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55's in old SM Flashpoints.

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07.25.2013 , 08:25 PM | #71
Quote: Originally Posted by rawtravel View Post
Oh rats! My bad. I get the terms mixed up. I am talking about the Level 50 (HARD) FP.s These are the ones just below 55 HM FPs on the GF page. I guess "Story Mode" are the FP's that are below level 50 then?

Sorry for mis-posting.
Taking it from top to botton and I will mark the ones I were idearing about excluding.

55 HM

50 HM

47-50 NM

See the thing is. 50 HM gives Classic coms, which I can understand the newly 55's want.

47-50 gives 10 planetary coms, which... You can get in a million others ways and alot faster.

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07.26.2013 , 08:15 AM | #72
I have recently brought my main character to 55 about a month ago, and started equipping with 69-gear (mostly crafting/GTN). I actually am one of those people mentioned by the OP and did some old story mode FPs, even while over-geared. Why?

The coms are only one thing. The real reason is that I need to gather more experience before doing HM stuff. The atmosphere on FP in general can be quite volatile, and people expect you to be fast, efficient, know your game mechanics, attack rotations, etc. If you don't, they make it very clear that you should not be there and "waste their time".

While I disagree with the rude way how this is frequently communicated (rage-quitting, insulting, etc.), I can see part of their logic, and decided myself to take FPs slow. My strategy is to do story mode FPs multiple times, and then HM FPs through the guild at first, but only after I am really comfortable with them and with my character's abilities.

I have yet to encounter that people disapprove of me being over-leveled in these SM FPs (quite the contrary!). So I ask to please not take away this option from level 55s. If it really bothers people like the OP, I can respect that, too, but would than ask to just put me on /ignore or not accept to group with me when the group is assembled.

After all, this is just a game and we should all have fun with it!

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07.26.2013 , 03:41 PM | #73
I'm going to echo what other people said:

Because you're not happy with something, you'd rather force other people out of content rather than have to control your own fate.

Classic case of SEP field.

If you don't want to run with 55s in a SM Flashpoint, then decline the group. Problem solved.
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