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<Mandalorian Forge> Recruiting

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08.14.2013 , 03:42 AM | #1
Mandalorian Forge is a small, social, multi-gaming community.

We formed in 2010 prior to SWTORs launch and then diversified into other games such as Guild Wars 2, Landmark and World of Warcraft and are looking forwards to games such as Elite Dangerous, Everquest Next and H1Z1 etc.

Our SWTOR division is very small but dedicated and we are always looking for semi-casual or new gamers that want to enjoy the extensive solo content the game has to offer in a relaxed environment whilst getting together on a weekly basis as a group for events such as Flashpoints, Heroics, Events, PvP etc.

The key assets of any new member are to enjoy gaming in a relaxed environment, the ability to make new lasting friendships and participate on our active community forum.

Our typical gaming hours are 8pm - midnight GMT and are very welcoming to new social gamers wanting to join our community.

2014 UPDATE:

At the beginning of 2014 and after diversifying into several other games during the previous four years we decided that we had outgrown our old Mandalorian name and therefore rebranded ourselves as METAFORGE GAMING COMMUNITY.

Whilst Mandalorian Forge was perfect for Star Wars it perhaps wasn't so great for the other games we played, such as Guild Wars 2, Landmark, World of Warcraft or upcoming games such as Elite Dangerous, Everquest Next and H1Z1 etc.

Whilst we are still the same group and continue to play under our old Mandalarian name in several games (including SWTOR) please be aware that our website has now undergone an overhaul to show this change.


2010 Original Splash Page:
2012 Torwars Featured Guild:
2014 Updated Website:


IGN: Kalistra