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Beastmaster of Tython

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07.28.2013 , 01:34 PM | #1
Hi I have recently come back to SWTOR and have started doing the achievements. I am stuck finding the wingmaw on Tython any help?

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07.28.2013 , 02:28 PM | #2
Quote: Originally Posted by ingenuityfails View Post
You can get the Wingmaw entry by going to Balmorra and killing a Scavenging Wingmaw. The coordinates I found the mob (a group of 2 of them) were x: 273, y: 1800 (the area before Sundari Flatlands). And after driving all through the Sundari Flatlands and Gorinth Canyon, I believe that might be the only mob on the map.

Seeing as I did it only 5 minutes ago and I'm still standing in the same spot, pretty sure the information is reliable :P

This is how to get the Codex, generally they're the same as the achievements. Not sure though. Happy hunting.

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07.28.2013 , 02:31 PM | #3
I think the Gnarls are where you can obtain the codex entry, either through a lore object or killing enough of them in the area.
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