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Sorcerer Representative Questions

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Sorcerer Representative Questions
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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08.16.2013 , 02:00 AM | #1
1. Defensive Cooldowns (PvP/PvE)

The biggest problem the sorcerer faces is one of survivability. Currently the sorcerer takes the most damage by a sizable margin, one that is noticeable in raids and PvP (our guess is around 20%). While we have some tools that assist in keeping us alive, they are insufficient and inferior when compared to other classes.

-Force speed: Hampered by the unruly number of snares in the game, only becomes slightly viable when specced into with snare breaks, even then can still be shut down immediately.
-Bubble: exceptionally good, however, consumes a great amount of force to keep up and is on our GCD (often is broken in PvP before next GCD is ready anyway). While it is a great utility skill, it is not a traditional defensive CD.
-Barrier: a great addition, however, it keeps up from doing our job and the second it falls off we are targeted and killed just as fast. It only acts as a small delay, not a defensive cooldown.
-Heals: obviously they are weaker and every heal we cast is just another attack we are not making.

When compared to other classes, such a marauder or sniper, they both get cooldowns that allow them to mitigate a lot (or all) of the damage for a period of time. Another part of our problem is that most of our defensive abilities need to be spec’d into, but they are entirely scattered throughout the three trees - we can't get them all, but we need them all and then some.

So with all this in mind, do you think that this very obvious disparity between sorcerers/sages and every other class’ defensive cooldowns are fair? Or for that matter… is it intended? If it isn’t, is there any plan to give us some sort of damage mitigation? Some ability that, given the proper amount of team assistance, can help us withstand an assault from multiple players? Obviously we don’t want to take on an entire team/raid boss but something to even the playing field. Because currently we have the lightest armor… and it shows.

2. Spec Shutdown (PvP)

A big problem we face as sorcerer/sage is that our specs (all of them) are very easily shut down. For example; madness and its dots are too easily cleansed, corruption has far too many casted abilities and is extremely prone to interrupts, and lightning falls victim to severe LoS. Thundering blast and AoE heals being the biggest offenders.

The other classes/specs we compete with on the battlefield have some sort of protection against a lot of what might be detrimental to their jobs. Lethality has a weaker version of their dots when removed, but it allows them to continue with their nuke (cull). Medicine operatives have the highest movement potential of the healers, their two casted abilities, if interrupted, do not stop them from healing effectively, and they have a short cooldown on their all-dot cleanse. Arsenal mercenaries have 1 ability they need to setup with and their major attack (heat seekers) are an instant cast, making it difficult to LoS them.

The off-healing abilities do not compensate for our inefficiencies – we do not have the ability to out heal incoming damage in any spec and can’t continue DPS while healing. So, is it intended for us to be easier to stop because we can dps while in heal spec and vice versa, even if they are mostly unreliable unless specced into? Given the current state of PvP, is it intended for our class to be so easy to shut down?

3. Community's Choice- Force Management (PvP/PvE)

In the current state of PvP and soon to be 4v4s it is going to become a challenge for Corruption and Madness sorcerers to maintain force. In long, drawn out fights which we can expect to see in 4v4, madness and corruption will likely run into force issues. As corruption and it’s fairly easy spec to shut down, it will become increasingly difficult as the fights drag on to keep yourself alive and your teammates (most likely the tank). As you start to fall behind in force trying to keep some of your cast’s instant, it will not be optimal to start sacrificing your health. Madness will have an easier time with management, but again, will likely run into force issues when under pressure.

Sorcerers are often referred to as a more ‘support’ class. Which is fine, however, dipping into this support role quickly depletes a large chunk of our force. Off healing and bubbling quickly runs us try and we usually have nothing to show for it. Is there any plan to add some force management abilities/talents/mechanics to our corruption and madness trees? Even something as simple as lowering the cost of static barrier would be a step in the right direction.


Thanks to all for the dedication they put into their responses on the two forum posts I put up. After speaking with Nibbon it became clear that the issues we discussed had effects in both PvE and PvP so we have 2 split questions and 1 PvP question. I'd also like to thank Nibbon for helping me condense the questios as I have a tendency to add every single little detail I can.

I sincerely hope you guys find these to be adequate and that they do our class some good.

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08.16.2013 , 03:50 AM | #2
Those are some mighty fine questions.
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Nibbon's Avatar

08.16.2013 , 06:55 AM | #3
Good job Psi, looking forward to some answers and working with you on the next 3 ;p

I will be making a post on the sage forums some time next week with which way the next three questions are leaning. There has already been plenty enough discussion for me to know what they should be. *but may change based on the dev answers.

-IceHawk-'s Avatar

08.16.2013 , 07:55 AM | #4
Defensive Cooldowns, Shutdowns, and Force Management.

As someone trying to progress through HM & NIM Ops and would like a place in my Guild's 4v4 Arenas those are definitely in my Top 3 Concerns.

Nice work Psirebral, looking forward to the Dev Responses on these.

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08.16.2013 , 08:04 AM | #5
Excellent work Psirebral! Those are exactly the concerns I have about the class.

Psirebral's Avatar

08.16.2013 , 01:28 PM | #6
I look forward to it Nibbon.

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08.16.2013 , 02:42 PM | #7 This is the last staff post in this thread.  
Hey Psirebral,

Really great top 3. I will pass these on to the devs and get the process rolling on receiving their feedback.


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08.16.2013 , 03:13 PM | #8
All of these are highly PvP-focused questions. I think that's ok though, since Nibbon's primary focus is PvE, and also the majority of the Sorc issues are in the PvP realm. Force management and defensive CDs are *largely* a non-issue in PvE; better defensive CDs would be nice, but rarely necessary, while force management is only problematic when you cannot consistently channel Force Lightning or reliably use Consumption (non-issues in PvE). Still, I'm looking forward to the answers. I love PvP on my sorc, and I'd really like to see it in a better place than it is today.
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08.16.2013 , 03:20 PM | #9
I've always said that. And it's pretty obvious. I do not like arenas, specially on imbalanced games where the imbalance defines the outcome. I dont like it, but i think it should exist for people who likes it, but the good thing on 4v4 is it will show how easly sage/sorc dps will be countered. 2 melee on us and we're done before we can do a real fight.

You can see JK with half life get you, and you cant do a thing and he keep hitting you for 8k, 3k.

These 3 questions are the obivious issues that bioware shouldn't even wait players to say the obvious. So we need to waste our 3 questions into obivious things.
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08.16.2013 , 03:47 PM | #10
With regard to the defensive CD question. I have no problem being a glass cannon. I just wish my cannon was a bit more cannonish, if that makes sense. I expect sorcs to be pretty weak with light armor, and I agree that our defensive CDs are pretty lackluster. My thought process is that if we are going to be the squishiest class on the field, we should be putting out significant burst to compensate. Sure a full lightning sorc can do significant damage, but it is very turrety and prone to interruptions. I personally play 0/30/16 in PvP which still has excellent burst and is less cast heavy. However, when I switch to my arsenal merc I feel tougher to kill and I have better burst.

I feel like possibly changing the way recklessness works for sorcerers might be beneficial. I feel that recklessness is still built around the assassin class. For example, why does our recklessness increase our force lightning range to 30 meters? It's already 30 meters! Why not make recklessness have some sort of beneficial secondary attachment geared more to the sorcerer class. Another thing, why do recklessness charges go away per target hit on AoE abilities like death field or chain lightning. I feel like the charges should be consumed by each attack, not each target hit.
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