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Emote Suggestion Thread

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

OrionLives's Avatar

05.15.2014 , 12:59 PM | #161
Also I think there should be a variety or maybe one or two flip emotes.

Primarily if this was possible my favorite flip to do is the Kick the Moon\Slant Gainer. If I could do it in game that'd be even cooler. I thought of this when I saw the kick the Hutt ball ability.

Kick the moon would be a definite. It is super cool.
The following are actual flip names so if you want look them up but I only took common one and ones with names or looks that reminded me of SWTOR.

Rob Snow /// <En> /// The Harbinger

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DomiSotto's Avatar

05.15.2014 , 01:35 PM | #162
Pat on the back
Quick Hug

Kindda friendly-neutral would be nice

Tak_Kennedy's Avatar

05.19.2014 , 12:46 AM | #163
Shake hand at angrily
Play dead
a dance that involves the lightsaber

WhiteknightRTZ's Avatar

05.21.2014 , 02:51 PM | #164
I would like a /checkradio emote, where the player puts there hand to their ear to listen in on communications. Much like troopers and agents do in cutscenes. Would be great if this were a looping animation. Need more of those.

FASARouge's Avatar

05.23.2014 , 10:26 PM | #165
I'd really like to see the ability to buy the regular emotes that subscribers get, since I don't play a lot at this point I float from subscribed to not subscribed and I have purchased all of the beneficial cartel things, like artifact authorization, third crew skill, etc. But I find it disappointing that I can't perform basic emotes unless I'm subscribed.
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Xakthul's Avatar

05.31.2014 , 08:17 AM | #166
"Gentleman" dance (Yes, the Psy one)

In chat:

*character name* informs *character name* that they are a kriffing gentleman.
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Nataph's Avatar

06.04.2014 , 11:23 AM | #167
/scoundrel where both hands go up to the side near their head in a "Wait? what? me?" pose.
/loser the L on the forehead

/worm break dance move.
/hammer any cool mc hammer move would be cool.
/chicken chicken dance that we all hate at weddings.
/cottonjoe cotton eye joe dance.

/dooku the lightsaber move he does when he is challenging yoda.

yes i love the dances.. more dances please.
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Matty_X's Avatar

06.14.2014 , 06:19 PM | #168
Since we have the /xantha, /kloo and /sing emotes, could there possibly have a /drum emote?

That way, anyone can have a band!
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LordxVindican's Avatar

06.16.2014 , 12:29 PM | #169
A suggestion for one of the next few chair emotes to come.
/chair6 was a Jedi Council-looking chair. For /chair7, why not make it a throne similar to those of the Dark Council. Something that's Sithy.