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BREAKING NEWS: Tauntauns Tamed as Mounts on Hoth!

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BREAKING NEWS: Tauntauns Tamed as Mounts on Hoth!
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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08.08.2013 , 01:07 PM | #41
I have a few comments about things i've seen and things i've seen in this thread......

1. I agree that the spawn rate for Wampas is too low, perhaps FAR too low. But I believe the solution lies in the rate at which the Fauns can be fed again. While I don't mind the idea that the mount should be difficult to get in a grinding manner, I believe it's an unintended consequence by BioWare that "Instance Switching" is the solution to get enough Data faster. Even with instance switching it takes aprox 2 hrs on average to come up with 15-20 data for the purchase. Not bad in an amount of time manner, but as instance switching produces extra load on the servers I cannot believe this was an intended programing design. I suggest either adding more nests, or alternately DRASTICALLY cutting the re-enable time for a nest of Fauns to be fed again.

2. I have to say I do like the new mounts aside from my issue with the screenshot not matching the in game mounts. Some team put a good amount of effort into the skinning and skeletal programing of the mounts and rider on the mount to make it look fairly realistic when riding and seperate animation for jumping. Good job there.

UnknownAnonymous's Avatar

08.08.2013 , 04:34 PM | #42
I love the idea of new mounts especially tauntauns and many the more to come. My only issue is having to grind and collect 20 jus to get one. Like honestly we collect cartel coins, wz comms , rank comms, elder comms, planetary comms, ultimate comms. etc. etc. sooooo many currencies to collect that catches dust now , which makes me not even want to get one anymore. its just wasting more time that I already put in all for a mount and I sure as hell wont pay 200k for one since there will be different ones way later in the future and prob cheaper. this is my opinion as a long time player and I would def. appreciate those that wont pass judgement for it =)

-banana_monkey-'s Avatar

08.09.2013 , 04:42 AM | #43
are the Tauntaun mounts available all the time or do they become unavailable after some patches?

WKC_Legend's Avatar

08.09.2013 , 10:15 PM | #44
I have both mounts and don't feel one bit that it was that difficult to get. Of course, it took me a heck of a lot longer than the 2 to 3 hours some of these people claim it took them but at my calculated 15% success rate on wampa spawns it still didn't take long enough to complain about. Thanks for the fun Bioware.

Eillack's Avatar

08.10.2013 , 08:56 AM | #45
Finished off the "set" yesterday for my main; I love these tauntauns to death haha. I have no idea why, but I actually enjoy not using a taxi / QT more now while using these (110% at least). Oh well, time to retire my blue sphere I've been using for months now lol.

Oh, and the best gosh darn clipping with my CM Commando's heavy cannon!!!! Unlike the blue sphere with the cannon on my back protruding out with a massive amount of nonsense..

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08.12.2013 , 03:40 AM | #46
"Many Wampas died, to gain us the Tauntaun domestication data..."

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08.12.2013 , 05:57 AM | #47
So to get a Tauntaun, you have to be a high lvl & play PvP? That isn't fair for us who don't want to play PvP. Anyway I think the Tauntaun's are pretty awesome.

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PlasmaJohn's Avatar

08.12.2013 , 06:06 AM | #48
Quote: Originally Posted by Eithnejedi View Post
So to get a Tauntaun, you have to be a high lvl & play PvP?
Only tested it with a 45 but it spawns a level appropriate wampa. I'm guessing you need to be high enough for the levels on Hoth (37+)

There's no requirement to PvP unless you're on a PvP server. If somebody is being immature then don't use AoE attacks (and make sure your companion has theirs disabled) or switch instances.

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PLynkes's Avatar

08.12.2013 , 06:12 AM | #49
Quote: Originally Posted by Fleurdelis View Post
Ride them where ever you want. Mine has been running around fleet crapping everywhere.

It would be cool if they crapped stuff Bioanalysis people could clean up. Is there a mat in the game called "Brown Goo?"

There should be.

SpaniardInfinity's Avatar

08.12.2013 , 10:43 AM | #50
Now if only I could ride a Thranta. They are dolphin-pterodactyls and I must possess one. [Puts away monocle.]
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