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Class Representatives Are Here!

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Class Representatives Are Here!
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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07.11.2013 , 10:56 AM | #111
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
The devs have to juggle developing future content, all bug fixes, and many other tasks. Sometimes that one bug may just be a lower priority than something else that is being worked on, and this includes coming from PTS.

Not trying to rain on your parade here Eric, but it seems some of the most broken issues that is considered "game-breaking" to many tend to take that backseat of "low priority" when it comes to the "time of fix", which is really discouraging.

ie; Bolster (3 months), undermanned WZ's (for 2 weeks - which is a long time with this issue, which isn't fully resolved).

Just a thought.

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07.11.2013 , 11:04 AM | #112
I have a novel idea to solve the PvP vs. PvE issues...

Let's collude: Select a Repub player who focuses on PvP and Imperial player who focuses on PvE for each Advanced Class or vice versa. This would allow both player bases to be equally represented. Work within your respective mirrors to make it work
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Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
You are correct Oofalong.

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07.11.2013 , 11:07 AM | #113
Quote: Originally Posted by oofalong View Post
I have a novel idea to solve the PvP vs. PvE issues...

Let's collude: Select a Repub player who focuses on PvP and Imperial player who focuses on PvE for each Advanced Class or vice versa. This would allow both player bases to be equally represented. Work within your respective mirrors to make it work
Yeah has crossed my mind and would be fantastic if coordinated properly....not sure how easy to do.

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07.11.2013 , 11:12 AM | #114
Ditto what Pistols said.

Example: Why did it take 8+ weeks to stop giving PUB Faction an extra 8 UC's for weeklies? I know that is petty, but come on guys EIGHT WEEKS?

Example: Consumable bug that was fixed 24 hours after CM came online. (You know the one for clicking during cast to get free consumable that was around for MONTHS before CM). That was INSTANT Fix, but 8 weeks for free comms for a single faction? (Don't get me started about HK in Foundry - still bugged)

Example: Kephess (EC) Fight. Killing Transdoshians too quickly results in a penalty that a Bomber doesn't come out and you go straight to the droids after standing around waiting. REALLY? Penalty for killing TOO quickly? Granted this is "Old" content for many for still folks do this content and titles are now fixed as well (Again).

I think the concept here is great, but we should be able to ADD a score sheet to see HOW BW is doing. IE: We pick our TOP THREE items and then TRACK them. One gets resolve then it's moved to a "Completed" thread. Like topic #1 resolved in 2.3.1 - Moved to completed and a the top three is updated. I guess we could get fancy and assign "Value" to how well it was completed.
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07.11.2013 , 11:12 AM | #115
Quote: Originally Posted by Barnard View Post
This is a horrible idea. Class representatives just end up being popularity contests for Forum Warriors. This has been a disaster in most every other game that implemented them. You end up with people focused on the 1 thing they care about most, like PvP or PvE and they are detrimental to the class balance for years. EQ's Ranger representative didn't even participate in raiding. He complained about how hard it was to survive as a low level Ranger. As a result, they buffed Rangers at lower levels and end game Rangers fell behind in DPS output compared to other DPS classes. He also played his Ranger as an archer and not a melee, which was the better method.

Same thing will happen here. Class representatives will only focus on a particular tree or play style like PvP vs PvE. Either split the representatives based on play styles, or elect a group per class.
Then people would just have to vote the right representative then? Someone who understands both PVE and PVP or better yet, have a PVE rep and a PVP rep

It's like people voting a popular hollywood actor for a seat in the government and then wondering why nothing good is coming out of it
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07.11.2013 , 12:01 PM | #116
The nomination threads are a pretty interesting read. All but a handful are already in PVE vs PVP mode. Some are in all out war. There is even one where they are debating a nominee qualification based on the fact they don't clip their GCDs closely enough in videos... heh.

The handful that aren't bickering are doing it right by backing one strong PVE and one strong PVP nominee.

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07.11.2013 , 12:35 PM | #117
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
There are two parts to your post I want to hit, first bugs being reported and not fixed. Amber could come into this thread and attest to just how vigilant we are about tracking bugs and passing them on to the development team. In fact, that is a large part of Amber's job on the team! Unfortunately, just passing a bug onto the dev folks doesn't guarantee it suddenly gets fixed. The devs have to juggle developing future content, all bug fixes, and many other tasks. Sometimes that one bug may just be a lower priority than something else that is being worked on, and this includes coming from PTS.
If a new bug that is introduced in the new Update is found on the Public Test Server, then it must be fixed before the update goes live, even if it means postponing the update live date. Fixing bugs that are found during testing before the update goes live should be top priority. That's what testing is for, after all. I know TOR has never handled it that way, but that's also one of the biggest issues that causes severe bugs that were reported during testing to go live (yes, it's been that way since beta). It needs to change. Take your time, make sure that your live updates are of the best possible quality, which means as bug free as possible.

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07.11.2013 , 01:01 PM | #118
Popularity contest. I've played with, and in PvP against, some of the most nominated names and I don't feel like they should speak for anyone because in-game'wise they're not on a level to do so. Their votes are merely based on some theorycrafting threads they posted. That's math and not actually playing the game.

And really, what the point of voting for a more or less strict PvE'er when 9 out of 10 problems revolve around PvP?

How about you, BW, actually scout the forums instead and adress the things that pop up 50 times per day instead of outsourcing it to a person who most likely only will represent a niche.

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07.11.2013 , 02:09 PM | #119
Quote: Originally Posted by Talimar View Post
Raph Koster came up with the concept for SWG, and said pretty much exactly that as the purpose of the program, to create as another poster just said "forum warriors". It has nothing to do with improving the actual game, as I said, the devs already see our issues and know of them, and could easily respond. Heck, the likes of Eric who only make 1 or 2 posts a day, could easily be gathering such data.
Yep. The intentions behind this idea may be sound but it's difficult to see how much good can come of this aside from having a little fun with some extra forum traffic. I believe Musco himself said that less that 5% of the subscriber base use the forums on a regular basis so this a niche initiative at best. So far I recognize a lot of nepotism in the nomination threads- guildies cross-nominating each other. And there needs to be a distinction between PVE/PVP reps. Otherwise they are just secretaries paying BW $15/month to work on BW's behalf.

Deputizing forum goers to help the CM team is fine but let's call this what it is: crowd-sourcing, PR, and some fun conversations to be had. It reminds me of those annual employee opinion surveys which companies use to give employees the illusion that their voice matters(some firms actually take the feedback to heart, most auto-discard it). If this is supposed to alleviate some burden on the understaffed CM team, great, but it could also backfire and create more work for them.

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07.11.2013 , 02:27 PM | #120
Quote: Originally Posted by EricMusco View Post
Hey everyone!

I am happy to announce today a new initiative that we are going to be launching here on the forums. It is something that we have seen requested since launch, and we think it will do really well in helping to communicate more with all of you on a topic you certainly want more information on; Classes. What we are going to be launching, with your help, are Class Representatives! Here are the details on how they will be selected, what they will do, and a bit about the expectations you should have about the new initiative.

How Will Class Representatives Be Selected?

This process is going to be largely in your hands! As of the time of making this post, you will be able to head over to your Advanced Class Forum and you will find a post where you can begin nominations for who your Class Representative will be. After a span of time (a week or so) we will create a poll with the names we saw mentioned most, by each AC, and you will vote on who you want your rep to be! I want to note that Class Representatives will be shared across mirrored ACs, so Sentinel and Marauder will have the same representative. We are still going to allow one to be selected for each, but they will rotate in their responsibilities.

Also, each Class Representative will only serve for one “term” (more on that later). After that a new representative will be elected!

What Will They Do?

Upon the Class representatives being selected, we will release a schedule. On each scheduled date listed, the chosen representative for each Class will make a forum post in their Class forum with the top 3 things they want to have answered or commented on. Our current plan is to do 4 ACs each month with 2 ACs being able to propose questions every 2 weeks.

Up until the scheduled date, the rep’s job is to work to figure out what the top 3 issues or questions are for their Class. Once posted, we will begin working with the Combat Team to get an answer or comment to all 3 of those issues, regardless of what they are! Our goal is a one week turnaround from the time that you post the questions for us to get you an answer. I will stress now that our development schedule will take priority at all times, so if our Combat Team is unavailable due to development constraints, any of this schedule is subject to change.


One thing I want to make sure of is that we very carefully hedge some of your expectations of this program. Our number one goal is to get your questions answered. We have known for some time that players have had Class balance questions, and it has been tricky to get them answered. The purpose of this initiative is to get those questions addressed as directly as possible. I want to make sure we stress the following things:
  • It is possible, and even likely, that we could disagree with player sentiment towards something in relation to Class balance. Ex: Why does <insert class> suck at <insert thing>?! We may respond that we feel they are in a good place in our design goals and we will do our best to explain why.
  • Attaching feedback to your top 3 in no way guarantees that it will be feedback that is actionable. The purpose is to allow a set dialog between our Combat Team and you here on the forums. Just because something appears in the top 3 provided by a representative does not mean it is feedback that will garner special treatment.
  • Class Representatives are player elected and will not be granted any special access to the BioWare team. If chosen, you won’t have to sign an NDA or anything similar. You will be a player-elected forum user who assists your Class in formulating the top issues and concerns you would like to have BioWare commentary on.
  • As with all things on the forums, please remain respectful. Please respect each other, your chosen Class Representatives, and the BioWare developers.

Any feedback, suggestions, comments, concerns about this new program you can feel free to post in this thread. Otherwise, feel free to head over to your Advanced Class subforum and get to nominating! As we get closer to voting, we will post a schedule on when each Class will be asked to post their top 3. Thanks!

-The Community Team

To get to your Advanced Classes nomination post, follow these threads:

Operative / Sniper
Sorcerer / Assassin
Mercenary / Powertech
Marauder / Juggernaut

Scoundrel / Gunslinger
Sage / Shadow
Commando / Vanguard
Sentinel / Guardian
WOW , What took so long this is not a new idea but a very good one , its been around sense EQ1 or even maybe before .. I started playing MMO in EQ 1 just at the time the Moon expac came out .

I have no negative feedback to give.. its works in other game why not here .. after all SW is a MMO , it is getting bigger and better every day .

TO add in WOW and rift I don't remember with EQ 1 . you get tittle that displays in game .

WHY not give them a title so it's seen in game ? .. Id even go as far as giving them and only

them a mount you can only get by being a forum rep .

Stuff like that ..