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Class Representatives : PvP or PvE ?

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Class Representatives : PvP or PvE ?

AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

07.11.2013 , 09:15 AM | #1

I have read that there is planned to elect "Class Representatives".

I like this idea, but I have one concern :

That the "Class Representatives" will either represent the PvP play of a class or the PvE play.

My concern is based on the observation that PvP players and PvE players hardly ever mix. Both remain within their own sub forums, and I hardly ever see "pro" PvP players post in the PvE sub-forums,
and "pro" PvE players post in the PvP sub-forums.

Based on that, I fear that the playability of classes in PvP and in PvE are considered quite differently - at least in some points. For example, some trees are not considered "optimal" for either PvP or PvE - or even both.

Another example is the Shadow Tank : Very difficult to handle in PvE, because of the light armor, damage comes in in huge numbers (IF it gets in). In PvP, however, it is one of the favourite classes, because of the ability of concealing.

To sum it up : Please make sure that there won't be Representatives elected who are coming only from ONE of both faction - and thus resulting in a kind of steering a class towards one of both factions (either PvP or PvE) - especially in terms of the abilities of the class.

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