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majority of crew skills are utterly worthless

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majority of crew skills are utterly worthless

Kratier's Avatar

07.11.2013 , 03:33 AM | #1
i think its pretty bad when most of the crafting is subverted by the planet comm system.

why take cybertech at all? just buy the mods with comms.
same goes with gear, anything you can make takes too much time , money, and effort to be worthwhile because you can instantly queue for a instance and get better gear than you could ever craft from a random drop within 5 minutes of fighting.

seriously, whats the point? are you guys even bothering with the systems that are so utterly broken? i understand you want to make money from the cartel market, but you basically have abandoned most of your game's content in favor of raking in cash from the f2p market

Ancaglon's Avatar

07.11.2013 , 04:50 AM | #2
I have a 450 cybertech, 450 armstech and a 450 artificer -- and it's great to be able to make Armorings with the cybertech and Hilts and selected enhancements with the artificer (or Barrels with the armstech), leaving Planetary comms to buy Mods and orange items from the Planetary vendors when levelling up/gearing a new character.

And, with the crafted gear, you can get exactly what you want, and can have it waiting in your mailbox for when you hit the right level, rather than maybe getting some Endurance-heavy mods the next time you get back to the fleet -- or worse, having to hope that (a) something for your class drops, and (b) you win the roll.

Even at 55, it's far easier to get a character ready for 55 content if you can make the iLevel 66 pieces than try to grind Basic commendations -- especially now that the Vial of Stabilized Isotope-5 that you can get for 35 basic comms sells for around 200k credits each.

And, the availability of Bind-on-Legacy armor and mainhands allows schematics to be learned from level 55 hard-mode level gear -- nothing to be sneezed at, especially since the availability of the Mass Manipulation Generators has been eased significantly with the latest patch (2.2.2).

Finally, F2P players can't just get all their gear from Flashpoints, since they only get a few "need" rolls each week -- I believe it's 3?

TL;DR: Most crew skills are pretty useful.

Grayseven's Avatar

07.11.2013 , 07:25 AM | #3
I'm a "Master Craftsman" and I can honestly say every single crew skill is worth something. Some maybe more than others, but all of them are helpful.

With people concentrating on end-game items, it's easy to make credits selling leveling gear and mods from all crew skills, especially with Prototype gear since many F2Per's can use only that gear without paying extra...and since they can only have so many credits on hand at any one time, they like to spend them.

I might not sell one item for a million credits, but I can sell 100 items for 10k credits and with multiple toons I have GTN slots in which to post that many sales if I desire.

Besides, when leveling I prefer to craft my characters gear and save my planetary comms for a chance at a Czerka Crate-o-matic.
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AlrikFassbauer's Avatar

07.11.2013 , 08:22 AM | #4
I only use planetary Commendations when I can't craft that piece myself. And vice versa. Some of my Characters just don't even have enough Commendations. (My crafting professions are spread among several very different characters.) And when I'm too lazy for farming them, I craft things as good as possible.
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Joesixxpack's Avatar

07.11.2013 , 09:21 AM | #5
I don't consider it worthless, but a lot of what used to be good for selling was diminished by the cartel shop. Planetary comms too to a lesser extent. I don't have any gripes about the current comm. system though.

psandak's Avatar

07.11.2013 , 10:37 AM | #6
I respectfully disagree. I have every crafting skill except armstech and every one has products I use regularly and sell on the GTM.

I think one of the problems you are having is that, like many others, you are too focused on the best of the best. Yes, getting that one perfect artifact quality piece of gear or item modification for a given character's class and spec is very time consuming, but you would be surprised how often the second and even third best option is "good enough," especially while leveling. And even at end game, you would be surprised how well prototype quality item modifications sell. Why? For the simple fact that for the price of one purple you can get every slot filled with blue.

Take augments for example: the difference between the blue and purple quality augments is about +4/+2. And yet, the cost to craft and the value on the GTM is about 10% (for the cost/value of one purple a player can get 10 blues). In the short term this is a MUCH better investment credits and stats wise. And in the long term, when you do get the purples, it's not that big a deal to simply vendor the blues.

Gloomycakes's Avatar

07.11.2013 , 11:27 AM | #7
I have mixed opinions about this. I personally find that Biochem gives me a big edge over non-biochemist in a raiding envoirement, either in survivability/healing/dps or in money if people decide to use the non-reuseable versions. Thus I have Biochem on 16 of my toons. However...

I have 5 level 25s especially for crafting and I must say I love every single crafter. It's great to be able to provide myself (or friends) with barrels/hilts/armourings (7 planetaries!) and sometimes mods if we run low and in end-game I don't want to know the costs of augmenting the gear of all my characters if I wasn't so selfsufficient. As for money I do notice I can make quite a penny with any of the crewskills, though I definitly have my favourites, downside is, it requires patience (people will eventually buy about anything) and a bit of research (raw material price vs end-result price) that I often just stick with crafting 1 kind of thing to make a bit of money, my boyfriend how-ever makes tons and tons of money crafting low-level gear, augments, armourings, etc and everything seems to sell way above value within 2 days.

DarthOvertone's Avatar

07.11.2013 , 01:25 PM | #8
Quote: Originally Posted by Kratier View Post
why take cybertech at all?
Cybertech is one of the best Crafting professions in the game. It's my #2 on both Legacies behind Biochem. You can keep all toons fully modded in Purples at all times while leveling (except for Enhancements of course), supplied with Purple Earpieces at all leveling stages, as well as have access to infinite Grenades. Now I am first and foremost a PvPer so the three points above have a huge impact on my gameplay.

For PvE, you can craft the Underworld Armorings/Mods once you learn the schemas and that's the T2 Endgame PvE gear. Additionally, you can craft Spaceship Upgrades, including the T7 stuff that players can otherwise only obtain on the CM.

So if you think Cybertech blowz, you are severely mistaken.
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Grayseven's Avatar

07.12.2013 , 08:14 AM | #9
Yeah, between Cybertech and Artifice...the two most under-rated craft skills...and Armstech I don't have to buy anything while leveling once I get custom gear.
"50 Grades of Shae", a heart-warming novel about a Mandalorian that delivers beat-downs and assigns grades to her victims.

Jenzali's Avatar

07.12.2013 , 01:11 PM | #10
All crew skills are worth it because they make money.

EDIT: Except Investigation, lol.

It's nice not have to spend my precious time doing dailies for income just to do basic things like augment all my gear, and still have plenty of income left over for vanity/cartel stuff on the GTN and not have to spend cartel coins.
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