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Emote Suggestion Thread

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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07.25.2014 , 06:28 AM | #181
Quote: Originally Posted by Wintergale View Post
I really like what most of the people's suggestions so I upvote for those but I also have these to add and re-write:

  • /flirt2 - Proper flirt animation. Especially for females that doesn't look like a h o o k e r who is trying to get some junk into her panties to finish the night. Male one is ridiculous but not worse as females, at least.

  • /blush2 - Proper blush animation. Especially -AGAIN- for females that doesn't look like a five years old little boy imitating of /the imitating of blushing of over-reacting hollywood movie chick/. And I'm pretty sure a 5 years old would be smart enough to realize that is nothing like real world blushing either. Male blush animation is just adorable, apply it to females, done! You don't have to sexualize a female toon when blushing, abandon that "O-MY-GAWD IT HAZ BOOBIEZ I HAZ TO MAKE IT SMEXY" idea. People don't overreact like that when blushing. Seriously, just apply the male-blush animation on females, put on cartel market or whatever, just do it.

  • /giggle - Fix it, make a proper giggle animation. /laugh and /giggle are different actions, let us have the difference in game too.

  • /cackle - Fix it, make a proper crackle animation. /laugh and /crackle are different actions, let us have the difference in game too.

  • /hug2 or /couplehug or /hugfriend - Proper hug animation, that you actually hug someone. I was going to write more explanation about this but then I saw this, which is EXACTLY what I was about to write;
  • Add /coupledance emote to this, too, but make it CONTINUOUS.

various /sit emotes;
  • add Jedi Warrior regeneration animation without the glow. (also can be code as /meditate or /praying)

  • add Mirialan Focusin Ritual animation without the glow. (also can be code as /meditate)

  • add all the NPC sitting positions that is already in game.

  • add NPC crossed legs sith while body bends over, hands over lap animation. Like on Coruscant there is a demon-child NPC with female body 1 bit a little girl face, she walks like that with a quest mark over her head in the Justicar Sector.

  • add sitting at the end of a wall or something, NPC Example.

  • add emotes that comes WITHOUT the chair, since bEAware not fancy giving us actual sit-able chairs, at least let us sit on the actual chairs.

  • /study or /work - an emote that shows you checking things over the desk like you are working/studying.

  • /computer - similar to /study or /work but with virtual keyboard typing.

various /meditate and /praying emotes;
  • add Jedi Warrior regeneration animation without the glow.

  • add Mirialan Focusing Ritual animation without the glow.

  • add Jedi Consular regeneration animation without the glow.

various /standing and /leaning emotes;

various /laydown emotes;
  • /laydown - just laying down emote without additional animation, NPC Example.

  • /sleep - add properly laying down and maybe turning to sides occasionally.

  • /nightmare - similar to /sleep but looking more discomforted with more turns and maybe occasional muttering.

  • /nap - lay down and curl up for a nap (foetus/fetus position).

  • /sick - There is some NPCs around Nar Shaddaa laying down on the bench or on the ground, they roll from side to side holding their stomach or head.

  • /rest - The reclining chair emote without the chair and more laid down version maybe.
Also please fix the texture on the Ship Beds, when we sit we get lost in the texture, it is annoying.

various misc emotes;
  • /restless2 or /pace - add Sith Inquisitor regeneration animation without the glow, it is perfect for angrily/nervously-walking-on-your-spot-while-waiting-something-to-happen.

  • /pace2 - Walking on a straight line while making hand gestures like you are explaining something, to your group, to your troops, in a military fashion.

  • /usecomputer or /slice - add the current animation of using computer / typing on keyboard. NPC Example.

  • /datapad - Make the current one as a continuous emote, not a one time.

  • /datapad2 - There is this emote some NPCs does and in some of the cutscenes we do it too. Holding a datapad it looks like a "stock counting" to me. I couldn't find any images for now.

  • /lookingaround - Gault's looking around animation in BH ship.

  • /checking - animation of Aric's in Trooper and/or Talos Drellik's in Sith Inq ship, when they are on board. Or the one we do when we click on a Lore Object.

  • /bored2 - Vette's bored animation on board of Sith Warrior Ship.

  • /backrub - Rubbing your back (not your butt).

  • /pet - Be able to pet pets or other animals.

  • /comlink - Like we get something into our earpiece.

  • /AFK - How about a holo-bubble that says the person is AFK.

  • /repair - There is a kneeled down animation, especially in the Esseles when you pick to check on the conduits instead of spacing the engineers. You click on the shiny object and kneel down and you do something with your hands.

  • /surrender - Animation same with Smuggler "Surrender" skill. It doesn't enter to loop but hands stay on air till player cancels.

  • /surrender2 or /underarrest - On knees while hands gathered behind the head.

  • /dig - At Ord Mantell Mannet Point beach there is a datacron and 2 NPC. One of them is a mob, one of them stands in a /surrender position I just describe up there and the other one digs up some stuff. That's the animation I am pointing here as an emote.

  • /talking - Making gestures like talking and describing something. There is several NPCs around the fleet, for example one at the GTN arena, BT4 female with short black hair, making gestures to an astromech droid on Imperial Fleet.


Oh, if we are gonna get that emote I also want /coolstorydudenowgogetcastrated because I'm pretty sure a "cool story dude now go get castrated" emote would be fun too. We can use it against the in-game harassers/stalkers too!

Anyways, I'll write more if I get any new ideas or might update this post with images.

**Oh, and, screenshots are not mine! Found them on the google.
awesome ideas would like to see them in the game

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08.01.2014 , 09:16 PM | #182
How about ,

/aim aims your rifle or pistol if a trooper or smuggler, could come in standing, kneeling and prone flavors, all those animations are already in the game, would be neat to have for the RP crowd, I guess it could be /flourish or /brandish but make it a continuous aim down the sights type of thing, someone also mentioned /surrender or /arrest hands behind head or back would be pretty neat to have,

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08.07.2014 , 06:32 AM | #183
The one emote I really, really want, that is already in the game, that looks great and needs to be a continuous looping emote until cancelled... a proper /crossarms emote.

That's all! Just that ONE! We have /dodge, /ironfist and so many more from conversations...but I can't physically cross my arms. I wouldn't even mind it being a new separate, purchasable emote. I just want it!

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08.27.2014 , 03:51 AM | #184
What we need are a "Stance" set of emotes to accompany our "Moods" I am really sick of all my characters standing in what to me is a very tense stance, when I hit the Cantina's I want to relax, de-stress, not stand at attention.

We already have alternate stances in game, you can see a much more relaxed stance on female toons placed in Strongholds... I'd love to be able to have my Smuggler stand like this, it suits her snarky attitude... it would suit my Jedi as well though for them its a more defiant look.

It would also be great to have stances for /crossarms, /annoyed, /impatient (With a frustrated foot tapping), /exhausted...

...In sure their are plenty more options out there as well, many of which could probably be pilfered from NPC's, they certainly don't all stand in the same way.

- Raith
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09.07.2014 , 02:57 PM | #185
We need a Snoop Dogg, "Drop it like it's Hot" dancing emote that is continuous.
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09.16.2014 , 11:41 AM | #186
We need a /evillaugh emote

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09.16.2014 , 01:58 PM | #187
I'm just throwing this out here, in addition to all of the really important, wonderful suggestions:

We need a dance emote with Star Lord's moves, from the beginning of Guardians of the Galaxy.

You all know what I'm talking about.

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09.26.2014 , 01:03 PM | #188
We need a /popcorn emote for the times when general chat starts self-destructing.
Kaytin grabs a bucket of popcorn. How exciting!
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09.26.2014 , 05:03 PM | #189
I would gladly pay $10 just to have /timewarp

(incase you have no idea what the timewarp is)
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09.30.2014 , 10:39 AM | #190
Meditation Emote

I personally consider this a time where we roleplayers are very happy with the game! We got player housing, colour dyes, colour matching and sit-able chairs. It's awesome!

However, I do think we are missing a meditation emote, that would work similar to the /chair and /chair(number) emotes. I'd suggest you module this emote after the Jedi Knight Introspection ability. However the emote should come in two versions. One with the blue light side glow and one with red dark side glow, similar to what you'd get when performing the Sith Inquisitor Seething ability.

Alternatively you could make the animation cross-legged, like what the two padawans are doing in this picture. Of course the glow would also have to be adjusted here, so that we get a dark side and light side version.

If any developer has bothered reading this I thank you, and hope they'll consider adding such emotes in one of the future cartel packs. Best regards, a roleplayer :-).
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