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Lvl 50sh flashpoints prefer inquisitor gear.

coveorchard's Avatar

07.13.2013 , 02:58 AM | #1
I swear I saw the same piece of gear drop twice in the same run. I became a subscriber to farm the black hole gear for marauder I got my first two pieces in 2 runs on the same day before subscribing, decided to put down serious cash on this game to get the gear I really wanted. For the past three days only 2 pieces of marauder gear have showed up in my runs both went to other players one was a jugger who snagged my implant cause hey screw me right?

So I'm just wondering, is legit? I did a run where every single purple drop was inquisitor, I would say that over 70% of the drops go for willpower gear. Can I catch a break? I'm getting really frustrated I just want to gear out my character before I finish his story but its like the game hates me. Random number generators suck.