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Higher levels running lower level instances

Systmdcln's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 12:05 PM | #1
Hey guys, I think I'm just being a huge noob. But, I'm level 21, and I thought I'd go farm Black Talon for possible Orange gear...but I can't find it. Do lower level zones go away as you're higher?

ZaOniTenshu's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 12:07 PM | #2
Nooooo just go back to the part of the ship, talk to the guy, and walk in.

Its in the Kaas area on the fleet
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Systmdcln's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 12:08 PM | #3
Sweet. Next question, do you have to be in a group to get the Dark Side points etc? I look at it as a great farming routine for points.

dipstik's Avatar

12.21.2011 , 12:22 PM | #4
no. u can get affection and ls/ds points from flashpoints without a group.