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8/2 - PVP Sniper/Gunslinger community questions

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8/2 - PVP Sniper/Gunslinger community questions

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08.01.2013 , 01:23 PM | #51
Quote: Originally Posted by paowee View Post
Cant rememeber where i read it but some pvp snipers in this forum were talking about how "everybody knows Engi will be the spec for arena". Got me really curious. What do you guys think? Initially i thought, hey Engi snipers have great defensive cooldowns, area denial (probably very desireable in arenas), plus you get an extra stun every 18 seconds. Not to mention EMP Discharge for double roll, double shield probe and double entrench. Primarily a dot spec BUT has burst capabilities whenever EP is up. Big problem for you though is when you fight against cleanse spammy lineups.
Engineering got:
1. Best run and attack abilities: Thermal Grenade, Quickshot, spammable Snare probe/charge. Easier to chase down people trying to run out of LoS and still hitting them with attacks.
2. Least affected by defensive cooldowns like, Dodge, Saber Deflect, Saber Reflect. Attacks like Thermal Grenade, sab charge/probe, Snare charge/probe all bypass these cooldowns. MM/SS gets countered hard by these cooldowns. Especially Saber Reflect. A well-timed Saber Reflect during SoS/Speed Shot can be GG for the Sniper /Gunslinger. Yes, we can cancel as soon as we see the word "reflect", but by then the advantage already went to the Jug/Guardian.
3. Greatest damage mitigation for survival. Got best chance to survive from being focus fired or tag-team by stealth. Got back to back CC shield and damage shield if under too much heat. DF/Lethality got the worst survival chance from being focus fire.
4. Good controllable burst with explosive charge/probe. Can finish off a target if timed well.
5. Good AoE to "protect" healers while hurting the enemies.
6. "Wallbanging" for burst damage if it is not fixed by 2.4. If it is not fixed by 2.4, then it means either the devs consider it legit or it is not important enough to be fixed, which means that we should use it to our maximum advantage.

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08.01.2013 , 02:00 PM | #52
Wallbanging... haha.

Really curious what they think about it. If its not legit i wonder how they can fix it. Make scatter bombs drop bombs depending on the actual distance you travel? Something like 1 bomb dropped if you move 1-6 meters. 3 bombs dropped if you travel 7-12m. 5 bombs dropped if you travel the 13-18.
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08.01.2013 , 03:55 PM | #53
I'd like it to be just _one_ big bomb (with a 2sec root or KD?), big one though, like EP only with AoE dmg ^^ It's just ridiculous how fast you can kill if you wall bang someone >_<

Seriously, I've done IP > PP > stroll up the last 10-15m and Cover Pulse BANG BANG. It's just not right. Reminds me og Lineage 2 archers back in the day

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08.01.2013 , 05:37 PM | #54
I like the spirit of question 3 on the PvE side a lot but I think the wording is a problem. The way it's phrased it can be answered with a Yes or No and doesn't really instigate any specific discussion beyond that. I think a much more interesting phrasing of the question would be, "The community has found that there is a significant difference in DPS between full Legality and the Hybrid Build. Does the combat team have similar data from internal testing and what are their plans for the hybrid spec going forward?"

I also think PvE 11 is an important one as roll has become one of the most important and versatile aspects of the sniper class.

Voting: PvE 3 and 11

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08.01.2013 , 06:53 PM | #55
Question 3 has the most votes. I doubt the other questions can get enough votes by tonight. Eric gave the go signal for this question's format as well. It looks like this will be our PVP question for tomorow!

With 4v4 arenas on the horizon, one concern about the value of the sniper class is its lack of any significant offensive cooldown(s) compared to some of the other ACs. Snipers are capable of some of the highest and most consistent DPS in the game, but are also quite predictable because of cast abilities requiring static line of sight and lack of any dynamic burst that comes along with a valuable offensive cooldown. While useful in their own right, Target Acquired and Laze Target don't have the same on-demand impact that one comes to expect from an offensive cooldown. Are there any plans to address either one of these abilities, considering their slightly underwhelming impact in PvP?
PVE side is still trying to figure out their question. After that we still have a wildcard. Check out the spreadsheet.
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