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Sniper Class Representative

First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

leto_cleon's Avatar

07.10.2013 , 06:29 PM | #21
Paowee, X-Boson, or SamuelAU

yindaka's Avatar

07.10.2013 , 06:58 PM | #22
Paowee for minister of intelligence

Morde_'s Avatar

07.10.2013 , 07:25 PM | #23
Paowee for PvE, no brainer.

Teacher for PvP
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Vaidinah's Avatar

07.10.2013 , 07:29 PM | #24
Paowee for sure. He knows all the specs for PvE at an extremely high level, is very patient with people, and has a lot of free time it seems . If the Gunslinger representative is a PvP person, it would be a perfect fit.
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Plikk's Avatar

07.10.2013 , 09:36 PM | #25
Paowee for President, 100%.

AngelFluttershy's Avatar

07.10.2013 , 10:10 PM | #26
Quote: Originally Posted by odawgg View Post
Haha, this is gonna be a runaway...and deservedly so...Paowee is my vote (even though I don't play sniper). He has proven track record with the community, is respectful, and will take the position seriously.

Edit: oh...i forgot to mention he is pretty dayum good as well. Leaves me in the dust every week on the charts
My vote is for Paowee for the above reasons. Except he only leaves me in the dust on Torparse because I'm not lucky enough to run with him.

CJNJ's Avatar

07.10.2013 , 11:02 PM | #27

casitas's Avatar

07.11.2013 , 12:21 AM | #28
Areleen — Sniper // Tomb of Freedon Nadd

lMarlfoxl's Avatar

07.11.2013 , 12:57 AM | #29
Teacher FTW

Squidkidz's Avatar

07.11.2013 , 12:59 AM | #30
IGN: Teacher, not sure of his forum name.
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