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Operative Class Representative

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Operative Class Representative
First BioWare Post First BioWare Post

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07.10.2013 , 06:30 PM | #21
I vote for Racter.

I believe the healing tree is fine as is. The dps trees need looking at...and he is one of the best on the server.
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07.10.2013 , 06:59 PM | #22
I nominate Kaleon (MiralukaJedi) of (Ebon Hawk) as Op representative

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07.10.2013 , 07:12 PM | #23
best healer in game.

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07.10.2013 , 07:45 PM | #24
I nominate morde for being the class representative for operative he knows alot about the class and he is the best on server and he isnt racist.
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07.10.2013 , 08:10 PM | #25
Since I've received a few nominations from people that know me might as well post and let those that haven't done things with me know a bit about me.

I originally started as a Concealment Operative way back when the game first launched. I did PVE, PVP, everything. While I'll admit my main focus is in PVE, I've also done plenty of PVP on the side for fun.

Pre-2.0 when Operative DPS was rough in raids I was still good enough that my guilds would bring me along for hard and nightmare content (given I tended to be lethality for those since Concealment is rough in PVE) and as such had cleared all content pre-2.0.

When 2.0 launched I earned a spot on my guilds raid progression team and am constantly the top DPS in our raids. I've raided a lot of content and have worked hard to figure out my class, the optimal set-ups, and more. I've practiced on raid bosses, training dummies, and by talking to other Operatives or following their logs.

While I won't claim to be the greatest Operative in the game, I do believe I know my class and am definitely up there. In addition, I do have experience in PVP and PVE and understand the frustrations of PVP operatives not being viable in RWZs. I also have played each role and each spec so I know both DPS specs and heal spec so you won't get an Operative focused on just DPS or just heals and you won't get one focused on just PVP or PVE.

In short I believe my credentials are the fact that I've played each spec, done plenty of warzones, and also done every raid. I know all specs, I know both sides, and I'm always willing to listen and improve since I know there are others (Invic, Dizella, amongst others) above me.

I'm also easy to get a hold of and tend to check the forums frequently.

However, regardless of who is selected, I would encourage we start bringing up issues that concern us in the other thread I created so that whoever gets the class role has plenty of time to hear people's opinions, find out what the biggest concerns are, and list those.

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07.10.2013 , 09:16 PM | #26
I Nominate "Kelaeon" of the Ebon Hawk. Forum handler is MiralukaJedi

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07.10.2013 , 10:59 PM | #27
Quote: Originally Posted by Morde_ View Post
I definitely appreciate the nod, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely intrigued at the prospect of being an Operative representative.

First of all, I think this was an immensely humble and respectable endeavour by Bioware to utilize crowd-sourcing for feedback. Internal testing can only go so far with limited resources, and I think having a unified liaison for communication between the public and the development team is the way to go. I recommend to Bioware that they should have 4 representatives for each AC. 1 for each role (tank/healer/dps) for each game type (PvP/PvE).

Let me first say that I am strictly a PvP'er, with very limited PvE knowledge/experience. While I know that this game is predominantly PvE oriented, I think it would be very wise to have some representation of the PvP side, as a large portion of the subscribers such as myself play only for PvP.

I've played an Operative in PvP since the game has launched (The Crucible Pits -> The Bastion), and although I've got experience on other characters/classes, Scold will always be my "main".

Some of my credentials:
I've seen it all, from triple-flash CC caps, to 2% Novare comebacks, to 2.5 minute Huttballs, to half hour Civil Wars, to 18 round Hypergates, and everything inbetween.

I've played in the <Hey im mvp> guild on The Bastion for over a year, and I've also been a ringer for several other of the top competitive PvP guilds on the server (including on my Scoundrel for the Republic side). I've also experienced playing on the PTS against some of the top teams around the world during the 2.0 testing phase.

I predominantly play as healing spec on my Operative/Scoundrel in ranked, as I believe that the DPS specs (scrapper/concealment especially) are currently not viable at the highest level of PvP. This is something I hope to help change in the future, as I believe that in a perfect world all specs should be viable, and I do enjoy playing DPS a lot in regular warzones. For example, one of my greatest disappointments with the scrapper/concealment tree is that hidden strike/shoot first is not a guaranteed crit. I find it mind-boggling that focus sentinels can have a guaranteed smash crit on multiple targets after every jump, yet a single target ability that requires set-up (stealthing to the back line) and that can only be used once (or twice) per fight, is not. There's little in this game that's as frustrating as opening up with a non-crit hidden strike on my Operative.

Outside of the game, I am a big forum jockey, as my day job is quite boring. I post consistently in the PvP forums and Bastion server forums. Although I don't have that much of a presence in the Operative/Agent forums, or any extensive strategy write-ups, that would change if I was to be elected for this position.

I have been PM'ed, whispered ingame, and sent ingame mail dozens of times from people who are asking advice about developing their Operative PvP skills. Most of the people who have approached me have seen me play in streams from Justbodies, Gudarzz, Wakalord, etc. Many of our games have also been showcased by our friend, Dailypvp: Half hour Novare, PTS vs <Nostrum Dolus> [EU].

I've been happy to help everyone who's come to me so far looking for advice. I've answered numerous questions about specs, gear, positioning, healing rotations, map strategies, sap-capping, etc. I've often debated with people about what I think is "best", and I think it's great when I also learn from the discussions.

Taking all of this into consideration, I think I could be an excellent candidate for someone who needs to represent a knowledgeable, firm, and open outlook on the Operative/Scoundrel AC in PvP.

Like every passionate gamer, I get frustrated from time to time about my own play or about the development in this game. That being said, I always try to think constructively and follow the wisdom of my favourite Russian hockey goalie.

Thanks for reading, no hard feelings if the spot(s) go to someone else!
I nominate Scold (Morde) for operative. High rating, server wide respect, and IRL good looks...he's a winner.
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07.11.2013 , 12:01 AM | #28
Quote: Originally Posted by Morde_ View Post
I definitely appreciate the nod, and I'd be lying if I said I wasn't extremely intrigued at the prospect of being an Operative representative.
<lots of great stuff>
See, I knew you wouldn't disappoint. Best of luck!
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07.11.2013 , 12:58 AM | #29
Morde_ hands down, IGN: Scold
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07.11.2013 , 01:14 AM | #30
Morde_ for operative class representative. best healer world