barsen’thor of the Jedi Order,” Mako informed. “The third one in history, to be exact.”
“The what now?” Gault questioned.
“He’s basically a paragon of wisdom and Jedi-ness,” Mako shrugged.
“And we’re calling him why?” Gault persisted.
“Because we need all the help we can get,” Waresh turned to the Devaronian. “Have the Jedi do all the hard work, knife him in the back, move along.”
“I heard that,” a voice said from the holoterminal. Mako smacked her forehead and all three turned. There was a clatter behind the two which drew their gaze: Gault had fainted.
“You’re the Barsen’thor?” Waresh questioned, clearly impressed.
“I am,” the Jedi, if you could call what was on the terminal that, replied.
“You look like a Sith,” Waresh noted.
It was true. The Barsen’thor did indeed look akin to a Sith; wearing a replica set of Revan’s robes and the disturbing visage of the mask of Nihilus.
“My name is Putridous,” the Jedi informed. “My appearance is of no concern to you. It does well to fool fellow Sith when they meet me.”
Waresh removed his helm, revealing the face of a battle-hardened young man with black hair and grey eyes. “I am Waresh, Champion of the Great Hunt.”
“I remember you,” Putridous gestured to Mako. “From when Qyzen spoke to you.”
“Y-yes,” Mako nodded. “You weren’t quite as intimidating back then.”
“Things change,” Putridous shrugged.
“I have a proposition for you, Jedi,” Waresh informed.
“Stabbing me in the back?” Putridous quipped.
“Aren’t Jedi supposed to be emotionless?” Waresh retaliated.
“Aren’t Bounty Hunters supposed to have honor?”
“He’s got you there,” Mako smirked.


“Before you begin,” Ignite halted Lord Kallig’s Ghost. “Let me un-possess my Jawa.”
“Why the speedy exit, boss?” Andronikus questioned, ignoring the fact that Pipsy-Zash, now free of Khem’s grasp, had grabbed one of his blasters. If the Jawa wanted to improve them he wasn’t going to argue. “And you’re doing what with the Jawa?”
“Master being in your presence warms my circuits!” Two-vee spoke up in his upbeat tone. “It reminds me I’m still functioning.”
The blaster in Pipsy’s hands discharged, sending the droid flying across the ship in several pieces. Pipsy-Zash let loose a Jawa cackle and readied the blaster for another shot before halting. There was a momentary pause before the Jawa plopped down on the deck and began disassembling the blaster.
Ignite looked over at the smoking wreckage of two-vee and sighed.
Declaration: The inferior model is finally no more.
“Guess who gets to clean the ship now?” Ignite turned his gaze to the droid.
Emphatic Statement: The inferior model must be repaired immediately.
Pipsy stood up and stamped her foot, holding her hands out and calling upon the Force; Ignite’s robes rustled slightly.
“The Witch is taking control,” Khem rumbled as he walked over to two-vee and began gathering the pieces. “I will repair the droid.”
“I better help him,” Andronikus mumbled, grabbing his blaster components and shaking his head.
“Any idea how to free this thing?” Ignite gestured to his Jawa.
Lord Kallig folded his arms and remained silent.
Speculation: Perhaps the Imprisoned One can aid us, Master.
“Ah the Rakatan Prison,” Ignite nodded to himself. “Guess we can give it a try.” He hoisted Pipsy up by the collar.
“Boss!” Pipsy flapped her arms. “Pipsy fix Pipsy!”
“We’re working on that,” ignite smirked as he followed HK to the cargo hold. The droid acquired the Rakatan artifact and activated it. Soon a holo-image of the Imprisoned One flickered to life.
“We are Rakata,” it intoned.
“Yeah,” Ignite interrupted the Rakata. “If you don’t want me to jettison you out of the airlock you’re going to suck the non-Jawa entity out of my Jawa and let it join you in there. I’m sure you’re lonely.”
The Rakata blinked.
Advisory Statement: The Imprisoned One should accept this most gracious offer. Master will not be so generous if he is forced to make another statement.
“Is the slave female?” The Rakata queried.
Ignite grinned. “Yes, and very attractive.”
“We accept,” the Rakata held out his hand and the prison began to glow. Ignite held Pipsy out and the Jawa jabbered and squirmed until she too began to glow. After several minutes Pipsy went still and the glow faded.
“Well?” Ignite questioned.
Zash flickered to life on the holo-image. “How DARE you, Apprentice!” She shrieked. “You’ve ruined everything!”
“Boss!” Pipsy pointed. “Scary lady!”
Ignite pumped his fist. “HK, if you’ll do the honors.”
Bemused Observation: Master, this unit humbly requests the Imprisoned One be renamed to Imprisoned Two.
Ignite chuckled. “Very well.”
Informative Statement: This most efficient unit will deactivate you now, Imprisoned Two. Master shall call upon you when he sees fit. The droid returned the Rakatan Prison to its dormant state and placed it in the back of the ship.
Threat: The Pipsqueak will cease tinkering with objects on the Restricted List or face liquidation.
“Restricted List?” Ignite raised an eyebrow.
“Pipsy know! Pipsy be good!” Pipsy promised before bouncing off.
Hopeful Query: Master, can I liquidate the Pipsqueak now?
Ignite sighed. “Some things never change.”
“Scary ghost!” Pipsy babbled. “Pipsy fix!”
“Not good,” ignite bolted from the room.
Self-Assuring Declaration: This unit shall one day liquidate the Pipsqueak.

Andronikus and Khem sat in the med bay repairing two-vee when they heard Pipsy call out, “Scary ghost!”
“Pipsy! No!” Ignite roared. “HK!”
Threat: The Pipsqueak will cease hostilities against the ghost or face liquidation!
“Not helping, HK!”
“Pipsy fix!”
“Want to go see what all the commotion is about?”
There was the sound of blaster fire. “HK! What the---“
“No,” Khem rumbled, tearing two-vee’s arm in half while attempting to restore it to the chasis.
“You might want to,” Andronikus looked up to see Khem drooling. “Never mind,” he shook his head.
Observation: The Pipsqueak has somehow managed to tamper with my assassination protocols, Master.
“Well get them under control!” Ignite shouted. “If I have to block another blaster bolt I’m gonna---“
“Some things never change,” Andronikus shook his head.
“Even on the Battlefields of Yn and Chabosh I never heard such ruckus,” Khem grumbled.
The Pirate looked up at his fellow crew mate. “What exactly happened on the Battlefields of Yn and Chabosh?”
Khem blinked.


Inside the Rakatan Prison the Imprisoned One rubbed his hands together when he saw his new slave weeping on the ground. He knelt down and grabbed her by the shoulder, causing her to turn around. The Rakata blinked.
"We have been deceived."
Zash screamed and fainted.
The Imprisoned One sighed. "It was going to be a long eternity."

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Spoilers across the board!

“Flesh of my flesh you are not yet strong enough to face your new foe,” Lord Kallig informed after the initial chaos involving Pipsy subsided. The Jawa was helping Andronikus and Khem repair 2V, leaving HK and Ignite with the ghost.
Offended Retort: Do not doubt my Master’s abilities, Ghostbag.
“Ghostbag?” Ignite turned to his droid.
Statement: There are not bodily fluids in the Ghost, master .Therefore I have dubbed it Ghostbag.
The Sith Lord shrugged, “Fair enough.”
“As I was saying,” Kallig continued. “You need a way to obtain more power. There is an ancient ritual that can give power rapidly.”
“Well that’s good,” Ignite nodded.
“However you must return to Dromund Kaas to learn it.”
Ignite sighed and threw his hands up in the air. “Can’t anything ever go our way?”
Epiphany: Master, this calls for a stealth mission.
Ignite groaned. “HK last time we tried that we had to fight an army of angry Colicoids!” He still had nightmares of Balmorra.
Defensive Interjection: That was a miscalculation on my part, Master. The Colicoid spit…
“You never got spat on by a Colicoid!” Ignite jabbed a finger at his droid.
HK bristled. Indignant Argument: This unit clearly remembers his photoreceptors not registering the piece of metal which gave away our position.
“That piece of metal was a six foot wide pipe,” Ignite reminded flatly.
Dismissal: Details, Master.
“In the Dark Temple you will find your answers,” Kallig finished, vanishing into thin air.
Ignite thought in silence for a moment as HK stood at attention, his red eyes scanning his Master. Finally, the Sith Lord spoke, “So, stealth mission?”
If HK could smile, he would have. Reply: Yes, Master.
The two returned to the holoterminal room to find Khem and Andronikus emerging with a now walking 2V. The Sith Lord did well to hide is pleasure at seeing his protocol droid functioning once more. Pipsy appeared from behind Khem’s legs and tugged at Ignite’s robes.
“Boss! Pipsy fix nice droid!”
“Jawa can splice wires faster than I thought possible,” Andronikus admitted.
“Even on the battlefields of Yn and Chabosh I have not seen such dexterity,” Khem rumbled. “Not since the days of Tulak Hord.”
Acknowledgment: Greetings, Master. You are looking fit and deadly, as always!
Ignite raised an eyebrow at his protocol droid. “Two-vee?”
Amused Observation: It seems the Pipsqueak has tampered with the inferior model’s speech patterns.
Threat: If you wish to continue functioning, HK, you will no longer refer to me in that manner.
HK whipped his blaster from his shoulder, flicking the safety off. Counter-Threat: Prepare for dismantling, inferior model.
2V looked around and snatched Pipsy with both hands. Ominous Statement: Do not make me unleash this creature.
HK scoffed. Nonchalance: The Pipsqueak can no longer harm me. I have prepared for every conceivable hostility the Pipsqueak can perform.
Pipsy reached into her robes and whipped out a screwdriver, prying open HK’s chassis.
Threat: The Pipsqueak will cease hostilities at once or be jettisoned out of the nearest airlock.
Amused Retort: The HK model shows its incompetence in calculations.
Confused Query: Master, how should this unit proceed with this blatant display of hostile disrespect?
Ignite choked back a laugh and folded his arms. “You figure it out, HK.”
Hopeful Question: Weapons free?
“Nope,” Ignite shook his head. “Don’t forget we have a stealth mission to perform.”
HK turned his gaze to 2V once more. Assurance: This unit shall terminate you later, inferior model.
2V made a very rude arm gesture before dropping Pipsy and moving to clean the ship.
“Well that was interesting,” Andronikus nudged Khem.
“Master spoke of a stealth mission,” Khem rumbled. “I suppose I will not be going. Yet I hunger.”
“Pazaak?” The Pirate questioned hopefully.
“Very well,” Khem nodded.
“I suppose we could land above the Dark Temple,” Ignite rubbed his chin in thought. “They’ll never expect a full frontal assault.”
Statement: Such blatant disregard for stealth on a stealth mission will surely confuse the Meatbags, Master. It warms my core to know that you will be taking me on this mission and not the Pipsqueak.
Ignite chuckled. “Yes, Pipsy would be a bit loud on a stealth mission, huh?”
Emphatic Agreement: Yes, Master.
“I suppose Khem and Andro can handle her while we’re gone.”
Input: Along with the inferior model, Master.
“Oh no,” Ignite bit his lower lip to keep from laughing. “2V is going with us.”
Explicative: ****


“Correct me if I’m wrong,” Gault looked around cautiously, “but this isn’t where Darth Jedi told us to meet.”
“Just because he was in a disconcerting outfit does not make him a bad guy,” Mako frowned. “Why are we on the Imperial Fleet, War?”
The Bounty Hunter held up a purple ticket. “Backup,” he said flatly.
“The Barsen’thor isn’t enough?” Mako questioned politely.
“I’m not up for taking any chances,” Waresh shrugged as they entered the Cartel Bazaar area. A golden protocol droid awaited them and took the purple ticket.
“Greetings and salutations, most feared Bounty Hunter! My client looks forward to working directly for you. She has done many great things, most notably saving a group of orphans from a tyrannical Sith Lord and single-handedly taking over a star destroyer.
“Tough guy,” Waresh nodded. “Star Destroyer combat is rough stuff. Close quarters; a wrong shot will shoot an entire cabin into space.”
“A fact my client used to her advantage,” the droid nodded.
“Her?” Mako raised an eyebrow.
“Don’t worry,” Waresh whispered. “My heart still belongs to you.”
“Cute,” Gault quipped. “Ow!” He rubbed his arm where Mako had punched him.
“Here she comes now,” the droid was unperturbed by their antics. The three turned to see the bay doors open but no figure could be seen through the crowd of people.”
“Maybe she got stage fright?” Gault folded his arms and smirked.
Suddenly the group of people started disappearing. One woman screamed and fell to the ground; a man bent over at the waist. Two people went launching from the group in different directions. Finally a blaster fired and they scattered.
“I like her already,” Waresh nodded his approval. His eyes widened behind his helm when he noted an Ewok approaching. Mako hid her smile behind her hand, her eyes shining in adoration. Gault laughed.
“An Ewok?” He slapped his thigh. “This is your backup!”
The Ewok gave the Devaronian a spare glance before walking over and punching him square in the jewels. Gault gave an eep before collapsing in a ball on the ground.
“I really like her,” Waresh nodded.
“I am Treek,” the Ewok informed. “You are Chief. I will fight for you. May our enemies fear our approach as we carve our legacy in the stars.”
“You’re hired,” Waresh shook Treek’s hand. “Let’s go, guys.”
“Coming,” Gault wheezed.
Mako let loose a squeal of delight and gathered the Ewok in her arms. “She’s so CUTE! Finally! Another girl to talk to!”


“My lord,” Malavai Quinn bowed low at Naweth’s return to the ship. “The engines are prepped and ready for launch upon your command.”
“Just Naweth, Quinn,” the Sith smiled. “Good work having the ship ready.”
“Yeah, Captain Uptight,” Vette giggled. “You want to shine my shoes too?”
Quinn stiffened. “I’d rather die,” he seethed. “Permission to speak freely, my lord.”
“Naweth, Quinn,” Naweth nodded. “Granted.”
“Why do you allow this slave to run unchained and unrestricted?” He gestured to Vette who bristled and opened her mouth to retort. “You must have control and fear to command respect.”
Naweth’s eyes narrowed, causing Quinn to swallow and contemplate if he had overstepped his bounds. “Captain, Vette is not a slave. She is our crewmate and shall be treated as such; am I clear?”
“Crystal, my lord,” Quinn nodded emphatically. “My apologies.”
“None needed,” Naweth waved as he left to his quarters, “although you may want to apologize to Vette.”
Quinn’s expression fell and Vette, sensing her victory, strutted past the Captain, flipping her lekku at him. “You need to relax, Quinny-poo.”
“I will do no such thing,” Quinn did not look at the infuriating Twi’lek.
“Haven’t you realized it yet?” Vette questioned.
“That you are insufferable?”
“That our Sith friend isn’t very Sithy,” Vette pointed out. “He’s a good man.”
Quinn scoffed. “There are no good Sith,” he protested.
“But there are good men,” Vette smiled sweetly, no longer antagonizing the uptight Captain. “You have the potential to be a good man too, Quinn.” She walked off to her own quarters intent on taking a long shower to wash the presence of Baras from her skin.
Malavai Quinn swallowed and grabbed his datapad, desperately trying to ignore his own shaking hand. The words of Vette stuck with him and gave him pause. He shook his head, and his guilt, before sending the new itinerary to the crew. He heard Vette groan and something hit the wall, bringing a smile to his face.
“I’m not a good man,” he whispered before departing to his room.

Naweth had just finished putting on his pants when Vette barged into his room. The Twi’lek turned a lighter shade of blue before looking away; but not before she took a long hard look at the rock hard muscle of the man’s torso.
“How can I help you, Vette?” Naweth questioned as he pulled a skin tight black shirt over his head.
“I-I just wanted to say thank you,” she stammered, finally composing herself enough to turn around.
“For?” Naweth raised an eyebrow.
“For defending me against Baras,” she hung her head. “I’m sorry. I should watch my mouth more often. Sometimes it just blurts out.”
Naweth chuckled and patted Vette on the shoulder. “No worries,” he whispered. “I like that about you.”
Vette blushed harder.
“And for Quinn,” she whispered, unable to meet his crystal blue eyes.
“The Captain is a good man,” Naweth nodded. “Just misinformed and slightly prejudiced; we’ll fix that.”
“We,” Vette said, testing the word. “We.”
“Come,” Naweth pointedly steered the conversation away from the word, guiding her to the holoterminal room where Quinn was waiting.
“Right on time, my lord,” Quinn never looked up from his datapad.
“We have been tasked with hunting down and capturing the Sith Lord Ignite,” Naweth informed the Captain. “I believe, however, that the disturbance on Tatooine warrants investigation.”
“I shall plot a course immediately,” Quinn saluted and walked off.
“Never takes a break,” Vette muttered. “What do you think we’ll find on Tatooine?” She tried to keep the disappointment and hurt from being brushed off from her voice, but Naweth sensed them. The Sith shrugged and caught Vette’s eyes with his own. “I do not know,” he replied before taking a seat at a table and removing a deck of cards from his pocket. “Pazaak?”
Vette brightened immediately. “Sure!”


Sneaks paced the interior of his ship, biting a nail as he thought about how to process the new information. Jadus was alive and planning to spread terror throughout the Empire through the Eagle and take a spot on the Dark Council.
Then there was the Sith Lord who had cost them the entire op; now being hunted by both Darth Baras’s apprentice and the Champion of the Great Hunt. Ironically enough Sneaks had also been tasked with tracking this Sith down for the sole purpose of recruiting him to stop Darth Jadus.
There was only one problem: he didn’t know where to begin.
“Struggling, Agent?”
“Yeah,” Sneaks rubbed his eyes. “I need more information before we can plan out our strategy.”
“The nest is unable to locate the Sith Lord,” Vector informed. “We apologize, Agent.”
“I could call a friend,” Kaliyo tapped her chin. “Don’t know how much it is going to cost though.”
“Do it,” Sneaks hissed.
Kaliyo shrugged and entered in a number. The holoterminal flickered to life and a man whirled with a charming smile.
“Hello, beautiful!” He said. “To what do I owe this call?”
“Hey, Doc,” Kaliyo said seductively. “I need a favor.”

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“Now remember,” Ignite paced slowly, “no fixing hyperdrives, blasters, lightsabers, or my ship.”
“Pipsy be good!” Pipsy promised.
“No activating scary lady and be sure to listen to Andro and Khem,” Ignite continued.
“Pipsy listen! Boss no want fix?”
“Correct,” Ignite beamed, satisfied the Jawa was comprehending. “Can you two handle her?”
Andronikus and Khem looked at each other and shrugged. “How hard can it be?” The Pirate questioned lightly.
Statement: You have no idea, Meatbag.
Counter-statement: Do not listen to the defective HK model. He can barely handle his own protocols, let alone a Jawa.
Defensive Retort: This unit had spit in his photoreceptors!
“And you two,” Ignite pointed at his droids. “This is a stealth mission. Quiet. Got it?”
Affirmation: Understood, Master.
Request: I require a weapon, Master.
“That is true,” Ignite rubbed his chin. “Maybe you can borrow one of HK’s?”
HK bristled. Vehement Protestation: Master, this Inferior model is not worthy of one of my weapons!
“Oh come now, HK,” Ignite rolled his eyes. “It’s only for a little bit.”
Retort: The inferior model’s chassis was not built for combat.
Insult: And the defective HK model continues to lack productivity.
HK leveled his blaster at two-vee. Threat: This unit will gladly terminate you.
“Play nice,” Ignite ignored the two for the moment, turning to Andronikus. “Are we close?”
“Very,” Andro said, maneuvering the ship to hover above the Dark Temple. “Stealth mode engaged. You’ll be dropping down in front of a tomb.”
“Good enough,” Ignite noted HK had, albeit begrudgingly, relinquished one of his blasters. “Shall we?”
The three exited the ship, leaving Khem, Andronikus and Pipsy alone. Andronikus turned to the Dashade. “Pazaak?”
Khem shrugged. “I hunger.”
“Take that as a yes,” Andronikus produced a deck from his jacket pocket and paused. “Where’s the Jawa?”
There was a crash from Ignite’s room causing Andronikus and Khem to freeze.
“Not good,” the Dashade rumbled.

“Now cull your petty arguing for now,” Ignite lectured his droids harshly at the entrance to the tomb. “We’re going to get in, learn this technique, and get out. Got it?”
The Sith turned around and took two steps when he heard a blaster discharge. There were several clangs and then silence. Ignite whirled on his heel to see 2V-R8 in pieces all around. He raised an eyebrow. “Why did you frag two-vee?”
Lie: This unit did no such thing, Master.
Ignite paused. “You know that you’re telling me you’re lying, yeah?”
Partial Truth: My blaster discharged.
“You thought that liquidating—“
Correction: Terminating.
“Terminating two-vee would solve the arguing problem?”
Honest Reply: With the inferior model terminated there is no longer anything to argue about, Master.
Ignite shrugged. He had a point. “You’re fixing two-vee when we get done.”
HK’s eyes flashed. Acceptance: Very well, Master.
Ignite threw his hands in the air. “Droids,” he muttered in disgust.
The two vanished into the dark of the tomb, unaware of the ship above suddenly appearing from its cloaking devices.

“Oi!” Andronikus shook the Jawa roughly and pointed at the control panel above Ignite’s bed. “What are you doing?!”
“Pipsy fix!” The Jawa said proudly, pointing at a screwdriver in her free hand.
“Boss said no fix!” Andronikus countered.
“Shall I eat the Jawa?” Khem questioned.
“Would you?”
The Dashade paused in thought. “No,” he decided.
Andronikus chucked Pipsy at Khem. “Let me go see what she ruined,” he sighed. The Pirate went to the bridge and paused as he notated the many flashing lights and alarms, currently muted, blaring. He entered a few commands into the primary console and watched as two ships appeared on the holocam.
“Not good,” he muttered. “Khem! We’ve got company!”

“I said STEALTH!” Ignite roared at HK ten minutes later. “How by the sands of Tatooine am I supposed to explain THIS?!” The Sith Lord pointed accusingly at the mountain of corpses; composed of crazed acolytes and Imperial soldiers.
Response: This unit was merely initiating assassination protocols—
“I said STEALTH!” Ignite shouted.
Rebuttal: You’re not being very stealthy, Master.
The Twi’lek threw his hands into the air. “I give up! You’re impossible! Just liquidate everything from here to the next coffin!”
Gleeful Acquiescence: As you command, Master.
Several blasters shots, explosions, and a few grappling hands later the path was clear and Ignite stormed into the crypt, shoving the lid off of the coffin. “If you’re going to teach me this technique awaken from the dead and do it already!”
The corpse shot up and gripped the Sith by the throat. HK was not kind. Seconds later all that remained was a hand which Ignite calmly detached from his throat. The ghost appeared behind the Sith and droid.
“This is how you greet the dead?!” He scolded. “Desecrating my grave?!”
Ignite pointed to himself. “Sith?”
HK pointed at himself. Reply: HK?
“Well I must say I am quite impressed,” the Sith folded his hands behind his back. “What can I do for you?”
“I need to learn some mystical technique to suck the power from the dead,” Ignite waved nonchalantly. “I was told you could teach me.”
“I can indeed teach you!” The ghost flourished grandiosely. “However, it will take many days to…” He trailed off when he heard a beeping noise.
“You gonna get that, HK?”
Query: Yes, Meatbag?
“Two hostiles are landing outside the tomb. Big trouble!” Andronikus informed.
“We’re going to need the short version,” Ignite sighed.
“Well all you really need to do is wave your arms around and channel the Force, sucking the ghost into your body. I should warn you that—Hey! Wait!”
Ignite staggered to his knees, glowing purple. “Yeesh,” he gagged. “Tastes like death!”
Report: Master, we must move with haste.
“Yeah I know,” Ignite forced himself to his feet. “How much time do we have?”
Reply: Thirty seconds.
“Well paint me blue and call me a Chiss,” Ignite muttered.
Informative Reply: That is anatomically impossible, Master.

“Looks like that Bounty Hunter you encountered earlier,” Andronikus noted. “Good thing we’re in stealth mode.”
The Bounty Hunter pointed up at the ship.
“We appear to not be in stealth mode,” Khem narrowed his eyes at the Jawa.
Pipsy gave a thumbs up. “Ship no see! Now Boss see!”
“That second ship looks to be Imperial; and if the holo-net is correct that’s Cipher Nine of II.”
“Imperial Intelligence,” Andronikus squinted. “Is that a Sith with them?”
“Looks to be one,” Khem shrugged.
“Odd to see a Sith with a blue lightsaber,” Andronikus mused aloud. “Should we help them?”
“It would appear the droid did not make it,” Khem pointed at the tomb entrance.
“Egads!” Andronikus exclaimed. “Seems like they got to two-vee and started the party early!”
Ignite and HK appeared moments later and halted midstride. HK leveled his blaster and Ignite activated his lightsaber.
“We’re going to need to do something,” Andronikus looked up at Khem. The Dashade glanced down at Pipsy. “I like the way you think,” Andronikus chuckled.

“I thought you said two hostiles?” Ignite growled at HK.
Confused Response: It would appear more have arrived, Master.
Ignite glanced over at Waresh, what appeared to be a Jedi who wanted to be a Sith, and the pair of Rattataki. “You I remember,” he pointed at Waresh. “What’s a Jedi doing dressed like a Sith?”
“I am Lord Putridous,” the Jedi spoke in an emotionless voice.
“Spare me,” Ignite drawled. “I can smell the Light side of the Force a mile away.”
“Does it smell like roses in the springtime?” Putridous questioned hopefully.
“Actually all I smell right now is death, courtesy of HK.”
Proud reply: Thank you, Master.
Waresh leveled a blaster at Ignite and turned another to the Rattataki pair. They both bristled; the female leveled her own blaster at Waresh and the male at Ignite.
“You are?” Ignite remained at ease.
“Cipher Nine of Imperial Intelligence. You need to come with me for questioning.”
“I’m afraid we need him first,” Waresh informed the Agent.
“Can’t let you do that,” Sneaks sighed.
Ignite opened his mouth to comment when Thanaton appeared from behind the Agents. “Ah, it is good to see you remained for me to destroy you, Ignite.” Two lightsabers and four blasters turned to Thanaton. “Or we could just talk.” The weapons returned to their original targets.
“How did you find me?” Ignite raised an eyebrow.
Thanaton pointed up. “Your ship is in plain view from Kaas City. Furthermore it would appear that your little tryst through the Dark Temple has been plastered all over the holo-net. It would seem your two-vee model droid was set to broadcast and continues to do so.
HK whirled and fired at the spare parts of two-vee.
“Not helping,” Ignite halted the droid.
Realization: The Pipsqueak is responsible, Master. She should be liquidated immediately!
Ignite smacked his forehead.
Thanaton prepared to continue his monologue when the bushes rustled and a man came stumbling free equipped with several medical probes and devices.
“Have no fear! Doc is here, baby!” The mad slid to a halt beside Kaliyo. “Hey, babe!” He waggled his eyebrows.
“Where’s the Jedi?” Kaliyo looked around.
“Just me, sweetie,” Doc smoothed his hair, breathing heavily. “Lucky you.”
Kaliyo grabbed Doc by the collar, “You were supposed to bring the Jedi!”
“He’s busy on his mission to assassinate the Emperor,” Doc informed nonchalantly. “Besides the Barsen’fail is here.”
“Barsen’thor,” Putridous corrected sagely.
“Yeah, whatever,” Doc waved his hand. “So do I get a kiss for coming to the rescue?” He waggled his eyebrows seductively. Kaliyo smacked him, hard.
“Woo baby!” Doc roared. “Daddy likes!”
Three lightsabers and four blasters turned to Doc.
“Can we please kill this guy and continue threatening one another?” Sneaks pleaded.
“I must admit I’m disappointed in Imperial Intelligence’s ability to garner aid,” Thanaton admitted.
“This is your fault, Kaliyo!” Sneaks accused.
“Don’t you worry about a thing,” Doc continued, oblivious to the fact that he was going to die painfully, “good ole’ Doc will take care of everything!”
“Am I the only one who heard that he intends to assassinate the Emperor?” Waresh asked in confusion.
“You really think he’s capable?” Ignite gestured.
“That’s it,” Sneaks prepared to fire. Before he could pull the trigger a scream drew everyone’s attention skyward. Pipsy landed on HK, the two collapsing into a pile. There was a click and an explosion of smoke. After that…chaos.


“I think it’d be wise to acquire Doc, and fast,” Kira Carsen explained to Elwind; currently the Jedi’s greatest weapon. “I don’t think the Council will be too happy to hear about this.”
“Doc is probably dead,” Elwind sighed in agitation. “I told him not to go.”
“We’re going to get Doc,” Kira reaffirmed.
Elwind raised an eyebrow. “I suppose our extracurricular activities will cease until I comply, eh?”
“Got that right.”
“Fudge.” Elwind shrugged. “Guess we’re going to rescue the Galaxy’s Greatest Idiot.”


“Havoc Squad you’re being recalled from your current mission to respond to an immediate threat to galactic security!” General Garza informed the CO, Gnox. “It would seem a critical Jedi assignment has been leaked to the general public and the traitorous scum must be brought in.”
“Well at least I’ll get promoted,” Jorgan muttered.
“We’re on it,” Gnox saluted.
“I trust you will not fail,” Garza affirmed.
“We never do.”


“You’re never going to believe this,” Vette giggled uncontrollably. “Someone is going to assassinate the Emperor!”
Quinn bristled. “Enough with your games!”
“I’m serious!” Vette replied, wounded. “It’s all over the holo-net!”
Quinn sighed and checked his datapad. “It would appear you are correct.”
“That’s all you’re gonna give me, eh?”
Quinn was silent.
“You two think we should investigate?” Naweth folded his arms.
“This warrants looking into,” Quinn input.
“Well if Captain Uptight says to get involved I say we stay away!” Vette skipped off.
Naweth rolled his eyes. “Set a course for Kaas, Captain.”
Quinn saluted. “Right away, my Lord.”


“Lord Scourge, I require the removal of these idiots,” a voice demanded of the current Emperor’s Wrath.
The pureblood knelt. “As you command, Lord.” His eyes flashed with annoyance as he turned on his heel and walked to his ship.
“So much for visions…”