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Welcome to Game Update 2.3

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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08.07.2013 , 09:50 AM | #31
I would just like to thank you for the graphical update , my graphics card is showing a lot more resolution. The shadows and shading are immense. Makeb for instance is superb , the yellow light from sunlight combined with the white light from some of those lighting rigs on the abandoned mining mesa ( which I used to hate btw ) is so cool. The water looks like real water , showing perfect reflections. The glow from my blue / black lightsaber glows on objects and myself as does my purple / black lightsaber on the other side of my character perfectly. You have perfected different coloured lighting. No change in frame rate. Clothing details and distant objects can be seen more clearly. Not to mention the grass and mud paths and flowers that I can see clearly and in the far distance. I have a GT 650m graphics card.

Just to add my friend Darth_Geggz gave the graphical update 11/10 , he asked me to tell you. He said Taris looks awful but in a good way , what he meant was taris is a rough place and now looks more realistic.

TaunTaun is great , robes do clip through them though whilst moving but only slightly. The 4 new dailies are cool , with 2 basic comms rewards for each.

So I thank you very much and keep up the great work!


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08.07.2013 , 01:21 PM | #32
Oh boy, where to start. I'll admit to being impressed by the amount of content in this patch; moreover, most of us were not expecting all of it to drop at one time -- the taun-taun was a huge surprise. I love Treek as well; moreover, she has a great personality & I'm looking forward to seeing the rest of her story unfold. I'll start off with my biggest grievance -- the new flash points.

I like the Flash Points themselves, & I like that they are shorter than the other 55 HMs. Heck, I'm glad that we just got something to break up the mundaneness of the four we had. But, the story elements regarding these FPs stink to high heaven. I was so jazzed up about these going into this: all the hyping on the site, all the story/role playing elements posted, & etc. But, none of that & I mean NONE of it was present in the actual game. The SM quest for the mission is laughable; moreover, it doesn't even explain why the core is melting down.....or why you are at the core in the first place. I was told I'd be leading a raid on the facility to take their assets, not shut down some random cores that were suddenly for no good reason melting down. Couple that with the fact that you have to go form the labs, up the fleet, then back down to the labs, & then back up to the fleet again to turn in -- annoying.

Then after you finish that debacle there isn't even another story quest to lead you do the Labs FP -- what gives? The republic officials are all like well done champ, & I hadn't even removed the leader of the Czerka labs yet -- lazy development. Couple this with the fact that the Empire is on the exact same landing they wouldn't be noticed by the republic? It should have been more covert, like they were sneaking in or something under the republics nose or something. This is a HUGE disappointment following the story of other similar two part FPs: Rackghoul, The Revan stuff, Illum, & etc.

Good try guys, but as usual you are lacking polish.....much like all EA projects -- c+.

PS: "Heads have been restored to Weequay NPCs throughout the galaxy, who requested better protection for their vulnerable floating eyeballs". Should have left them bugged, I thought they were hilarious.
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08.07.2013 , 02:46 PM | #33
Please explain to me why do i have to encounter imps again on the new event? This is sick... Trying to do dailies but instead of that i get ambushed by a group of 4 imps and killed... res, 2 mins, the same situation... Do i really have to take 3 guildies for a simple daily to do it nice and easy? Making a pvp area of a daily is such a great idea! Not i'm playing on PVE server or sth.. If i want do PVP, i'll go to PVP Warzone... this is sick...

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08.07.2013 , 04:54 PM | #34
I'll go ahead and put my 2 cents in...
The tauntauns are a great idea along with having a subscriber version that is cheaper. Though, if you are going o have us find the stuff to get the mount, why are there so few areas to get the items at? And yes I am well aware that you can buy them, and that only a few spots makes it take longer to get the mount. My issue is that as with there are only a few fixed places makes them campable. All I heard yesterday was that one faction kept on camping all of the areas.... Turn them to random spawning and scatter them all over the Hoth map. It will keep people from camping and griefing others trying to get it.
With the Czerka planet CZ-198 as I went up the elevator to continue dailies guess what the first thing I saw was... A wall of red names and maybe one or two of my faction there. Really guys both factions doing quests within that small of an area? Yeah I get the PVPers wanting another PVP area. No big deal except , Section X seemed to be a much better area for that (with the exception of the republic base area....) Hell even the Blackhole area wasn't that bad for PVP . Not a fan of the Czerka area that's all really on that.
The Flash Points were OK at best... I really wanted more story with it, but I'll get what I can take I guess.
Overall I feel as if a good portion was done kind of half-assed. Like there is something missing or just thrown in there to give off the " we've done something cool and new" look while just trying keep floating. I will give you applause for effort though, the Czerka thing could (and should ) have been the next expansion while focusing your efforts on Makeb and and flushing out that story more than a new daily planet . You could have made a great 3.0 quest series out of the big bad Czerka but, now all they get is a 2.3 daily planet that feels half-assed and thrown together to appease the "content burners" who complain about no content while they just spacebar through everything, and the PVPers who gripe because this game isn't as good as other games for PVP.
Seriously I could go with a year on Makeb if you gave off more story to it. Better yet make it so we can repeat quests in our storyline at any level (if we have completed it) and let us create our own content through a content creator. You may may find out that some us can create some pretty cool ****. This would stop the "no content" ******es and let you focus on creating good content.
As far as the PVP side is concerned the classes are pretty unbalanced, can't really help to much other than saying that its a broken system so just get rid of it. Unless the PVPers stop ************ and give off some helpful advise/ ideas other than "it sucks; buff this class; nerf this class" stuff...
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08.07.2013 , 05:59 PM | #35
Want to play... Launcher won't let me... I WANT A TAUNTAUN!.

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08.07.2013 , 06:55 PM | #36
I'm enjoying the new content a ton. I wish the new daily area in the Supply Yard Railways wasn't such a War Zone. It's making it impossible to see what I'm doing.

I also have a ton of computer lag in that Railways area. I only get that if there are 75+ players in one spot. That is the only place I have said troubles.

Also, the Weekly doesn't indicate that the mission Manual Shutdown is completed, even after completing it. TWICE.

I love the new Flashpoints. Very cool in design. Very cool. I'm really looking forward to doing the new Ops. The Bowcaster is really cool, though I don't have one.

I'm really looking forward to the bounty contract event.
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08.07.2013 , 07:35 PM | #37
My guildmates and I just ran the new HM FP... and we are disappointed in the overall quality being put in to these patchs. Everything just seems to be just another reskin or reused boss mechanic. It's like we're playing an online version of dragonage 2. Please bioware put some effort into creating fun exciting "new" content.

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08.07.2013 , 09:22 PM | #38
Ok so have to say Tauntauns are crazy expensive and/or time consuming for someone that works normal hours and has a family. Love this game, I am a subscriber, but working my butt off to get a Tauntaun is really tickin' me off. Yes I would probably spend up to 5000 cartel to buy one. My time is precious and my time online is spent playing not desperately trying to get a Tauntaun. Please put them in the Cartel....

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08.07.2013 , 09:28 PM | #39
Can I say it again, I'm ticket off as you just charged me for another 6 months, and I can't get a Tauntaun, because I have a life...

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08.08.2013 , 05:05 AM | #40
I loved the new payment method!! now i am a sub!thank you bioware